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Tummy Tuck with Dr. Perry - Miami, FL

Well hello Realself, I am a mother of two and 48...

Well hello Realself,

I am a mother of two and 48 years old. I have wanted a tummy Tuck for as long as i can remember and i think it is finally time! My surgery is tomorrow with Dr. Wendell Perry in Miami/Doral. I am not excited for the recovery but am excited to have a flat tummy! I first met him during one of my daughters appointments. After talking to him i felt very at ease that my daughter picked him as her surgeon. Seeing my daughters amazing results ( RS account: Slimgirl19 )inspired me to do something for myself. Something i have wanted to do for a very long time.

So here i am. 1 day Pre op. Very nervous but i know i am in good hands with Dr Perry and i know my kid will take very good care of me


Congrats for taking the leap to do something for yourself that is self deserving & gratifying! I know you ate going to look like the bomb.com Street be works his magic on you! God bless and I wish you a safe surgery and speedy recovery. I'll be following your journey. Can't wait to see your post op photos!
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Thank you so much! I'm doing actually really well. Alot better then My daughter lol ;) will post pictures soon thank you for your prayers

Day 1

The surgery went well. I had my surgery in Jackson hospital because when you do the tummy tuck in the office, you're only allowed to lipo 1,000 CCs at the most. Since I wanted to lipo more areas I had to do it in the hospital. Overall it was a smooth procedure it just took me a really long time for the anesthesia to wear off. I was at the hospital at 5:45am and did not leave until around 7:30pm. What a day


Hey Slim, hope you're doing well. Your lipo pics were great and I'm sure you're be back to fab in no time.
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2 weeks

Everything is doing very well except my stomach is still very swollen. I hope it goes down alot more fingers crossed

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Miami Plastic Surgeon

I met him because my daughter was a former patient of his. I instantly felt comfortable with him and knew i wanted him to be my doctor as well. He did such a great job on my daughter ( RealSelf account name: Slimgirl19)

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