Hello ladies, im new to this site and i have been...

Hello ladies, im new to this site and i have been reading alot of reviews trying to find a surgeon in the miami area to do my tummy tuck. I am 24 years oldmom of two kids 5&2. Ijust want to fix my belly. I have already setup a few consults soo lets see im planning to have my surgery around nov 8th. Nowfor the most important descion just need to find a surgeon!!! If anyone has anysuggestions please let me no so far im looking into Dr Salamon Dr Soler Baillo Drhochstein or dr azurin descions descions soo fustratinggg
Dr Salama does some great work in Miami but I hear he's booked out pretty far. But he was running a special for $5499 for tuck and lipo.
Hey sole sister well i called over to dr salamas office and i spoke to someone who was very rude and dismissive i asked her To email me some information on the tummy tuck and she Emailed me info on a bbuttlift they were very rude and unfriedly and Obviously Werent even listening to me Soo needless to say my 1 st impression has been very bad!
Wow, thats unacceptable. Go with your gut. It took me 5 consults to find the right one for me. You'll know when it's right for you. Good luck.

My before pictures

Embarrasing but soon it will fixed
This is what pregnancy does to you ;((

Before pik 2 months pre op

I think you will be very happy with Dr. Hochstein.. I'm sporting around my bikini and loving my incision it's very low into the hair line! He's so skilled and if you meet him you will see he has more experience in this field than anyone else he's amazzzzing!
Dr Hochstein also creates beautiful belly buttons. That is a very important part if this type of surgery. No one will see your scar but will for sure see your belly button. I'm so happy!
Yes i also think the belly button is very important and urs looks great im going to be seeing this doctor on sept 25 so letss see

Consultation # 1 Dr Salzhauer

My consultation was scheduled for Wed sept 18 at 5pm i was there right on time at 1stimpression the place is very nice very high end but i was waiting for at least an hour and a half to see the doc. the doctor was very nice made alot of eye contact was not rushed was open to answer any questions but i just didnt like that he really didnt have a plan for what he Would do to me he said your going to look great but i dont no, lets see what the next PS says since i dont have anyone to compare him to i cant yet make anydecsions I will say though the staff there was very nice but the girl Mellisa the financal coordinator was very oushy and i dont see how well she does her job... When i went in to her office she quoted me the price which was $6500 for full TT and lipo of flanks ok fine no problem then i decieded to go ahead and see if financing would be an option for me and she "helped" meapply for the care credit now i no that i have very good credit and for some reason when she didthe application it was denied and no reason was given and thatsitshemoved on to asking me forthe deposit of the surgery. Ummm nooo so whatever i left and she told me that if i didnt book the surgery witha deposit that i would lose the price she quoted me she was very pushy to say the least... Well the next day i called care credit and guess what they did aprrove me for the full amount so that gave me a bad impression... Soo im not going to make my descion on that im going to make itbased on how. I felt with each doc at the consult
Now. my next consult is on wed sept 25 with dr hochstein lets see what happenss
How was your consult?
Jessi I recommend Dr soler-baillo 100% I had a great experience with him, I'm 18 days post op and the results are amazing.... He is very knowledgeable and super professional... You won't regret scheduling a consultation with him I promise :)
Thanks naty im going to book a Consult with him and check him out you r looking great btw ;)

Consult #2 Dr. Hochstein

Well yesterday i went to my consult with Dr Hocstein and well i must say this consult was very different from the first! Im my opion this doctor is really what i have been looking for he is very calm confident and homest he told me what he would do he had a clear vision and showed before and after piks and talked me tru the procedure and what i should expect he was never in a hurry made alot of eye contact. i have decieded today that i am not going to look for any other docs im going to go with my gut feeling and sticking with this doctor i just felt the connection with him and i dont feel like wasting anymore time looking around i have done alot of reaseach and everything keeps going back to this doc. his office is very nice clean as well as his staff very friendly and not pushy. i will be booking the surgery tommorrow with his financial coordinator christine and then the count down will begin! I cant wait! This consultation made me excited unlike the other one which was all about money i feel confident that dr hochstein will deliver the results i am looking for so i pray i am making the right descion and pray all comes out great god willing im sure it will
Happy you had a good experience.

My Surgery is Booked

Well it official my surgery is boooked for November 8th,2013 with Dr Leonard Hochstein. Im very excited cant wait to be on the flat side. I hope and pray my results are as good as everyone elses. Reading through alot of the experinces all you ladys have had and are currently going thrrough has really inspired me and has helped ease alot of my fears. I wont lie i am very nervous about the actualy surgery, but i thankgod all my family and friends are supportive in my descion. I will be updating here in a few weeks, once i start getting ready and anxious for the upcoming surgery its only about 1 month awayyyy . Nov 8th cant come soon enough :)
I had my surgeries with Dr H. as well on 8/27/13 He's is a very gifted surgeon with an amazing eye for beauty and balance. Great Choice!
Upstyle u look great ;) i hope my results are as great as urs
Thank you! You will, he is an amazing surgeon.

27 days too gooo!

Im getting sooo excited nervous anxious for my surgery the date is getting closer and closer! im really trying not to countdown but i cant help it i also cant help but wonder if i am making the right descion..... i am electivley putting my self at risk and going in to a MAJOR surgery. i have 2 kids and a wonderful husband i have a great happy life i would never want them to live life without me just bcuz i want to feel better about myself... but on the the other hand i no there are thousands of people the undergo procedures like this one everyday and i no at the end everything will be worth it. with god on my side all thing are possible. i willlll nottt stress myself about the surgery until the few days beforeee ahhhhh well this was def just a random ranttt sorry girls. in light of my countdown im posting a few more before pikssss ahhh groos cant wait to be on the flat sideeee
Good luck!
Good luck I no how u feel i worry about my son and husband but just a few facts to maby help u I found out you are 10 times more likely to die in a car while u are driving then dying from a tt I hope this helps it has helped me all so when I spoke to me coordinate I ask her about it and she said she has worked with surgeons for 20 years and has never seen 1 death x
Thank youu that is good too no gives me a little more reassurance i figure when its ur time its ur time


I Can't believe my surgery is next fridayyyy
im soo excited i cant waitttttt !!!!!
I hope and pray everything goes smoothly!
Cant wait to be on the flat sideee!!! :)
thankyouu :)


My rented recliner has arrived today and tommorow im going in to sign my consents and get my prescriptions im spoooo excitedddd :)
Best of luck to you today. Praying for a successful surgery and smooth recovery :-)


Is surgery dayyyyy im sooooo nervouss pray for me ladies n i will update as soon as i can ahhhhhh freaking outttttt
Hope you made it through :-)
Good luck not sure if you have already has the procedure or about too. Can't wait to hear all about it and I pray you get the results you've longed for! I'm booked in for Monday the 11th arrrgghhhh nervous
Good luck x

Im alive !!!

Girls ive made it im finally on the flat side ill uodatewith details when im more Alert thank you all for ur well wishes and prayers i really appretiate

Day 1


The day of surgery iwasa. Nervous wreck when i pulled up to the surgery center icouldnt control my tears i started crying iw as soo scared! But i just sucked it up and tooka. Few deep breaths pulled myself togetherand once in the office the nurse made me fell alotmore comforable and sheputin an IV then a little while laterthe doctor came ina nd marked me up, thencame the anesthiolgist made me feel better i waslked in theoperating room, layed on the bed and the anesthiag uysaid im going to star tvyour first margarita of theday, thaw as thelastthing i remeber next thing the nurse was getting me dressed and rolling e out to my car i cant tell you that i have not as of yet felt horroble pain , it is uncomfortable especiLly. MY hips where lipo waspreformed beside that so long as i do not move suddenly or laugh or sneeze cough ect im good since yesterday i have onlyt aken1 percocet letseehowtoday goes
Curious, did you have muscle repair and lipo on your flanks? I'm looking forward to following your progress!
Yes i had a tt with muscle repair n lipo to Flanks and bra area

Not much bruising

Heres a pik of my flanks as i am Completed Bended Over My walker barley any bruising and I feel super Swollen on monday all My dressing Come Out and I can't Wait To see Everything!!!! until then I'm on my recliner resting And walking around the house Every 2 hours there is really not as much pain i feel super
Sore And my abs hurt soo bad i feel like If i laugh I'm Going to rip them open!! Also every once in a while my incision burns... Ive taken a Percocet every 6-7 hours and basically just been napping as the Percocet really makes Me Drowsy! Happy healing
Ladies so far i do not regret doing this i feel really blessed and happy and with god On my side I no Everything Will be just Fine
Just checking in to see how your doing! Hope your having good pain management! I'm taking Tylenol in between Norrco and valium! Just sore at my drain sites!
Im doing well im taking percocet ever 5-6 hours but today i plan to take tylenol as the pain is Bearable i have not had to take Sleeping pill thankfully the percocet keeps me very drowsy im also in a love haye relationship with my recliner the worst pain i have is At the lipo sites and the muscle repair i still cant believe i did this
That's fantastic you're doing well I have less than 24hrs and so petrified.


Yes my dear monthly visitor which was not supposed To Come For another week has showed her ugly face i guess ill Just welcome Her To my pain Party ahhhhhhh
Congrats! I am 12 days out until my T-day. Nervous, and excited. This website is invaluable, because of the sisterhood of experience and positive support. Your drain pics really help me see what to expect.
Oh you're kidding all this and the period. What an asse! Glad you're doing well you sounded as scared as I an now, I pray tomorrow morning I get my shit together and be brave and strong. Only a few hours too go and iv already been crying. Laid on the couch with master 3 and just bawled holdin him.
Yes i was the same Way i was Scared to death i just cried it out you then i felt a little better its just all the nerves trust me you will be fine just think when u wake up from ur Nap Ur Going To be one hot Momma

Some more piks

Yes this website has really helped me it has eased alot of my fears and has helped me no more or less what to expect i thank allt he ladies fors haring there experinces and support and im glad i can help with my piks ;)

Picture all drawn upmready to go in

I was literally shaking so nerve racking still cant believe that i no longer have a hanging stomach its so surreal


I will let you guys no that this is not as oainful as it seems or mayb i have a high tolerance for pain i haventtaken any pain pills since last night at 12:30 pm today i have my first post appt with the doctor at 2pm he will be unveiling the tummy im a little nervous i have to go and buy some tylenol as i am not such a planner i go withthe flow of things i did not get ready with supplys i will tell you as ofright now the only thing i have used is obviously the recliner i rented fron rent a center it has been my licesafer as i am not comfortable any where else and my grandma. Lent me a walker thank god for the walker i can walk around the house alone with no help... Also thank gid for my husband who is a great nurse i unfourtunatñey
Got mY period 1 day post op so my poor hubby has been having to help change me and ect im not going to get into details about that its been quite annoying tosay the least and a pack of gauze whichi haad to put over my lipo sites as they are draining soo to sum allt hos upp if i would hAve to purchase things priort o surgey itwould be
1. Lift recliner
2. Walker
3. Tylenol
4. Gauzepads
5. Pads you never no if ur period comes early

Well ill update with piks ifi take some at the post op visit
Good luck at your post op. Mine isn't until Friday. 

First view

Omggg i dont no what to thinkkk
Looking very flat :)
thank you
Looking good

so far

everything is going smoothly i can honestly say im not experincing much pain im taking tylenol in the morning and before bed, and i have 2 days left of the antibiotic, the drains are still both in place until they put out 25cc or less in 24hours they wont be removed so lets see how long that takes.. my incision is somethingi have not really tryed to look at i have a girdle on and when i take it off i feel so weird, my stomach from my belly button down is compelty numb and feels weird to the touch, the sopts where lipo was performed i would say is most painful my hips feel bruised and numb to the touch as well, my back hurts and my ass hurts from laying on it for so long, last night i slept good on my recliner a little uncomfortsble for head but with a neck pillow all problems were solved, today is my first day home alone as my husband had to go back to work, my mom is going to comin g over in bit soo wont be complely alone, i still cant stand straight i have to be bended and this ccauses alot of strain on my back which is why i am still using the walker, welll i will updte in a few days as i have not much else to write, happy healing ladies!!
Our before and after pics look similar too I think!!!
Good for you! I'm in the same position you are. My neck hurts on the recliner but I'm getting a neck pillow to help. Today is my first day alone from 9-3. Good luck!
I'm lucky to be a light bleeder so mine only lasted two days! It was actually very light thankfully! Yes the recovery takes longer! I just keep telling myself this is temporary! What is the rush! This will be over in no time and we all be back to our regular scheduled programming, lol

sooo boredom has already hit meeee

hey ladies im soo bored and its only 4 days im a very active girl i like to beout and about being stuckat home in basically the same position is really driving me crazy, im felling great barley no pain, ihave take only tylenol at like around 11am , i stiill have my period which is the worst part of everything, but beside that and my back and ass which are driving me crazy i feel great, ive been sleeping good and so far i have no complaints ughh well im ging to upload some close ups of the inison allthough i feel good my back is soo numb and feels so brruised im not sure how some of yougirls take piks in bikinis i have no energy to do that but well here are some piks ahhh im soo bored i guess im going to start watching some netflix any good seasons you guys suggesttt...
Hmm, i'll add neck pillows to my get ready list. I have 10 days until I identify with going to the flat side. Happy healing to those going thru now. I hear Saving Grace or Scandal on Netflix.
I need to come hang out at your house. I'm so bored I'm watching Sharknado!

5 days post

Today has been a great day i have no pain drank tylenol in the morning just in case and thats it todays my last day of antibiotic and if im finally done with the meds one of my drains r putting out about 50cc and the other has barely anything so hopefully tommorow that one can come out im standing about 65-70% upright so im still using my walker cuz from what i can tell lipo does a number on your body its hurt more than anything well happy healing ladies
THank you yes i would recommend a neck pillow and netflix lol
Lol it really sucks to be home all day and unable to doanything

Oh i forgot to mention

Since everyone talks about this I havebeen having regular bowel moventments since day 3 natrually thank god
I'm considering Dr Leonard Hochstein too!! Nice to hear that you're doing good!
Thank you and he is very good you shoukd def setup a consult

1 drain Out

Yayyyy im free of one drain i cant wait till the other one can come outtttt i already feel freee ! These are some piks i snapped at the PS office ! Last night i slept on my bed i could not take another night on the recliner! Im feeling very good at only 6 days post im not taking anymore medication as i dont feel any pain ! Thus far i have no complaints everyday gets better thanks god for all ur blessings ????
Watch Breaking Bad and Mad Man on Netflix. :)

9 days post

So im 9 days post and feeling good im still not 100% but im getting there day by day my drain is Still putting out above 25cc so its Still Not Coming Out lets See how Todays output Is well yesterday i went To dinner hunched Over and All and Lets just say it takes all my energy away i don't Think ill be doing That again at least until The Last drain is Removed im no longer Taking any medications the only Problem is this annoying binder It keeps Riding up And Im Seriously Fed up with it sometimes if the drain moves or it Rubs Against my underwear It stings So bad i have to catch my
BreAth besides that and
My Back which still hurts pretty bad and I'm still hunched Over I've been slowly trying To stand str8 but the Pulling I FeelDoesn't Let Me please
Is there a trick or Something to help me Stand str8 if. so let noo!!!
hAppy healing ladies

Some Pictures

Congratulations, you look great! I'm 18 days out until my mommy makeover surgery. I'm really Nervous but extremely excited. Happy healing!!
Good to know your post op is proceeding well & looking better. Your strength is impressive, you'll be straight soon I'm sure. I'm on board this Friday. So nervous, but inspired. Got my walker, recliner & meds ready. Thanks for everyone sharing tips, but mostly positivity.

10 days post

Some piks After i took a Shower i cant belive i have no rolls
Wow!!! You look great!!!
You look amazing! Just a few days out and you can really see how good you look- this is truly inspiring and to hear not as much pain, but I realize everyone is different-- I just hope the "pain goddess" will be kind to me when its my turn. Keep us posted !
Thank youu ;) everyone does Heal differently but just don't be scared Of the recovery or pain take it one day at a Time and Each day will Get easier

Day 11 Mighta over done it!

Feeling okay today just bloated and
Swollen to the max my drain has
Put out 50cc and the night is not even over yet! I Might have thought i felt great so i went driving around for Probably a bit longer than needed then walked around walgreens to buy some Medicine for My son and then drove some more to pick up my kids from school and now im destroyed i have absoulty no emergy tommorow im staying home allday i feel good but i shouldnt push it ahhh the joys of healing!
Yes!! Don't push it! I felt the same today. Had a doctor appointment for my son and then walked around Walmart! Then, annoyed at the destruction of my home. I started cleaning up and organizing for my sanity when I just couldn't do it anymore! I'm laying down and tomorrow I'm doing nothing, lol! Your looking great!!!

Side by side pik

Swelling at its finest
Day 1 for me..your stories helped me prepare. Recliner bound right now.
Congratss you made itt
The recliner is def a lifesafer the first few days i wish you a speedy recovery ;)

2 Weeks update

Not. Much to update here my drain is still in very annoying
Im still hunched over if i try to stand completly upright i feel like im going to rip open the inciosion! I feel good overall i am only having back paiin from beijg hunched over and numbness as far as the pain goes! Im not taking amy medication anymore my insicion is beginning to itch like crazy and some scabs are starting to fall off of it which is good news i am still trying to rest as much as possible monday i start work again unfortunatly with my drain still in but we wills ee i work a desk job somi shouldnt be too bad! Ummm for now this is all i can think of to update ! Happy healing ladies ;)
You look great. I hope this weekend the drains finish for you so you can go back to work drain less. I has my drians removed at 8 am Monday morning and was able to go to work straight from dr H.. I also drove my self and could not wait to get back to work and be my normal self. I has enough of the pjs and being and invalid! Lol The first week back to work at my desk job by 3 pm omg I wanted to go home I was so uncomfortable .You sound just like me. For the back pain try if you still have your walker use it and stretch down toward your toes. Believe it or not you can do it & it helps the back so much do worry by week 3 or 4 you will be straight again . Be patient and know that it's all worth it.
You look great. I hope this weekend the drains finish for you so you can go back to work drain less. I has my drians removed at 8 am Monday morning and was able to go to work straight from dr H.. I also drove my self and could not wait to get back to work and be my normal self. I has enough of the pjs and being and invalid! Lol The first week back to work at my desk job by 3 pm omg I wanted to go home I was so uncomfortable .You sound just like me. For the back pain try if you still have your walker use it and stretch down toward your toes. Believe it or not you can do it & it helps the back so much do worry by week 3 or 4 you will be straight again . Be patient and know that it's all worth it.
I am going to try the stretching and hopefully i can get the drsin out by monday its still putting out a little under 50cc so lets see i feel the same way im dying to go back to work and Feel normal again i no its a long recovery process but im feeling inpatient and im sure once i get to work km going to be dying to leave but hopefully im not so uncomfortable i just really want thiS drain out and to stand straight up but little by little when i see ur progress it gives me hope and helps me No its worth it in the end ;)

1 st Day Back at Work

Soooo today was my first day back at work and let me just say swell hell is in full affect its very uncomfortable and my back is killing me i have absolutly no energy right now and my drain is putting out more than it has in the past 3 days im mean seriously will this drain ever be removed? Its soooooo annoying and a bit painful when it moves but yeahhhh my insicions is starting drop the scabs and i can tell its goingt o look great i am still not stadning straight which really annoyings me but im now just in the waiting game with this damn drain i cant wait till it comes out and obviously tommorow is not the day lets seeeee ! Happy healing ladies swelll hell is not fun


This is a 9 days post
To 17days post of the insicion
Back is extreme if I'm up doing to much. I wish I had strengthened them months before. I have to use mind over matter. Thx for asking.
Hows your back?
My back is still in serious pain when l get home from work i immediately sit on my Recliner with a heating pad amd my Drain is stil there ugh very annoying did ur Scar have any bumps On it that later flattened out ?

3 week update

hello ladies well today is my official 3 week update!
i am soooooo happy to report that today i finally had my last drain removed and am now wearing the 2nd stage CG i feel soooooo much better now!!!! that drain and the girdle was really dragging me down! i feel great without the drain dangling from my hip and now i can finally wear regular clothes my back is starting not to hurt as much i have been walking alot strighter each day i would say i am now about 90% upright which is a great relief to my back thankgod its true what aall you ladies say each day Really does get better and better im soo happy with my results and im still extremly swollen i feel my hips extremly numb and swollen im hoping with time they will begin to come down i see my waist coming in and i love it my clothes still fit a tad snug so im sticking with yoga and sweat pants for now, last night i slept on my side for a little while and little by little im starting to feel somewhat back to normal and as far as working goes its gone pretty well this past week i mmostly sit so the only annoying thin g is at the end of the day im sooo swollen i immediatly get hme nd put my feet up and a heating pad on my back well. ladies i will put up some piks tommorow aas i have this CG on and i really cant take it off withouthelp! Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and happy speedy healin ladies !!!!
Thanks for posting such good information. Continued success in your recovery. I'm looking forward to the next update!
Looking good!

3 week piks

Thank youu ;)
Thankyou ;)

Before & After

Same pants
Your skin looks wrinkled like he pulled the skin too tight. ..but the belly button looks amazing. ...gosh I hope mines looks like that im worried my belly button will look unnatural. ...do u have updated pics so 8 can see the scar and how your skin looks. ..also how much was the rental chair
Yes the skin was wrinkled in the beginning but its smoothing out alot he Tried To get Rid Of As many stretch marks As Possible which is why the wrinkling occurred i will post a pik so u can see the rental chair cost me $140 for A month at rent a center

Scar piks

Looking great... :)
Looking good. OMG cracking up at your brother's photo bomb. Love it.
Lol thank youu ;)


4 Week Update!

I cant believe its already been 4 weeks! Im feeling great! Im standing 100% straight now my scar is lookinggood it has completly healed
Minus alittle spot where the last drain was removed so i habe that covered with a little piece of gauze my tummy area us complety dry and
Flaky i have still been showering with dial antibacterial soap and i dont put any lotion on my belly for fear if possibly infecting it i dunno if im allowed to but Lotion but whatever im extremly swollen i think i might possibly have some fluid retention in the area dron the bellybutton down but overall im loving my results i no i still have long ways to go my lovehAndles are still swollen and sore to the touch on monday i have an appt with the PS soo lets so i still feel minor pain in the MR area when i sneeze cough or laugh too much and im about at 85% to doing normal chores and caring for my 2 kids im trying to still take it slow bcuz if i overdo my activity i get super swollen and i start hunching over causing back pain soo yeahhh im tAking it day by day well thats all for now take care ladies

A few piks

Biatch you look phuckn good...omg recovery is going well
Lol Thank you soo muchh ;)
You look great

Small update

Sooo at 1 month post op im feeling great except my drain hole is still minorly open i went to see the PS today he said its not infected that its just taking a little longer to heal said when its ready it will clise on its own! But let me tell you that little hole is becoming a pain in my assss it burns real bad but im taking it day by day PS SENT SOME ANTIBIOTICS JUST IN CASE and lets see what happens besides that little annoyance i bought a new compression garment which is amazing i have nit been able to wear bcuz it has extremly tight compression and that little drain hole is holding me back im posting here some b4 and after comparisons i cant believe that in 5 months i will be even smaller than i already feel i love my new body and i love my PS who did a great job! Well happy healingggg byeee ;)

5 Week Update

Hello ladies,
Well yesterday was officially 5 weeks post op! Time really does fly! I am happy to report that i am feeling still about 90% back to normal. I still have the drain site with a hole which its healing little by little but it hurts real bad feels like its burning which holds me back from being able to do normal things i have gone tru i don't even no how many gauze pads, but one that heals i will feel 100%!
Now i will let you no swelling is really an uncomfortable feeling im starting to have what some of you ladies call the "ken doll" effect and it is very annoying! and oddly as of last night i have been having extreme swelling in the MR area i will post a pik please let me no if any one of you guys have experienced this as im worried this is ABnormal swelling! Well i can't think of any thing else to update on right now Happy Healing and good luck to all who are now beginning this journey! :)

5 Week Pic UpdAte

You look great! Nice smooth curves!
You look really good I was 5 weeks last week and I am so swolen still all at the top I went out shopping all day and I tried on a few bits that looked amzing about 2 hrs later nothing would fit me any more it's horrabl as I have allways had a really bad over hang but allways been quite flat now no over hang but look about 5 mouths pregnent lol

Swelling, Period and Vloating oh my!

Yupp the title says it allllllll
Hey!Last week I had the same experience,i had a "top swelling" My upper ab swelled,i worried too.But this week it is okey.So I assume that it is normal,no worries!You look great :) Happy healing
Thanks yes the ab swelling is very annoying i just hope irs normal
I think you look amazing! Good for you!

6 Week update!

Hey guys im a little late on my 6 week update but better late than never lol well im feeling great starting to finally feel about 95% myself i say 95% bcuz when i start doing regular chores around the house or i go grocery shopping by the time I'm done i feel so sore in my ab area and i swell up like a ballon I'm still wearing my CG during the day i just for the 1st time last night slept without the CG I felt so free but i woke up this morning pretty swollen so i might not do that again! My hips are either still swollen or they are just staying the way they are i feel they still look practically the same! But well i dunno i called the PS OFFICE and i dunno whats going on there atter this whole experience alrho i am very happy with my results minus a few things at the PS OFFICE I REALLY JUST FEEL LIKE A NUMBER sorry i dunno why that came out in caps darn iphone! Lol but yea i called em up the other day to see if i was supposed to go in for a 6 week check and the girl said no that i am free to do what i want and to read the post op instructions given to me after surgery! I dont understand i still have a
Hole in the drain site and i want to no when i can excersize and when i can but creams on the incision i want to no if my ab swelling is normal and she said yes that not worry all is normal and i can do what i feel is necessary I'm in shock as to this is the place i chose to have my surgery! so i dunno what to do! I dont even feel like going back! But whatever im taking ut day by day and each that passes i feel better and better!
I hope u all have a merry xmas and happy speedy healing ladies !

6 week photo update!

You look fabulous! Sorry about ur experience with PS. That sux. Damn swelling, I hear by 2 months most goes away.
You look great but your doc sounds like a jerk! I have an 8 week follow up, 4 month, 6 month and a 1 year. You should have the right to come in especially since you still have a spot on your incision. I would push to be seen just based on principle.


Either today is just a day of super swelling or my ab area buldge is outta control! I just dont no for piece of mind i will have tro make an appointment with my PS to check everything and make sure its not so ething more! Ughh bad day today
Wow you look amazing!! Happy healing!!
I get the upper belly bloat when my diet isn't very good. In other words, I have it now because of the Holidays. Could it be that?
Mayb i do feel alot more large when i eat too much or i eat junk food but i wake up swollen so im Not sure ugh soo anoyingg the jpys of recovery

8 Week Update

Im officially 8 weeks post op and im feeling good! My drain has finally completly closed and i now have a new issue in the center i hae a very small hole which may be eith a stich come out or mayb an ingrown hair i dont no on monday i have an appt with the PS to check everything out! Im also experiencing a constant pain next to my belly button feels like im being stabbed by a needle i dont no if that is a normal feeling but lets see have any of u ladies experienced this? Another complait i have is that i still feel extremly swollen on hips! But i have to give it time before anything can be addressed! I am overall extremly happy with my
Results so far all my clothes fit better i feel mire confident and although i have had very very minor setbacks i do not regret having this surgery! I love my new non hanging belly! I am also still wearing a compression garment all day at night depending on my swelling that day i decide if i sleep with it on or not mostly i choose to sleep with it on as i feel more comfortable! So moday ihave an apt lets see what the PS has to say although he is def not a man of many words! Happy healing ladies and happy new year to you all this summer we will all be rocking our bikinis!! Lol ;)
Looking great! I'm 8 weeks and I get the needle feeling in a few spots. I guess it's normal. I figured it was a stitch pulling against the muscle.
Thank you soo mich ;)

10 week update

Sorry i havemt updated in a whole just been super busy with work and my.kids and well just life lol i will say that at 10 weeks i am complety feeling 100% back to normal i still do feel brused i would at the lipo sites and i get ab pain in the MR area but thats basically it! Im still numb im areaa but i felt.like that b4 since my csection and thay feelijg never really went away so i suppose this is the same! I still wear my comoression garment during the day i dont sleep with it anymore and i havw attempted to go during the day without it but i get soooo bloared by the end of the day i end up putting it back on i truly dint think at this stahe a CG is of utter importance ur results are.goimg to show no matter whay! But anyways as for my few concerns i am already at about.3 minths post op and i am still very swollen not all the time i do feel thay it has its days but i do think i habe quite.a.dog ear and i feel my hips were either not lipoed enough or are still swolllen but i giess im not going to b looking in to thag too much until 6 months post op welll thays all for now happy healing ladies

10 Week Update PictureS

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Your kids have almost the same age of my kids - how was the healing with them?? Thanks bunches!!!
The healing with my older som has good hes 5 so hes prettt independent as fory daughter i couldnt really take 100% care of until about 2weeks as i couldnt walk str8 up or react quickly but at 2weeks it all gets alot better
Oh, good to know - My almost 5y son is very independent too, but my 17 months old girl are my shadow! - My Mom will come to take care of me and them, but I'm sure it'll be hard on my little ones!! That's breaking my heart!

quick update!

Ive been feeling pretty good just been getting superrrr swollen n upper ab regien is extermly sore some dys are better than others altho sometimes i feel.sooo swollen i almost feel like i cnt evem syand str8 up im not sure if thats even normal i habe not excerzied at all since my surgery i just felll so extremly sorrre i dont want to aggervate the situation any ways beside the swellimg i have only 1 concern my hips are hugeee and i have sord of a dog ear on one side i will post a pik so pets see hopefully by 6 months its subsided on its own happy healomg and until next time :)
I book with Dr. H!!!!! YAY!!
I agree with never too late. I put off workouts because I was sore or afraid I'd hurt something. The first ab excersises I did actually helped loosen things back up and I felt like I regained some strength and coordination. Start slow, stretch and do the best you can a few times a week. Even when I sit still I tighten and stretch my abs. I'm near 5 months and am just really seeing a decrease in swelling. I have changed my diet too, reducing gluten and soy.
I do see your point i think that my body is asking for a little bit of stretching to loosen the MUscles im going to attempt 2m to work out slowly to see if it helps bcuz i dont no how much more of the tightness and soreness i can take! Thank you

Quick Picture Update!

Hey ladies i havemt updated in a while here are a few piks of my progress i am almost at 5months post op i feel great back to doing 100% everything i did before surgery i still get swollen througj the day but not as.much i do feel i have a.dog ear and that my hips still have excess skin but at my 6minths checkup i will discuss all this with my PS besides that i am very haply i went thruough with this procedure my life feels comlplete because i feel so much better abiut myself! Happy healing ladies :)
Silicone strips tremendously helped dig ears/ scar flatten & smoothed out for me. My PS sent me strips to wear. M
You look fantastic! Congratulations :)


Hey girls this is just quick picture update to show you my before and after piks from my PS office
As you can see i def have a dog ears so hopefully at my next i can doscuss with dr h how to coreect these!
Im feeling grat and i still get extremly swollen after any physical activty excersizing and so on but i suppose 8t a nornal part if recover i feel awesome and i dont not regret at all my decsion to have this surgery ?
Dr Leonard Hochstein

Love him he def nos what hes doing soo happy i choose him to be my doctor!

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4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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