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Tummy Tuck BA with Salama! - Miami, FL

Getting ready for procedure and boy I'm I nervous...

Getting ready for procedure and boy I'm I nervous I have giving salama a down payment of 5k! So no turning back! I'm so nervous i will post pre pics soon.. I decided to go with him because I saw wonderful reviews and his pricing was in my budget! I hope that all goes well! I have been struggling with my excess skin for a while. I'm only 22 with no kids. I lost over 150 lbs.. So I have a body like an 80 year old woman.. I would love to wear a bikini for once in my life lol..
Hope e'thing went well today. Happy healing...can't wait to see b4's and afters.
Yea I have started dieting and my guilty pleasure is wine so I have cut that at.
Begin taking nutrients for your body. Start planning a salt free diet and make sure you have lots of help at home.

Omg Can you say Nervous

So today I go get my lab work done.. This is how I know this is reality!!! I am really going to be able to get my excess skin removed!!! I can't wait to wear a swimsuit!! I have never worn one I repeat Never. Going from 380 to 190 was wonderful but I have tons of excess skin.. My journey begins with the tummy tuck by the end I will have a full body lift this process will take me about two year.. I will post pics soon
Did you have your procedure done?
Hi when was your procedure? Please keep us posted with pics!
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