30 Year Old with 4 Kids and Tattoo on Stomach - Miami, FL

I had my last child in 2012, so told my husband...

I had my last child in 2012, so told my husband it's momma's turn to get her sexy back lol.
I started to look for a mommy make over, after meeting with Dr. Hochstein
I learned all I needed was a tummy tuck. They took 20% to book and I paid the rest on the day of surgery. They also accept care credit and other financing. Dr. Books about a month in advance so got everything set up to be down for two weeks.
I rented a lift chair to sleep n sit in for the first two weeks,
Thank you
Looks great! Do you have any before pics? I love seeing the before and afters together. Also it sounds like he is booked out about a month, is that how long you had to wait before your surgery?

Still with my drain bulb

I'm still with my drain bulb. I started with two however I lost the one three days after sugary, only been draining with one still.
How awesome! I was just down in Miami to meet Dr. Perez-Gurri from Imagos Institute to get an evaluation for my tummy tuck. I AM SO EXCITED!!! You were right to treat yourself to something that makes you feel better about yourself! I told my husband the same thing (men just don't get it sometimes). I had and emergency c-section that's vertical and another that's horizontal. Know what I told him? That I wasn't a saint that had to live with a cross on my body!!! Not only that, but I had a gastric by-pass a couple years back and lost a ton of weight. So a flabby saint at that! Kathy (the office coordinator) connected me with an AMAZING recovery house too. Really pretty and comfy and reasonable. I'm sooooooo excited!!!!! How do you feel? Pain level? I'm trying not to think about that part of it.
Pain level now is mild, slowly stretching back to up right position. There are times I just need to sit. It's all worth it. Good luck with everything ;-)
I'm glad you're happy. Are you able to stand up straight yet?

19 days post and one drain

Well I been hoping to get my drain out soon but not sure how much longer I got, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. I woke up with looking like straight blood in my drain. Worried, I called my doctor's office. They told me I'm fine as long as it's draining. :-/

Okay I'm posting pics and continue to heal...

Update later :-)

Oh forgot!!

I'm 151lbs now, Pre-surgery I was 165lbs. And I'm 5'2... My goal weight is 145.
congratulations you look good
Thank you
Congrats, you look great! I hope you get your drain out soon!

No Drains!!!

20 days post surgery and just got last my drain removed. I go back next week for my 4 week follow up. 3 weeks more until I can start going to the gym. Excited today.

Looking for before pics.

So far I'm looking and posting here and there.
Wow, you lost quite weight after surgery!!! Congrats!! I'm 5'3", and when I did my consultation with Dr. Hochstein, I was 165lbs - I've diet, and I'm 153lbs now :) - I hope get's down to 145lbs after surgery :P - You look fab!!
Thank you mama

21 days post surgery

Yay me! I can stand!!! Well I can stand straight up but it still has some stretching to go. So I stretch a like, take a break a little.
You look fantastic! Is your tattoo much bigger than it originally was? I know random question I was just curious if it got stretched quite a bit lol
My tattoo was around 3 inches before TT nows it's about 7 inches. Which was the space between tattoo and belly button. Now as you see my belly button is at the end of my tatto now. Tattoo is from when I was 18 years old. I'm going to keep but add to it and freshen it up.
turned out good though!

Okay I found I before

How ever there were more stretch marks because there was one more baby after this pic was taken FYI this is a bad and my only pic of before.

Loving pics again

I would only so selfies of my face, but now, Mama, don't care!

Oh I got my boobs done back in 2007 was C back then now D and it final shows a lot.
Awesome work! happy healing
You look awesome! So glad that you can stand up again. It's been an ordeal but look what beautiful results you've gotten. I feel better now about my tummy tuck. Yeah, I know the drains are uncomfortable and imagine not standing can't be fun, but the end results are worth it. Thanks for sharing!

My before photos

I asked for copies of my before pics from my dr. Awesome to show how much difference is.
great results !! I am actually so glad you posted about weight. I always wondered how many inches or jean sizes or lbs one loses (although i know it varies). what was your final loss ?
Wow! You look great. I can't believe how different your before and after pictures look. He did an awesome job :)
WOW luv your before and after pics.. Dr Hochstein is so talented. You look soooo good and it only gets better.
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