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PICOSURE - The Only Way to Effectively Remove a Tattoo. - Miami, FL

I have many tattoos that I've collected through...

I have many tattoos that I've collected through the years, all very beautiful and done by extremely talents artist. But as we evolve through live we find our selves liking different things. So I've decided to do some editing. I am removing a collar bone tattoo, forearm tattoo and quarter sleeve, all black and grey.

************************************ Disclaimer******************************************
The following opinions , advice and observations are that of my own experience, any products or methods I mention are that of which I have found personally helpful. Make sure to do your research and consult with your Doctor of choice to ensure the best method of laser tattoo removal for you.

After extensive research and waiting years to find the right Dr, and laser I have come to Dr. Sean Simon and the PICOSURE laser. There is simply no other laser on the market that can preform this effectively, quickly and with the least amount of damage. The fear of scaring was a huge factor in me waiting so long to start removing them, but with this laser, a skilled Doctor and proper after care the damage to your skin should be non existent.

As I have recommend many friends to him already I will address the most common questions I receive to those interesting in removing a tattoo.

1. Does it hurt?
Yes, of corse it hurts, a lot. Although with a topical numbing creme and ice during the procedure its manageable.
2. Is it expensive?
Can be, the bigger the tattoo the more it will cost. Do your research and get a few quotes before committing to a Dr.
3. Will it leave a scar?
No, if you Dr, is knowledgeable with the laser they are using and you properly care for it after you will not have scaring, the after care is nearly as important as the procedure its self.

So here are a few tips I would like to share as I have had many "OMG" is this normal? moments during this process.

- You may swell depending on the size of the area you are treating, for a large surface like a sleeve or leg I would strongly recommend to break it down in to two sessions per treatment.
- You will/ may blister, they will/ may be huge and painful. This is normal and is your bodies natural reaction to the "trama" essentially it just experienced. Do not pop them, the longer they can heal on their own the better your result will be. If you find you are extremely uncomfortable with them you can pop it with a sterile pin let it drain, clean well and do not touch.
-During the healing process the the effected area will experience a range of colors, sensitivity and possibly pain, this is normal. Your body is an incredible machine and when taken care of will heal its self in the best fastest way possible.
- During the healing process the effected area will feel like a SEVERE sun burn, extremely sensitive, and possibly hot at times. Preparing ice packs for the first few days is essential especial when trying to sleep.
-After the first few days of the "sunburn" feeling you will start to scab, very normal, and a good thing, do NOT touch or pick at them. This is critical in preventing scaring, your body will take its time in forming this scab and will fall off when the skin under is healed and protected.
- Do not submerge you self (swimming, bath tube etc) for ling periods of time surng the healing process as you want your scabs to fall off naturally.
- When the area begins to heal it will / can be extremely itchy. Try not to itch it as you can irritate your skin, you can use an anti icy creme or Lucas Paw Paw ointment to calm the area.

- Use a unseated mild soap to keep the area clean. You may need to keep area wrapped in plastic wrap if it will be coming in contact with clothing, as well as to protect the healing skin for the first few days.
- Use Aquaphor or Vaseline to keep are moist for the first few days. Once the area is no so sensitive I swiped to Lucas Paw Paw ointment and Vitamin E to sooth skin. (my personal preference not recommended by any Dr)
- Keep a few ice packs in your freezer for the first few days you may find you will need them ( Typically for those treating large areas)
- If you smoke, STOP NOW! among a million other reasons smoking severely effects and delays your bodies ability to heal.
- Drink as much water as you can.
- Stay out of the sun! and wear sun screen daily. Always cover the area with clothing when you are going to be exposed to sun light, hypo pigmentation can occur when the skin is tamed or has sun exposure.
- I added a few vitamins to aid in my body's healing abilities. A good multi vitamin as well as Manuka Honey, Tumeric, B5, Vitamin E, Vitamin C.
- Maintain as healthy life style as you can, how we look and feel is directly related to what you put inside you.

Stay focused on your end result and thats it, removing a tattoo is not an over night event, it will take time patience and belief that in the en it will be worth it.

( My apologies for any spelling mistakes as I am writing this on a tablet and will edit as needed) I am extremely busy so will only be updating this as I receive treatment and obtain new pictures) My before and after pictures are provided by the Dr's offices as its impossible to photograph my entire arm my self but will add some progressive and healing pictures for reference.


After 3rd Session

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr, Sean Simon is a great surgeon, very polite, down to earth, straight forward and honest. His office is very well appointed clean and offers garage parking. His staff is extremely friendly, efficient and always helpful. I have done a lot of research into this procedure and can tell you that the person performing the procedure, MUST be a Doctor and preferably a plastic surgeon. We have had two sessions so far at 6 weeks apart. With the PICOSURE laser Dr. Sean Simon predicts that I should expect full removal in 5 sessions. ( compared to older lasers where I was quoted up to 11 sessions at 8 weeks apart) He did not charge for a consultation and took the time to understand my needs and what I was looking for. I did not feel pressured or that he was trying to sell me something, he was honest about what he thought was possible and insured that we would see positive results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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When is your 4th session? Thank you so much for all of the details you shared!!!
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HEllo, I actually just finisehd my 5th, I am waiting to healt hen will post some more pictures. I am still scabed a the moment thank you for the note:)
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I bookmarked your Review. Definitely can't wait to see your pics! My consult is July 22nd to get rid of my tramp stamp. *sigh* I was 22 when I got it! I'm 39 now.
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I hear you... Im in the same boat. My removal is going fantastic, but it takes time and ALOT of patience. I would say expect a good two years of time for it to be removed, because even if it takes a few sessions it will take time for your skin to normalize. I will drop you a note once I have new pic up and please keep me up to date with your removal, and if you need anything I am here to help:) Best
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You are awesome! Thank you so much! I am on here quite a bit. I have a very lengthy tummy tuck review on here that I update. Had it done in November 2013. Now that I have my flat stomach back, I can wear a bikini again. Well, that's why I want the tramp stamp gone :-)
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How long did you cover the tatoo for after the procedure???
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Hello, it varies each time but I typically keep it covered that night then wash it clean in the morning to encourage healing to start quickly. Keeping the area clean is really important. Please let me know if you have any other questions
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Hi. How long did you keep the tatoo covered for ?
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Thank you for sharing, this gives me so much hope. At what point would you say you notice most fading after each session?
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Hello, Tattooregret7, I am glad you have found this helpful. As far as noticing fading its hard to pinpoint a moments when you say "ok now its working" its a process, for the first week I am VERY VERY red and blistered , after that is a week or so of scabbing then as the scabbing slowly falls off you get an idea of what the results of the last treatment was. But for the few weeks after that it continues to fade ( even if you do not notice it) keep in mind its like watching paint dry, its slow and will not look like much when its happening but in the end will have a significant change of state. I really suggest taking pictures along the way to reinforce that change is happening and to help you stay positive. Keep in touch and good luck!
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Hi Lana. Your review is so detailed and your photos are really inspiring. I'm so pleased for you! I've been at this for 18 months now and in total have tried three different lasers, all q-switch. While I've had lots of fading, my tattoo is still very much there and doesn't seem to be breaking up much more. This time last month I was about to have my tattoo removed by surgery but I backed out at the last minute. This thing is driving me crazy and I would do anything to finally move on with my life. I was treated with the RevLite a few days back for the first time so I'm hopeful that it will show some good results. However I'm also now considering Picosure to see if it can finally remove this thing. I wondered if you wouldn't mind having a peek at my review at seeing if you think picosure would work well for me? I understand there are a ton of factors that come into play though, it isn't just the laser. I think the remaining ink is quite deep down. Do you think a good strong blast with the pico could change things? By the way I have two tattoos I'm removing, but it's the star one I am desperate to remove. Really grateful for any advice you can give.
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Hi Welsh Chad, I completely understand what your going through. I contemplated starting my removal years ago and was overwhelmed of the idea of 16-20 treatments. While I have no personal experience with any other lasers my decision to go with Pico Sure was because of the extensive research I had done, lead me to truly believe that no other laser could preform in the same amount of time. I will say that there are some very obviously differences our tattoos that would lead them to be removed at different rates regardless of the laser type. Firstly my tattoos are vey old 10+ years, where yours seem to be fairly new. I do not have a lot of solid bold lines as you do, and sold ares are they are going to take a lot longer to remove. Think of throwing a rock through a large glass window the larger the window the more pieces there are going to be to clean up. Thats basically what your body is doing internally, taking these fragments of ink and trying to process them through your system internally. With that said the nano second technology of the Picosure is able to break down those pieces into much SMALLER fragments and quicker resulting in more noticeable results and less treatments long term. I will also add that I strongly believe my eating and life style choices contribute to the effectiveness of the process. So if there are things you can do/ or not so to get you body clean I would recommend it. SO YES I think Pico is a great option for you, I would be sure to find a reputable Doctor in your area that uses the laser and set up a consultation. You have nothing to loose. As hard as it is, do not let this dominate your thoughts or emotions, you seem that you have a wonderful home life with a small baby and so many things to look forward to, take the steps needed and be assured it will go away in time, and keep your attention on the things and people that make you happy:) Best of luck and ill be sire to keep up with you
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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Lana. That is an amazing comment you've written and I really appreciate the advice. I have a pretty good diet and I do exercise which I hope makes a difference. I've been aware of picosure ever since I began my removal 18 months ago, but it's always been a case of "too expensive, no" everytime I'd think about it. It's also lots of travelling. I truthfully expected my tattoo to have gone a long time ago, and the experience is starting to become overwhelming. I usually pride myself on my positivity and how laid back I can be. I'm going to wait a minimum of 6-8 weeks and maybe give picosure a try. I notice with the results of many picosure patients that the tattoos lose their shape quite quickly, where as my stars are still very much.. stars, so I hope that it could really break things up. Thanks again for your help. :-)
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I completely understand, I am blessed that my Dr, (Dr, Simon) is very close to me. Defiantly take your time allow you body to hear and then give it a try, I would try and consult with a Dr via email or Skype possibly if you will be traveling far before you start your process and see what they predict your outcome will be. I have read others stories on here that have had many sessions with a Yag or Q switch laser then switched to Pico and saw a significant difference so I would say your chances are good:) Keep us updated, speak to you soon
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Thanks again Lana. I think after 14 treatments it's probably time to give it a go. Could make a huge difference! I'll wait 8-10 weeks first as I've just had a treatment. :-)
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Hey, I was just wondering when you started your process? You said you have several friends who have gone through tattoo removal and are ink free - did they use the pico and about how long did it usually take them? I had one session 5 weeks ago but am not seeing much of a difference - did you see noticeable results the first time? I'm trying to get a realistic estimate for how long this will take... thanks!
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Hello, byetattoo I have had four sessions now at 8 weeks apart, so roughly 9 months. The friends of mine that have had them removed did not have the luxury of Pico as this was many years ago, and they easily had 15-16 treatments, also after you are finished your last treatment your body continues to try to remove what ink is left so you will see fading after you are no longer actually lazering. I did see results after my first treatment especially in the lighter shading areas of my tattoos. But I did not see breakup of harder or "outline" type of lines until these past time. Although how quickly you see break up or removal depends on a many factors, what type of laser are you using, are your tattoos many colors, or just black and grey , are you fair skin or dark skin, how old are your tattoos? are they professional or amateur (amateur tattoos tend not to be as deep in the dermis as professional work) are you pretty active? Remember the more you sweat/ keep your body pumping blood the faster you will see results, and if you smoke quit now, it makes an significant effect in your bodies ability to heal. When I started Dr,Simon guessed around 5 sessions should remove my tattoos so I have a rough date in my head as to when they will be gone, but my advice to you would be not to fixate on a time period because you are likely to drive your self nuts. keep your final goal in your mind and maintain a positive outlook through the process. For example an athlete training for the olympics, they run, swing lift, what ever it may be every day doing the same thing over and over, but rather then get stuck in the rough routine and letting pain/ obstacles get them down they maintain focus of the big picture, them on the on the podium winning a medal. Its going to take time, but when you get there every ounce of pain will be worth it. :) Im excited you you! Best of luck, keep us updated.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to give a thoughtful answer, I'll try to keep all your advice in mind. Its very helpful to see your progress in the mean time!
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hey, it doesnt seem your photos for the third time uploaded
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I know, I have written Real Self t=for help, not sure what the problem is.. its coming I promise
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okay, wasnt sure if you knew. Thanks for keeping us updated!
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can you upload a picture of your arm a well? tanks in advance :)
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Hello, yes I just had my 4th session this week so am still healing, in a few weeks I will add a picture of my progress. The first few weeks you are scabbing and red so you can not see much progress. Thank you for checking in and stay tuned:)
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truly amazing! i have had q switch but am going to picosure, will the results be lessened?
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Hello, I do not believe so, I have read about many people that have been previously treated with other lasers initially who switch to Picosure still have great results.
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