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Smart Lipo Triplex in Many Areas! Yay! I did it!!! - Miami, FL

Hello all! I'm new to real self and I saw a...

Hello all!
I'm new to real self and I saw a great/informational/helpful post from ceddysweetie. Since her's was so helpful to me in confirming my decision I decided to do my journey on here as well. You never know who you could be helping out by sharing your experience.

My name is Bri i'm 24, a student and I work full-time. I don't have any kids and I am going to do the smart lipo in my abdomen, flanks (sides), bra roll, and inner thighs. Nobody talked me into it I'm just doing this for ME to make myself happier, to look better in my clothing and be more confident. I am excited to finally get the process started. I have had 4 different consultations and I have been researching like crazy to make sure I am choosing the right doctor. Dr. Careaga definitely stood out to me with results, info (only doctor to tell me to stop birth control 2 weeks before because could cause blood clots, no other doctor mentioned that!!!!), credentials, and pricing. The staff was really nice of course, his wife Lourdes is great too, she showed me her results from the lipo and she looks awesome like she never had kids or anything. I have a good feeling about this Doctor. In the pricing it includes my procedure, compression garments, lymphatic massages (5 sessions), labs, etc. I'm really nervous I never thought I would do anything like this. I've always been relatively in good shape. I have issues with my periods being irregular and the only way to control it is Birth Control. I have gained a lot of weight and found it even harder to lose weight on it even when I was working out religiously. When I stop my birth control for awhile I can drop the weight but then here comes irregular menstrual cycles (I know TMI). So I am back at square one. Anyway back on subject lol I'm really excited to get this fat sucked out. I am counting down the days 28 more left to go! lol. For anyone that has had this procedure already or planning to do it as well has any good info please feel free to leave a comment, also I'm trying to see what other good compression garments out there. I have a post op on 2/8/14 for blood work and more info. So I will update then :)

My list of concerns:
- General Anesthesia (I've never had any surgeries or anything before this is new to me. But for some areas I really would rather not be awake for it.)
-Pain (I'm a big baby when it comes to this lol)
-How comfortable the compression garments will be since we have to wear them 24/7.

Before pictures

Hi everyone! I just wanted to update the post with some current pictures I took yesterday. Oh also before I forget there was a typo in previous update my pre op is 2/8 not post op sorry lol. I'm nervous about posting these pictures because I dislike my fatty deposits so much but here it is (talks leap of faith lol)

24 days left!!!!

Hello all i hope everyone is having a good day and those who have gone to surgery are recovering well. I put a big prayer out into the universe today and I'm just praying for the best all around and being positive and calming my nerves. My mom, aunt, and I are going shopping next Saturday after my pre ops on the 8th that has me excited. My aunt now wants to go for a tummy tuck consultation w/ Dr. Careaga now that I have taken the first step with my smart lipo lol. Anywho this is just a pre surgery jitters post. I also have folder made with things that i want to get before and after my surgery and I've been researching foods to eat before and after surgery. Anyway sorry to bore you have a good Sunday!!!!

Pre ops 2/8/14....18 more days!

Hi everyone!!!! Well time is definitely moving a little faster than expected it will probably slow down closer to the actual date lol. For me today was the day it got a lot more real like this is happening and I am going to do it. The wait time was a little long today like 30-45mins from my 11a appt time which was very different from my consultation time. But I won't be too hard on them for it because one of the ladies that helps with the pre op blood work and what not called out sick so I can understand that.

Today I got my blood drawn, signed a bunch of consent forms, I got instructions on things to do before and after surgery, paid off the surgery in full, asked a million and one questions that I had written down in my iPhone (haha). Lizandra (nurse who took my blood) was helpful in answering all questions. I was really concerned about them rescheduling my surgery because I might be on my period that day she said not to worry I will be okay and they will not reschedule for that reason in particular. She had her breast reduction done with my PS and the day before she went on her menstrual cycle and she was embarrassed as well but she was fine. I know TMI but hey a lady has to know lol. I'm also happy that I won't have any drains or anything that seems like a pain in the bottom from what I have read around on here. With all my researching too I had to ask about the revision policy/rates, which if I need a revision it would be completely free thank goodness. Hopefully by the grace of God I will not need a revision and everything is okay the first time around, but it doesn't hurt to ask just in case.

I did get to talk to my PS and asked him any additional questions that I had, he did remember me and my mother from our consultation so that was nice he was personable and remembered me. I'm so ready and excited.

Oh I also got a ton of prescriptions today that needs to be filled before the surgery and thank heavens that they did include a medication for nausea because I have heard a lot of people being feeling sick to their stomach with anesthesia. I did bombard her with tons of questions about anesthesia because I'm nervous about that and them sticking a breathing tube down my throat. But I should be asleep and not feeling any pain (fingers crossed).

I got a few goodies from Victoria Secret today I will post pictures :)

So now I have a little more thing to start research on:
1. Good compression garments ( I want to have 2 just incase I'm washing one or one gets to loose)
2. Body pillows for elevation and comfortability.
3. Vitamins to assist with health and healing
4. Liposuction foam to help with creasing from compression garment
5. Scar creams (already have some Mederma)

Thats all I can think of right now lol

Well thank you as always for reading my long rant please feel free to comment or ask questions, 18 more days to my new body! lol Journey to the flat side.

16 more days!!!

Soooo I just got an e-mail saying that my labs came back perfect and I have been given the green light for surgery. Yay!! It's becomes more real everyday lol.

Officially 2 more weeks!

hi!!!!! Well I am 2 weeks pre op today. This week has been a long one. I got into a car accident on Tuesday someone rear ended me. I've been having some small back pain nothing major but discomforting so I will go to the doctor tomorrow to just double check. I want to be in tip top shape for my surgery and I don't need anymore craziness popping up.

What I have done thus far:
-I have started taking a multi-vitamin as of today
-I stop my birth control actually a few weeks ago I don't want to take any chances with blood clotting or complications.
-I bought a bunch of vitamins for after surgery like iron, super b-complex, zinc
-I did purchase a stool softener as suggested by sx

I could not find Bromelain (which is suppose to help with scarring, if you have used this please let me know how it works for you) at Wal-Mart, I'm guessing i may need to go to a place like GNC or something.
I also hear using Arnica cream is good too for pain so I will definitely research that some more.

I did get a few things, I love me some Groupon lol so I did get a Jillian Michaels workout DVD set from there and it came pretty fast.
I also realized I didn't have a good overnight bag or just something to pack a bag for a the day of surgery all of mines are currently old and falling apart lol so I did decided to get this gorgeous Victoria Secret bag. I love it!!! I will post pictures.

Thanks for reading and well wishes to all that healing or getting ready for there procedure. Be safe!!


Hello everybody happy Saturday. I can't believe time is flying like this i am so nervous I'm really starting to feel the jitters now. Crazy dreams have started. I'm trying to take it easy and make sure that i am getting enough sleep. Since i got into my accident I have been going to the chiropractor everyday and its nothing major a few aches and pains I feel much better and they did clear me for my surgery. I've been tying up some loose ends this weekend while I don't have work. I'm also still taking my multivitamin. I had a beastful headache yesterday because of my allergies so I did take a Tylenol which was okay per my post ops instructions given to me by my plastic surgeon.

Purchases this week:
-arnica gel and pills
-abdominal binder
-lipo foam
-scar cream
-hibiclens (soap needed for the day before surgery and the day of surgery)
-surgery outfit and post ops follow up clothes
- dropped of prescriptions (the antibiotics are free at publix)

Things I need to do:
-get my hair washed (at the hair salon as I type this lol it so hard on an ipad lol)
-make sure house is clean
-grocery shopping
-get car washed

But yeah that's all the update I have for you guys. I do have a question though if any of you know. How long after the surgery can I start taking the bromelain, arnica, zinc, super b-complex, etc?

thank you and have a great day!!!

It's official

Sleepless nights have hit with a hint of buyers remorse. I'm not really sure if its buyers remorse per say because I know I want it done but I am scared of the unknown. I know if I don't do it I will not be comfortable with myself, and I say comfortable instead of happy because I am happy with the person I am I just want to be more comfortable in my own skin and have a little more confidence. I'm ready to do it and get it over with but patience is key. A few of my girl friends and I have been planning a little weekend vaca and we finally decided to go to Puerto Rico in May when classes end in the summer so tickets and hotel are all booked and I'm really excited to take it easy after the whole procedure and healing time. By then I hope I'm healed and bikini ready well at least I have a place to wear that new bathing suit lol.

Anywho let me try and get some sleep.
“It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power!”
? Robert T. Kiosaki


Just a warning out there to anyone who thinking about doing smart lipo. This mess is expensive and it adds up. The surgery itself, okay I expected it to be on the expensive side. But it's all the little things that you need for after add up too. Lord I can't wait for this to be over lol. I have a lot of saving up to do after this I am spent.

Also I have cut myself off on looking at any more before and after photos, horror stories that I accidentally land on especially on realself, and YouTube videos. I don't need anything adding to my stress lol.

Reason why? because I then came across a video for lipo patient that was all dented up because she was wearing tight clothes and that you shouldn't wear jeans for up to 6 months after the surgery because it will cause dents and mess up the results. Umm question? What the hell am I suppose to wear in those 6 months? Maternity Clothes? What is the compression garment for is it not suppose to assist with that?

I'm all over the place. Someone please let me know and I will definitely be calling my plastic surgeon about this.

Tomorrow is the day!!!!

SOOOOOOoooo guess who just got a call from the SX, yeah its me lol. My surgery is at 7am the first of the day. I'm happy, excited, nervous, and anxious.
Everything is all set and ready to go:
-laundry done
-grocery shopping
-bag packed
-medications ready

I will try and update tomorrow. Prayers have been sent up and blessings shall come down. I thank God for a good support system, and for all the real self people that help easy my worries and gave me great suggestions!! I appreciate it. Best wishes and healing to everyone out there.


I did it!!

I did it and lord know I'm hurting and I pain. I was really nervous but I stayed strong to do the surgery. I remember stripping and putting on surgery garments, signing papers, meeting the anesthesiologist (really nice and comforting too), then my plastic surgeon came in taking before pictures, marking my areas, then taking more before pictures. Then Marcella I believe that was her name (I was too nervous to remember lmao) a nurse came in took me to the operation room and put iodine on my body to make sure I clean and sterile. I then went to lay on the bed dr. Careaga talked to me keeping me distracted while they put the iv in both arms which I was thankful for. But that's I didn't even know when I got put to sleep at all I didn't even have to count lol. I just remember waking up freeze and shaking when I woke up in the recover room. I arrived at 7a maybe started at 8:40a my boyfriend said. They made him come in when they first put me to sleep just so he could see everything was okay he didn't like seeing all the tubes coming from me. I thought that was really nice of them, he was scared for me.

I feel okay no nausea or nothing I did eat just a few mins ago my mommy made me homemade soup. I took an antibiotic and pain pill right now too after I ate.
The only thing I feel is pain and oh there is a lot of draining too it's all over thank god for the bed mats I bought.
I'm so grateful that God has gotten me through this procedure safely I feel really blessed and happy that I'm alive and well. Dr. Careaga staff is absolutely amazing then did any and everything to make sure I was okay and comfortable I appreciate them so much. I thank you all for supporting me and giving me well wishes also. I love you guys!!

They did show me a little of how I look before putting the compression garment on I was still loopy from the anesthesia so I didn't get a really good look hopefully I can get and post pictures soon. It looked good from what I remember lol. We will see tomorrow when I go in for a check. But this garment makes my shape look damn good lol!!!!

Have a good one everybody!!

Oh yeah

Also my surgery ended around 1p but by the time I woke (around 2). So by the time I fully recovered from anesthesia, got changed and dressed, signed my discharge papers, signed up for my massages I left around 3p. Just an FYI. That means he really took his time sculpting me.

Follow up and massage day

The surgeon said everything looks great and now just waiting for the healing process. I can honestly say the massage was worst than the procedure itself. It sooooo painful so anyone deciding to do smart lipo this is a warning, I should have taken a pill before going there lesson learned. I'm swollen, bruised and in so much pain. As much as I'm complaining I thank God for my life and watching over me every step of the way for this journey. I'm going to put pictures please be nice it's only one day after the surgery and I'm still healing. Again thank for you all for the support and looking out for me.

Thank you! Love,

Taking it day by day.

This really is a process of taking it easy and one day at a time. I find it hard to sleep at night trying I find a comfortable position when I finally do the pain kicks in so I'm trying to get some rest as much as I can. I have another massage today that I'm dreading lord please pray for me lol. I go back to work Tuesday but I really don't see it happening right now. The doctor said I should be okay by then but we shall see.Someone commented asking me if I seen any immediate results. I do see some but I'm not judging my body yet until I'm healed and not so swollen so I will post a side by side picture of the before and after pictures.
Happy Saturday I'm off to take a nap. Bye!!!

Step by step

Everyday is a little different and feeling better slowly but surely. Still sore,bruised and swollen. The Vicodin pain pills I was taking religiously every 4hrs I will take maybe every 6/7hours depending on the pain. Still taking antibiotics. Oh I did take off my garment yesterday to bathe and by bathing I'm mean my mom filling up a brand new bucket with water, peroxide, and my hibiclens antibacterial soap with a clean rag and wiping me off. Then dressing my incisions with Neosporin. I felt a lot better but it felt weird being out of the compression garment. Which I can't be out of for more than 2 hrs. So my mom washed it for me got out all the drain stains and stuff thank god because it was dirty and it fit of course tighter than before. I pray and thank God everyday for his mercies and blessings.

Things I'm still having some issues with:
-nausea in long car rides
-gassy and still no bowel movement scared to take a laxative honestly.
-still need some assistance getting up and sitting down especially in the car but it gets better each time.
-feeling dehydrated (trying to drink a lot of water and Gatorade but it fills me up quickly)
-still taking a lot of naps
-lower back needs support with pillow or I will feel sharp pains

I didn't know some of my incisions had stitches so I've been being super careful not to rip them. The incisions are really small too my mom said.

Oh and I've been a little pampered princess and I always pray for my family but I've been extra grateful for them. They really turned up and showed out to help me :).
Not much to update just relaxing oh I did go for my second massage yesterday and it wasn't as bad as the first one I didn't cry that time lol.

Back at work today :(

This has definitely been harder than I thought it was. I cannot stress how much the recovery is a day to day process. I think lipo is so painfulllll!!! I have my good days and bad days. Some day's I'm like YESSSSSS!!! I love my new body!! Then the rest of the days I'm like what the hell did I get myself into LORD! lol.
I still have a lot of bruising and swelling. I expected the swelling but the bruising not too much. I have been icing the bruises as much as I can. I've been using the Arnica cream starting yesterday so I will let you know how that is in a future update. My Arnica pills and Bromelain have not yet arrived. That was a long story with GNC.com so they are sending another shipment expedited.

I have officially stop taking the Vicodin and now taking the Tylenol and I am now driving and back at the 1st day of work. Its really uncomfortable thank goodness for everyone at work being concerned and helping me try and be as comfortable as possible. They also know that I will be dressing down for a few weeks.

I also had my 3rd massage yesterday, it was still hell and we have a love/hate relationship. It does help but damn it hurts and I have 2 more left.
The lady that does my massages says she feels that lipo is the worst to recover from. I literally detest the commercials now that make it seems like you will go and be up and about in a lunch break. WRONG!!!! I repeat do not believe them you will be sorry. I will also recommend that no one ever, ever, ever does so many areas (upper/lower abs, upper/lower back, flanks, inner thighs) like myself awake. I'm definitely happy I was under general anesthesia.

Well that's it for now. Hope everyone is healing well!! and Have a great day!

The Irony...yes I know TMI

So I've been trying to have a bowel movement for days because I was really concerned. They say you are suppose to have one 2-3days after well it's been a week. I wanted to take a laxative but the nurses at my PS said no it's too strong for you right now. So I did and just kept taking my Stool softner. As any other person you would like to go in the comfort of your own house.
Well I have a 9a massage today and maybe getting some stitches taken out and as I'm driving to my PS Which is 40 mins away from my house guess who finally has the urge to go?

You guessed right me!
Lol luckily my PS has a clean bathroom and wipes because I sure enough had to go and couldn't hold it.

Well I'll leave it there but your girl feels a thousand times better and less concerned because lord knows I thought the end of the world was near lmao!!!!!

Just a quick little update

Hello Everybody!!!!!

I want to thank everyone who has been checking on me and wishing me well!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I am doing well healing and trying to be patient. I've been super busy and drained. Spring break is over so its back to work AND school. I had an exam today and overall Ive been a little stressed out about it. I found it hard to study and concentration 1. Being in this compression garment can get uncomfortable at times and I'm still swollen and have pain at times. So sitting for long periods of times can be a little irritating and distracting 2. This is a major surgery although some may deem it "elective" your body just wants to rest and recover.

Anywho on a positive note I have been doing a lot more things by myself now like:
-getting in and out of bed
-getting in and out the car has become easier no more nauseous and painful car rides
-can bend down slight to pick up things I drop. Its amazing how clumsy you are when you are recovering everything just seem to drop lol
-I can take the compression garment on and off myself now

Things that are still difficult:
-I went grocery shopping over the weekend at first I was fine but after about 15mins I notice the swelling and pain started up. Thankfully I was with someone that allowed me to get through it but I was definitely sore and swollen at the end of the trip.
-cleaning the way I want too (can't really do much of that thank goodness for great help)

My body definitely lets me know when I have done too much and that its time to sit my butt down lol
-Bowel movements are still a little weird but it's been everyday so I guess thats good to get rid of waste and toxins.

-Which area hurts the most you ask?
a.upper/lower abs
b.upper/lower back
c. Flanks
d. Inner thighs

Correct answer is D. inner thighs with stomach coming in a close second lol. My legs are so swollen they look no different from my before pictures if anything they look larger. So I am just waiting to see how they look when the swelling went down. I'm really concerned because I am starting to feel little lumps here at there in my inner thighs (a huge one on the right) and some small ones here and there on my stomach. I know you are suppose to massage them but I'm not sure i'm doing it right. They say its normal its apart of the healing process and should go away but I'm nervous I will definitely talk to my PS on Saturday when I have another massage and follow up appt.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with the way my belly looks. I swear by my lipo foam I love it and it really helps especially in the places my compression garment dents in.

A quick update turned long lol. I will add pictures I'm not quite 2 weeks yet but with my crazy schedule I wanted to add them.

Thank you!!!!

1 month already? lol

Heyyy RS! I hope everyone is well and healing okay.

As far as the update goes I am still very sore and swollen. The bruising has definitely gone down but still have some on my flanks. I really can't wait for it to go away completely and to get out of this compression garment but I also understand that it is needed right now. I honestly with as much research as I thought I had done. I didn't think I would still be recouping after a month I thought I would be 100% okay. So I am still coping with that.

I was originally in a large CG after my surgery I am now in a medium. They tired to get me in a small but ummm that didn't work lol that's too much of a size jump and your girl kinda have some hips, thighs, and a little bit too much booty to be squeezed up in that thing haha.

I have had a few lumps here and there but the massages help with that and most of them are gone or smaller than before. I had my last massage Saturday that just passed so I bought a handheld massager from Wal-mart to start doing myself.

My thighs and flanks (sides) are the worse. My thighs didn't really look the way I wanted them too I expected them to be smaller but I guess we will see in another month or so. I did get the okay just to walk on the tread mill but no ab work or high cardio it has to be very low impact. Which is okay with me right now because my body will yell and scream at me if I try to take on anymore than I can manage.

I have been doing some shopping, shame on me lol but I couldn't help it. I just keep seeing all the cute things I would like to wear when I get out of this damn compression garment. Things I couldn't imagine wearing before. The CG and I have a lovehate relationship. It feels weird when I don't have it on and the swelling will intensify.

I'm a little nervous that I won't be ready for my Puerto Rico trip in May I'm just praying that I will. I really want to enjoy it compression garment free lol.

1 month post

Just some update photos

Feeling iffy at 6 weeks post op

Hi RS,
Idk I feel like I'm in a really stagnant stage of recovery. Not to much improvement idk if I was expecting a miracle to be healed at 6 weeks or something. My thighs are not as thin as I would like them to be for all that pain I wanted a little more results I guess we have to wait and see. I'm still in pain, and still have some swelling but not as much as originally. The skin feels super tight and certain positions feel like I am tearing my skin open. I do get sudden burst of pain that last for like 3-5 seconds in some lipo'd areas.

I'm thinking about waist training so if you have any good suggestions or what to purchase please comment. Also if anyone has any good ideas on a great scar cream please list those below too :)

Thank you!
I'll update again on Saturday after my visit with my PS. Have a good day everyone.

Small Update

I had an appt with the my PS last Saturday. Everything looks okay so far. When I hit 2 months in one more week. I can sleep without my compression garment at night and just wear it in the day time. At 3 months I stop wearing it. So I guess my CG is coming to Puerto Rico with me :(

I haven't been eating right, so I want to get back on track with that while balancing work, school, and now exams that are coming up. Still trying to make time to go to the gym more often.

Now here is the problem..My skin is really sensitive so some of bruising on my sides left stains at the surface per my PS. So I do have discoloring. I already knew signing up for Smart Lipo that this was one of the possibilities. I'm really sad about it, I was hoping that it would fade away but it was not the same as my other bruises that went away a long time ago. He did provide me a prescription for a cream called Tri-Luma which is very expensive. So it should help we will see I've only been using it for a few days. So I just hope and pray for the best.

Have a good day everyone.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I absolutely love Dr. Careaga! He was awesome with me. He is at the up-most professional and so human at the same time. He listened to what I wanted and my concerns. He and his staff were so nice in answering my 100 and 1 questions lol. I am glad that I chose him to do my surgery and I wouldn't change a thing. Dr. Careaga took his time sculpting me and knows what a women should look like and how they are suppose to be portioned. I thank them for all their hard work!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Awww, I'm sorry that you this way. The thing is that with these procedures, we all heal differently. The good (although expensive) news is that you've been prescribed something to help eliminate the bruising. Apart from that, you sound like your healing well :-) Don't stress too much and good luck on your exams :-)
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Thank you! And yes we all go through something different we just hope it does not happen to us. But I'm trying to not let it stress me and remain positive.
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I think you look amazing! So question…do all smart lipo procedures need to followed up with regular massages?…to prevent lumpiness? Also…as for scar cream…I recommend scar tape. At least that what I used for my tummy tuck and then additional emergency surgical procedures I had to have. It's called Meptac Silicone scar tape and it's on Amazon for about $24 for like a 6 month supply (longer for you since your incisions are probably tiny). But what I love most about it is that it is flesh colored so it blends in, you can wear it for up to 10 days, get it wet, shower with it, etc…plus it's an additional barrier when you're out in the sun. Just cut however big or little strip you need. It's great!
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If you go the scar tape route be sure to check it after the first day. I had previously used it and the scar turned Fire engine red, that was a year ago and still like that. Dr. Thought I might have been allergic, now to get rid of redness I will need laser treatments. Just a little warning, I know everyone is different. Good healing.
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Hello!! Thank you! I will definitely look into it. My PS said that I needed to do the massages. For reducing swelling, lumps, getting rid of drainage and toxins etc. it's definitely not a regular massage those are relaxing lol...it's a lymphatic massage and after lipo it hurts like hell lol but I must say it does work and helps you feel a lot less swelling and relief tension from the body. Thank you for your comment!
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Ohh okay I see I will definitely keep that in mind and also check with my PS. Thank you!
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I still think the lymphatic massages I got were different than what everyone else did. Mine was very light touch and very relaxing. That must be why they did no good what so ever. Good luck with yours.
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Oh no I'm sorry to hear that. Mines was nothing light and relaxing at all. Oh by the way I put the binder over the compression garment and it work wonders for the dents I don't have to use the lipo foam anymore thank you for you great suggestion!
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Good luck and keeps us up to date on the beautiful new you.
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Oh no, it is not relaxing it hurts but when it's over you feel better or at least I feel better. My lady basically pushes fluid or I guess small lumps away. Was it performed by someone your PS recommended?
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Good that it helps. I have brighten a good sized electric electric massager and push hard as I use it. It has not even been a week and the larger ridge that I have has already started to diminish. Thank goodness. I wish I had forgotten those worthless massages and just spent the money on the massager instead. My advise, if you go for a massage and it is light touch, find a different place immediately.
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CM, that's fantastic news. I am really worried that since I lucked out with no lumps or dents this time that I will have something with my revision to deal with
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DO NOT WAIST TRAIN UNTIL YOU ARE AT LEAST 2 MONTHS OUT ... And that's still up in the air if you're still hurting and having "burst" of pain here and there!!! Hello, girlfriend. Sorry I had to start off like that :-))) I just don't want you to hurt yourself :-))) That said, your pain is expected. Are you self massaging using an electric massager at all? Are you keeping your garment and binder on all day and tight (not constricting)? Let me know before I say more. As for scar creams, maderma was recommended by my dr. :-)
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Hey! No i definitely don't plan to right now my body can't manage that right now plus I do want ask my doctor opinion too. I have been wearing the garment 22hrs a day. I do put foam inserts in because the denting in certain areas was painful. But it is still nice and tight...Whats the binder? Should that be something I have too? I did purchase the electric hand massager I use it every other day but I'm thinking about being a little more aggressive with it. It's just with work and school its hard to find the time. Thank you for the scar cream advice!
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Haha... You're funny with your "Hey" remark. When I see the words "waist train", I think of corseting. I started using the corset at my 2nd month anniversary not to waist train, but to get a better grip of my lower abs. I couldn't find a CG and/or binder that worked. During my 3 month po apt, my dr's nurse said that they don't advice using the corset until after the 2nd month and other factors such as pain level etc :-) A for me, they had no issues with what I was doing, cause I took them all into consideration. Since you have the hand-help massager you can definitely be more aggressive by now and do it everyday. It's really about how much you can tolerate. Just remember that it gets better each day and the more you do, the better. Form the habit of doing it while watching a late night show, studying, first/last thing before you sleep. I know it's hard, but be strong and commit to it. Your whole recovery is about 6 months. You've conquered 1.5 months already. AWESOME. Keep it up girl. Anyway, as for the binder, my dr and many others provide and/or insist that a binder be used over the CG. The binder can be described as an elastic strap that cover your whole waist (upper and lower abs) and is wrapped/strapped around. It provides "firmness" & "compression", plus it "holds" you in place. I hope you understand? :) I stopped using my binder at month 2 and swapped it for a corset as I stated earlier. I hope school's moving on smoothly? It'll all be over (recovery and school) in no time :-)))
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lol Lord I don't know what I got myself into 4.5 more months. Well I will try my best to get it together because it seem hard right now. lol I did understand about the binder. Thank you for the advice and everything is slowly falling into place just don't know if my recovery is slower than normal or what.
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I am a little more than three months out. I have a couple of suggestions. I would get a couple of nice binders and wear them over the CG. I am still doing so and will continue doing so unroll all issues are resolved. Get a really good electric messages and use it aggressively, I had a small hand vibrating messager and I do not think it was much help. Many people recommend the lymphatic massage but I do not think it helped me at all, a waste of several hundred dollars.
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Ha! You're a mess! You'll make it :-))))
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Well said ColoradoMaiden :-)
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ScarguardMD has worked well, it has worked wonders on a burn scar I had on face also. I personally bought my first corset from eBay and did not pay much just to see if waist training was for me. I bought clincher from Amazon. One for about $50 and two cheaper binders. I like each but for different reasons. I am three months plus out and healing continues. It just takes time.
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Okay thank you I will look into it! Yes the healing process definitely does take a lot of time I'm noticing. I thought I did my surgery within enough time before my vacation but now I'm not so sure.
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Great body ! Don't get pregnant now that will suck! Also when you got the smart lipo did you get lipo sculpture as well?
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Thank you!! Lol I definitely don't plan on being preggo anytime soon haha. And my PS has many different techniques he uses but I don't believe lipo sculpture is one that he is used on me.
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oh ok and lipo sculpture is when he uses part of your body fat and makes "fake abs" that you can still work on them after the surgery to make them bigger so you don't have to work REALLY hard on getting the abs that you dream on getting one day. After your surgery you can still get liposculture for $1500. Cheack out evolutionmd.com the doctor is great and he specializes in Smart Lipo and Lipo Sculptures his results are amazing.
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