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smart lipo many areas 24yr old - Miami, FL

My initial review for the procedure after surgery...

My initial review for the procedure after surgery the pain was terrible. I had several areas done upper and lower abdominal ,flanks,upper and lower back, inner thighs and my arms. I was pain more on my sides and back then any other area but the pain was real.

My surgery was at 8 I arrived at the dr office at 7 took pictures went over the areas i was getting done then was taking in the back to get all cleaned up for my procedure. which was a little after 8 o'clock. I woke up in recovery around 1:30 and went straight back to my hotel room. The ride back to the hotel was so uncomfortable I kept telling my boyfriend it hurts it hurts once we got back to the hotel trying to lie down was very difficult i couldn't find a comfortable position to save my life. I finally went to sleep around 5 o'clock after taking cat naps for the past 2 in a half hours the meds finally started to kick in and i was able to relax.
Whew!  Rest and recover for now.  I hope you're doing better already than you were when you wrote this!  Are you in a garment now, and if so, what kind?  And were you supposed to be awake for the procedure or asleep?  I hope you post pictures!

Happy healing!


Here are some before and after pictures sorry I'm just uploading them
Hi yes I'm in a garment it's a full body suit Covering my arms all the way down to the top of my thighs. This compression garment I brought from a store called Catherine in Miami lakes because the garment I received from my PS was so uncomfortable. I had 2 separate garments one for my arms and one for my body. And yes I'm doing so much better now no more pain just a little sore thanks for asking. And my PS did put me to sleep so I was asleep for the entire procedure.
First of all, your panties are hilarious!  Love it!  Second, I'm so glad to hear you're doing better :D.  Also, thank you for the pictures!  It looks like you're swollen but it's super obvious they've carved out a beautiful curvy shape for you.  I cannot wait to see how you look when you're all healed up!!

A week since my procedure

Hey guys I'm just updating you its been a week since I had my surgery yayyyyyy I'm pretty much going back to my normal routine now I'm back at work I'm a back driving Well I can't really bend down but everything I'm good. My body is still sore but there is no pain it kinda feels like I worked out to hard really but none the less I'm fine. Still wearing my garment 24/7 eating a lot less and drinking more water. I haven't gone to the bathroom (bowel movement) since Monday I haven't started taking the stool softer I'm sure once I take one it'll help tremendously. I'll post more pictures later tonight once I get off work TTYL
Great results
Thank you still hoping to see more lol I wanna be summer time fine!!! Thank you again
You're gonna be so much more comfortable once you go to the bathroom, LOL!  I remember after my op, it was night and day.  And I only went three days without going, and ate almost nothing those days.

binder or lipo foam???

Ok so I'm at a bit of a stand my compression garment leaves a huge dent on my stomach every day I guess it's because of how I'm sitting at work Idk but I ordered some lipo foam from amazon now I'm wondering if I should have got a binder instead can some please help me!!!!!
Looking great
Hi there. I just saw your pictures and you're looking great already. Congrats! To answer your question, I'd say that it's really up to you. I never used the lipo foam under my CG, but used a binder given to me by my dr post surgery. I purchased the exact binder from her supplier (miller-medical.com) and they cost less than $50. It worked well for me. There are other women who have had great success with the lipo foam too. I just can't say much beyond that. I'd also like to suggest that you wear is a camishaper or thick vest under your CG all the time to serve as a barrier between your body and the CG. Finally, you may have to also adjust the way you sit a bit. In other words, rather than sit "in" your chair all the way, you might want to consider sitting in the middle or closer to the edge with both feet crossed under your chair. This allows you to sit upright and straightens your whole torso while sitting. If you sit further into your chair, your torso will be more compressed/relaxed causing more indents than you'll like. Pls. don't expect never to see any indents/marks when you take off your CG. You can however, try to control the volume. I hope this helps and all the best which ever way you decide to go :-)
Thank you I appreciate it and where can I get a camishaper from it if you don't mind me asking???

2 week and 3 week post op

Well I haven't Ben updating much just pretty tired from working and not getting much sleep I had a check up with my PS this past Tuesday he said everything was healing fine by everything he only meant my stomach because that's all he checked he was in and out so quick! I just had a really bad crease from the compression garment I guess because of how I was sitting on the plane ride down to Miami it was terrible and so uncomfortable. He gave me like this board thing to put in the front so right now I'm wearing the board in the front and the lipo foam in the back. My thighs and my arms pretty much look the same I'm getting the massages but I'm not sure if there working but I am using the hand held one every other day . The nurse did say I needed a new garment the one I have is to loose so I'm going to order another one tomorrow I spent like 300 dollars on garments alone already now I need another one so annoying. But if any one can give me any tips on losing a lil weight with this process I'm all ears I want the best possible results thanks.
Well I started swimming and water exercises at six weeks. While I was in Phoenix, 6-12 weeks, I swam 6 days a week. Now in Colorado I swim 3 days a week. I watch what I eat, and do daily yard work. With 2 acres of yard that takes quite a bit. I have lost 17# since surgery in January. You r looking good. R u getting the results u like?
Well with my stomach yes back yes but my arms and thighs are still big so I guess I just got to wait. When can I start working out I got on the treadmill last week for 15 mind I think and then I started feeling sharp pains sooo
My Dr had said to stick with walking for the first six weeks. I think each Dr has different recommendations for each patient. I would call the Dr office and ask. My Dr also said not to lift more than 5# for six weeks. I wondered if he had ever lifted his wife's purse.

New Garment

I brought a new compression garment and it hurts like hell it's a size M but I swear it's just to small maybe I'm just to big for it I mean it fits but it's really tight on my arms and I'm still wearing the board on the inside to keep from creasing... It's not the whole suit I should say I guess it's just my arms. I go to the dr on the 24 so I'll ask him should i get a bigger one. I'm not seeing much change in my body at this point so I know I need to step up my exercising but I did change my eating habits no more fried chicken or fast foods so hopefully that will help!!
Hi beautifulmee89 I was curious to see pics of your arms because i recently had mine done. The swelling will definitely go down and it literally takes 3-6 months for them to tighten up an smooth out. I'm still 10 days post-op and anxious for my final result. Do you have any lumps under your arms,pain,numbness or stinging? I hope all is well and you have a speedy recovery. I look forward to your pic updates. You abs are looking good. I am going to do mine Oct. Tell me how your experience was on your abs. Any helpful advice or precautions? Thanks Bella
Did u find a CG that fits and is comfortable?D
Maybe you can post a pic in the compression garment so the others can see how tight it is in the arms.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

great he took great care of me explain the procedure and healing process to me and my boyfriend reassured us that we had made the right decision and that i was in good hands...

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