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Helo, I am not new to this forum.I have been...

I am not new to this forum.I have been contemplating rhinoplasty stories and procedures for almost a year now. Here in the UK, it is really difficult to find a surgeon experienced in Black/African nose. So I am thinking about going to the USA to get this done. Don't tell me about the cost, I know already that I will be proper broke after that.
Few months ago, I posted a question on here about what could be done to my nose and I got few responses from different doctors. Dr S.Oleh proposed to do some imaging for me. I was excited although I don't like most of the nose he did, I just wanted to see what my nose could possibly look like. Ugh! My reaction when I opened that email loool. He just confirmed that I was not going to him for this nose. I was looking parallely at the channel Foundhair on YT with DR Jeffrey Epstein. I am not in love with the man but I am in love with his job and the way he speaks, explains things; his overall attitude. I emailed his office and I have been chatting with his assistant who put me in contact with him. He did also a computer imaging based on my request which is a smaller nose... the same nose, but smaller. It took me some time to get used to what I saw on the computer imaging he did; I can only imagine what would happen when all this goes live. I will see if I can upload the pictures here so you guys can tell me what you think. I didn't book for a date with him because I didn't want to rush. I still needed to discuss it with some members of my family and my partner.
6 months later after my dissertation and my master degree in my pocket, Here I am again searching. I am thinking about getting my nostrils done differently. In my mail to Dr J Epstein I mentionned that I only wanted a smaller nose with reduced width and nostrils which he did. But I feel like I want my nostrils not as opened as they currently are...It seems that I want a complete change. ooouurrrgh am scared. My partner is OK with whatever I want which is encouraging and I am yet to decide. I want to get the surgery done in 2014 between June and August. Am yet to decide.
Best wishes! Still looking myself...I have also consulted with both of the mentioned surgeons.

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! It sounds like you're really taking your time and doing your homework, which is great! You might want to check out this vlogger who made a series of videos about her "black girl nose job". It's pretty good.

Please keep us updated on your process!

Good luck..

Don't know what to do.

Hi Realselfer, its 5am here and I am awake since 4am; trust me my nose woke me up. Nothing wrong with it now but I can't stop thinking about what I want exactly. Like I tol you I had 3 simulations done. The first one, I did not say what I wantes to the doctor and he did what he Thought my nose could look like(I look mad on the picture; it was very cold and there was no heater, Dont mind the ugly face lol
The second one I highlighted my problems area to the doctor and he came up wth the picture. I requested for a smaller version of my current nose. I liked this one better even though the nose looks very small for my face but it is just a simulation and remember, I have not met with the doctor yet so I velieve, if we met face to face, he will know how much he should reduce it
On the third one I asked is it was possible to reduce the nostrils further so they are not as exposed as they are now (currently I can put my thumb in my nose with no DIFFICULTY). I also realised that done the 2nd way, my tip might be more emphasized; but from the pictures, I can't see a change in the tip :(.
My partner is ok with the second and third puctures; he does not like the 1st one. I asked 2 of my friends, one like the second one better, the other one like the 1st one saying that the 2nd and 3rd one are only smaller versions of my current nose and if I want to get a rhino I should go for a complete change. And I said to myself, MJ nose was messed up because they wanted to change it completely and I want to believe its better not to do not too much for the 1st procedure, but just the necessary for the first time and if not satisfy, go back. Imagine if too much cartilage is taken off the first time, what is left in case you want a revision later? hum
The reduction in the overall size of your nose in the simulation posted looks unrealistic in my opinion.
ow I uploaded 3 pitures but only one came up on the page. let me try again uploaded. As I said I had 3 simulation, the one you are seeing here is the first one
And I don't like that simulation either...and remember it is just a simulation. I uploaded the 2nd one but it's not coming up... strange

Second simulation

The second one I highlighted my problems area to the doctor and he came up wth the picture. I requested for a smaller version of my current nose. I liked this one better even though the nose looks very small for my face but it is just a simulation and remember, I have not met with the doctor yet so I believe, if we met face to face, he will know how much he should reduce it

2nd simulation

oh I don't know how this thing works! it's either you delete everything or you keep updating

3rd simulation

On the third one I asked is it was possible to reduce the nostrils further so they are not as exposed as they are now (currently I can put my thumb in my nose with no DIFFICULTY). I also realised that done the 2nd way, my tip might be more emphasized; but from the pictures, I can't see a change in the tip :(

This whole process is driving me a lil cray cray
hi, i'm in the exact same dillemma as you are; i too live in the uk, and although i am still in the early days of my saving ( because i'm 18 and just started university); i definately want to have gotten rhinoplasty by the time i come out of university (in two and a half years time). For me saiving up the money is a huge dillemma, even after calculating myself an estimate of what i thought i could potentially save by the end of my third year at university, it is still just below $7000. i would really appretiate any saving tips and also, i would love to know the different costs that the doctors are quoting. Thanks
The 3rd simulation in my opinion looks great! I'm struggling myself looking for a doctor as my front profile is my main concern. I have a wide nose as well and am looking for somethin within budget which makes it that much more difficult. Best of luck on your journey.
I love the second imaging!

thought about updating diff pictures

Some pics with make up n shadows on

more pictures

you might want to look at:Plastic-Surgeon Kofi-Boahene I have been looking at him for a fat transfer under my eyes after seeing his work on realself, but his ethnic rhinoplasty is amazing
Hey sameera I like his work on kose too. The biggest problem for me would b to travel out of th uk to get tjis done. Its always nice yo b in th city whrre ur surgeon is based as u can do the check up with him
I think you're gorgeous the way you are. You're on the right track though, by researching a lot being picky... I wish I was more like that. Honestly I just went for the cheapest surgeon I could find in my area without asking enough questions. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing your updates!

oh oh

Hello Realselfers, I received my graduation pictures yesterday and I was contemplating my nose and saying to myself "am gonna miss you" believe it or not. @the moment am 100% sure that I will get this procedure done even though I am taking my time deciding. For sure I want a smaller looking nose. If the 1/3 of my nose could be removed and refined I would be ok with it. I have a consultation on the 15th Dec with Dr Oelbrant; he works between Belgium and the UK. I read good reviews about him as well. I emailed him with pictures of lyself and he quggestee that we met to discuss about my goals. He also told me I will beed strut graft, alar base reduction and infrature. I Already knew that some bones will have to be broken... and its making me think about my recovery time. Preparing myself for that because from of the reviews, the recivery period iq basically a rollacoaster from ur nose looking funny to nice some days, going to the left or the right depending on the day/swelling and the work done. But I ask myself what could be worse dan my current nose? A piggy/MJ/lilkim/wendywilliam kinda nose
Aahh!! Congrats on deciding to see him! He's very lovely! I'm having a second consultation with him around that time too to make sure were all clear for the 3rd of January!
Did you 1st consultation last 20mins?
And one more question! Lol did he show you imaging of the work he has done before on african american black people?


holla! I saw Dr O. today. I was actually surprised when I first saw him because I thought he was the assistant to the surgeon lol. We got to te office, he took some pictures and he asked me "what do you want". It was a lil akward in the beginning but we got talking, he explained to me what he was going to do based on what I wanted. He also showed me some pictures of what he did before although he only showed me one picture of a black lady, I believe he knows what he was talking about. We had 50-60minutes consultation and I met his colleague with who he would do the surgery because my case is a "difficult" one (that's what he said)... On the other hand, he does not do computer imaging :s
Before Dr O., I had a skype consultation with Dr Michael Salzhauer. He is young and seems to have a lot of energy. He told me "I do similar cases every day"... 6mins conversation and that was it. Am tired I need to sleep. Will keep yu updated later. Sorry for the typos. *wink*
So you arw not going with Dr. Epstein?
I dont know yet. He is my 1st choice anyway I dont know if it's becuz I like him like pleasant to my eyes or sth else. And even if I am going for him, my surgery wont be before june 2014 since I have to plan my trip to the USA
The first pic with second result looks like a white persons nose I think you should look for a more natural ethnic look that fits your face

Thoughts and... more thoughts

Hey Realselfers, after my face to face talk with Dr. Oelbrant, I have been doing a lot of thinking. It is kinda real because there is a difference between online consultation or research and face to face discussion with a potential surgeon. On every forum where Black people seek ethnic rhinoplasty, you have the "seek for an experienced ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon". These surgeons did not come out from medical schools experienced; they needed to be in the real world, deal with real patients with ethnic features so they can try, perform and develop methods (conservative or not) in order to NOT give them the MJ/Operated look. With these being said, I think a great surgeon is a great surgeon; a surgeon that understands what his/her patient wants as long as it's realistic and doable and he/she can deliver it, it's great news. After my talk with Dr Oelbrant, I did and I am still doing a lot of thinking. I appreciate the fact that he took his time to explain to me what he was going to fo: infracture to reduce the width, alar base reduction and some tip work He also explained to me the effect of things; for example, if my nostrils are too reduced, my lips/mouth would appear bigger than it currently is. If he puts an implan on my tip to elevate it, my nostrils would be more this and that. In a way he convinced me. He only had one picture of a black lady to show me saying that a lot of blck pple are not getting surgery. I think it's here in the Europe where Black are sceptical; I also think those who get a procedure, go to other countries like Tunisia, Brazil and blablabla. He told me no computer imaging because it makes his work more difficult especially after the surgery. But I need to know what I may end up looking like right? Now I have 4 simulations, I like the first one by Dr epstein, If my future nose is closed to thatn I will be grateful. ha this is long text. I just felt that I need to write my thoughts somewhere.
I agree, you are a beautiful lady. Please continue to be careful which you have done so far by not rushing into surgery and doing your research. Good luck x
I think you are stunning already, but totally understand your feelings. Hope you find your doctor and you get what you want. It's so exciting, you won't be able to sleep before your surgery I was so excited!

Dr Michael S. simulation

Hello, I am uploading Dr Michael S. own simulation following our skype talk. I told him I wanted a smaller version of my nose and this is what he came up with. I can't take that much risks and pay that amount of money to have this nose. I guess he didnt take his time to do the simulation and used some "normal" software to do this, quoted me around $5000 and most importantly told me he does this king of surgery everyday and it's pretty easy for him. Well, I am not impressed and I keep looking for rhino.

Another skype consultation

I read a lot of reviews about Dr Kofi Boahene and many people recommended him to me. So I went on his website after reading about his work and seeing his before/after pictures work, I requested a consultation with him; obviously it was an online/skype consultation. I sent him some pictures, and he requested my skype ID and we set a day and time. I got online, he called and when I saw him, the smile on my face was WIDE! and my nose as well as you can imagine lol. He asked me what I like about my nose; I told him funny enough what I like is what I would like to change. My current nose gives me a character which I like but I think it's too big for my face. He asked me what I didnt like, and I just pulled of my best faces and he started laughing; I pointed out the nostrils, the width and the shape when I smile. So he explained to me his process, how he would reduce the width by braking the bones on the sides, work on the tip and bring the nostrils in from inside. We chatted about other stuff like how my friends and family are reacting to this; other stuff like job and school. He also told me he receives many patients from the UK and the different possibilities which are: 1st option: You go to the US, you arrange a consultation lets say on a tuesday, after you may decide to go with or without the procedure; if you want it, you pay on wednesday or thursday and have your surgery on the friday. 2nd option: You go to the US for a consultation, you go back to your place and arrange for a surgery if you want it, you pay the deposit, you choose a date, 3 weeks before surgery, you complete the payment while preparing for your trip and surgery.
I really liked him and I believe "we bonded" hahaha; I want to believe his friendly nature helps him a lot in connecting with people because I can't see one bad review from him online. I showed him pictures of a simulation posted before that I really like and he said, it's possible to do it. He quoted the procedure around $8000 which will go up next year unless I do my deposit before next year.
I have stopped my research now. I am tired. Will resume after the festives. MErry Christmas Realselfers and Happy New Year 2014.
Have u looked at dr ghvami in beverly hills? He does beautiful ethnic noses. If you look him up on youtube he takes you through the whole pre op/during surgery/ and post op with some of his patients.
Have you looked at his crazy prices?? looool I saw his before/after pictures but I dont know I dont feel him
Lol no i dont know his prices but since hes in beverly hills im sure its high. Good luck on ur search!

Reading reviews and looking at pictures

Hey Realselfers, I hope you are doing just great. For those who had their procedures in the beginning of thevyear I hope your recovery is going on well; and for those whose surgeries are in the next coming weeks I hope you are not anxious. Nothing much from my side. I got the chance to speak with Gemcateyes who had her surgery with Dr Oelbrant yesterday and obviouqly we talked about noses for 30mins lol. I am taking a break from searching a surgeon as I think I have found one already. So bored this sunday morning and I decided to do a collage of my nose pictures I took yesterday. I LOVE THIS NOSE but I would love it more reduced lol. Enjoy
You are lovely! I don't know if you've continued your research, or if you've settled on a surgeon. But, they won't have much work to do!!! :-) You are already pretty and the changes in your nose will just bring everything together, they way you want. I can't wait you follow your journey. When do you think you will be taking the "big leap"?
By the way, I used Dr. Boahene and I've posted my review in my profile.
End of this year for my surgery; I want to have it done before my wedding God's willing. All of them doctors said except for Dr Oleh and the other joker that the main work would be my tip reduction. Got to check your review

Still with the same nose

Hey guys,
I have not been around for a while ut I keep checking people's updates on here. I stopped reading for a while because I believe by reading lots of stories it's kind of push you to make the decision to go with the surgery. I also realised that I want to have this job for "fantasy". Yes I want a trimmed nose but... does my nose affects my confidence? Not really; I actually don't think so. But yet!!! when I take some pictures, I am like... why this nostril is taking all the space? haha. Don't mind my hair on this picture, I was trying my self made wig on the braids I have on... I like this nose... but YET! I want it slimmer.
I also posted a picture of my younger sister nose. I want to believe we have the same characteristics YET her NOSE and NOSTRILS are way smaller than what I got (wonder of nature am fuuuming lol)
I am going through some lil difficulties now (but not financial tho) once I sort them out, I will decide if am travelling to Belgium or not... Dr Oelbrant still on my mind.
On this nore, thanks to every one who sent me direct messages to find out how I was doing and ask me questions about surgeries and all that. We are FAMILYYY!!
good luck on your journey, get as many consults with Dr. who have worked on African American noses... I used Jason Hamilton, but I have also seen Dr. Kofi work and Dr. Ghvami (spelling unsure)... they all have experience with African americans.. I didn't use Dr. S cause I hate how he uses implants, and I can literally tell who are his patients... keep us all posted on what you decide!
I like to hear that you like and love your nose. I think you have plenty of reasons to be proud of your nose as it is, yes, including your wide nostrils. They give you a unique strong look with which you can distinguish yourself from the whites as well as from other blacks. I think black women mustn't want to look more like the whites by having their noses reduced. but be aware of the strengths of the 'black design'. So I'd say, wear your nose on its full width with self-confidence and show it with pride to other girls and women around you, black or white and possibly with slimmer noses, as your way to express your strength.
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