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6 weeks post op. Could not be happier!

My whole life I've always been a confident, happy...

My whole life I've always been a confident, happy person. I most likely wouldn't consider getting a nose job if it wasn't for getting bullied for it in Jr. High and high school which made me focus my attention on the appearance of my nose. I always brushed it off my shoulder but it did create somewhat of a paranoia. I have a habit of placing myself at a certain angle, or always taking pictures from one side to make my nose look better. I'm sick of hiding and tired of this insecurity and it was time to do something about it. Most of my family and friends thought I was crazy cause everyone thought I was so beautiful. But it was clearly effecting my self-esteem and if I can fix it then why not.

*In my photos I did blur out my eyes for my own protection. I hope you still get the gist of it!

February 25, 2013
I went in for my first consultation with another plastic surgeon. I had gone to consultations before with other plastic surgeons but I didn't get the feeling they were "the one" LOL. Immediately when I met him I felt at ease and after discussing everything I knew I trusted him to perform my surgery. My main goal is to remove the dorsal hump, refine the tip, make the front view straight and narrower, and make the nose shorter (done by lifting the tip). We took pictures so he could do the imaging which I would come back for at another appointment.

March 26, 2013
I had my 2nd appointment today to see the imaging and discuss payment options. When I first saw the imaging it was a huge difference! But not exactly what I wanted. I came into this with a specific vision of what I wanted, and wasn't afraid to voice it. The Dr. had no problem and we worked with the imaging some more doing some minor tweaks to eventually end up with my desired outcome. We discussed some more about the procedure as I had heaps of questions! He is such an amazing and caring doctor and I know I will be truly happy with his performance. After, I went and met with his financial adviser and then made another appointment for the Pre-Op.
-Side note: It is SO strange seeing a different nose on your face when you've had the same one your whole life. It's an odd feeling, but never the less a happy one :)

Scheduled my Pre-Op for April 8th, and the surgery April 26th. I will update accordingly :)

April 8th - Pre op Had my pre op appointment...

April 8th - Pre op
Had my pre op appointment today! I met up with my mom at the office since she wanted to come. She's a little freaked out by it but I am so excited! I just went over everything with my doctor and he gave me my prescriptions and all the directions to follow for before and after my surgery. I then paid the surgeon's fee so I guess that means I can't turn back now! I am really so excited though and these 2 and a half weeks can't go by fast enough!

- the biggest piece of advice I can offer as of...

- the biggest piece of advice I can offer as of right now is make sure you have a strong support system. My parents and boyfriend are kind of just whatever about it but I guess they haven't dealt with the struggle of it for years either.@ I'm thankful I have found this community to share experiences with.

*** I've gotten a lot of messages/comments with...

*** I've gotten a lot of messages/comments with negative feelings towards my surgery. If you are not going to comment with anything positive or encouraging then DO NOT COMMENT. If you put negative energy out there that's what you'll get back. I KNOW all the risks associated with this operation. If I didn't absolutely dread my nose I wouldn't do it. Please save your negative comments for yourself.

So my surgery is 11 days away. One of my friends...

So my surgery is 11 days away. One of my friends just had a nose job done by my same doctor and isn't very happy because it almost looks the same. It kind of scared me a little and am having second thoughts on my doctor. We have completely different noses and needed the opposite done but I'm just nervous now. Ahhhh

Met with my plastic surgeon this morning. I...

Met with my plastic surgeon this morning. I basically just went because I wanted to be sure we were on the EXACT same page and he knew exactly what I was thinking. Since he is lifting the tip of my nose I was concerned about having a little piggy nose, which he quickly assured me I wouldn't. We talked about everything I had concerns of which I'm glad I made the appointment and drove the 45 minutes because I would hate to be worried and have all these questions the day of my surgery. I know I will have a great outcome and am so anxious for these 9 days to go by!

Went around this past weekend with my boyfriend...

Went around this past weekend with my boyfriend and picked up a few things I'll need for Post-op. I still need to get my prescriptions filled and some other items. Both of my parents will be working the day of my surgery. My mom might come with but she says she doesn't know how she'll be able to handle how I'll look afterwards. My cute grandma is traveling up to come and take care of me for the day of and the 4-5 days following. Getting anxious/ nervous/ excited!

P.s. Every woman should watch this video I posted below.


Posted some better pictures so I'll have better...

Posted some better pictures so I'll have better comparisons. Too lazy to blur out my eyes... If someone who knows me sees my profile on here oh well.. I don't plan on keeping it a secret anyways lol 3 days away!!!

I'm supposed arrive for surgery before 11:30 a.m....

I'm supposed arrive for surgery before 11:30 a.m. I'm feeling all kinds of anxiety and butterflies (hope this is normal). I am so excited but I definitely feel like I'm going to vomit.

Day 1 after post op... I would have written an...

Day 1 after post op... I would have written an update sooner but I have had no energy! I went into surgery around 12 pm and was back in the recovery room around 4:30 pm. My mom and grandma waited for me the whole time. The post op nurse had a hard time getting me comfortable. I was in a lot of pain and then was getting extremely nauseas. It was very hard for me to keep my eyes open and I continued to stop breathing... so I was in the recovery room for longer than expected. I finally got home around 8 pm. My boyfriend brought me flowers and a jamba juice but it hurt too bad to try to suck the straw lol. I took two pain pills and slept for a few hours but I just couldn't get comfortable. My bruising showed up immediately after surgery. The swelling didn't show up until this morning 4/27/13. But I am SO SWOLLEN! My profile looks like one of those avatar characters. I hope this goes away soon. This probably doesn't even make sense but I will update again in the next couple days. Thank you for the support! It was nice reading the comments last night :) xxoo until later

Day 2 of my recovery. I actually slept a good 5...

Day 2 of my recovery. I actually slept a good 5 hours last night! I feel ok just still a little bit of pain and pressure. I'm a little concerned about the swelling between my eyes/eyebrows and hope that is normal. I still can't breathe through my nose AT ALL and hope that is normal too. I'm also kind of scared to clean my nose cause I'm not really sure what's up there. I've been cleaning it with saline spray and a q tip and then the stitches with hydrogen peroxide. I'm not feeling quite normal yet. It was a pretty extensive procedure for my body to handle. Hopefully I'll be feeling normal in the next couple days. Thank you for your comments! They really encourage me and I love reading them!

So I'm on day 5 post op! I didn't update every...

So I'm on day 5 post op! I didn't update every single day because there really wasn't much to update. Today I am feeling normal except for the pressure! I even went out and bought a cologne that my boyfriend wanted. (Going out in public looking like this is very interesting.) Tomorrow I get the cast off and splints taken out. I'm super nervous for him to take my stitches out because I got some of them out on Monday and it hurt so bad! My left nostril is still really really tender where the stitches are, so we'll see how it goes! The swelling and bruising is going away but it's obviously still visible. I still haven't got used to sleeping, I think that's the worst part of this whole thing. I wake up and my mouth is so dry and cracked it's almost bleeding. Any tips on how to deal with this? I'll update tomorrow when my cast is off. I'm very excited and nervous. I almost don't want it to come off because it's kind of like a little safety blanket. But my profile already looks so much better! Love you all

I just got my cast off! So much to tell... My...

I just got my cast off! So much to tell... My profile could not look better! It's still swollen but I know it's going to be amazing once the swelling goes down! Everything looks good except for there is a bone on the right side that wants to poke out. I guess this happens when you have to break the nose. So I have to go in on Tuesday and go under anesthesia again for 15 minutes to put it back in place. You can't see the bone but you can feel it just a little. Overall though I am happy with the results :)

Oh he also couldn't take the rest of the stitches...

Oh he also couldn't take the rest of the stitches out because its still a little swollen around that area and therefore very sensitive! He gave me a prescription to take antibiotics for 5 more days to help the swelling.

My nose has swollen quite a bit since getting the...

My nose has swollen quite a bit since getting the cast off /: I literally look like an lion avatar haha kind of freaking out!!

Today is day 4 since I've gotten my cast off. I...

Today is day 4 since I've gotten my cast off. I notice a little swelling going down each day which makes me happy :) I don't have my smile back all the way which tells me my upper lip is still swollen which means it will drop a little bit more. Since it is looking slightly piggish but nothing I would be heartbroken over. Yesterday I went to my boyfriend's families house for Cinco de Mayo and got SOOO many compliments on it. Today was my first day back to work and my co workers told me I look great. Hopefully they are not lying haha. I'm not very excited to go back tomorrow to have the stubborn bone moved back but you have to do what you have to do. I'm able to breathe through my nose better than I ever have! So that right there makes the whole thing worth it. I think my doctor did a great job, I'm just going to get very impatient with the stupid swelling :p

4 Weeks post op

Today is 4 weeks post op and I could not be happier. Not much to really update. There is till quite a bit of swelling in the tip but I'm so happy I went through with it. My birthday was Wednesday and my boyfriend and I went out to dinner. For the first time I wasn't worried about people staring at my nose! Such an amazing feeling! I was at Nordstrom at the MAC counter last night having my makeup done and shopping and the sales associate was telling me what a great nose I had. Once I told her I just had it operated on she couldn't believe it! (bonus.) I probably won't be updating much unless something really changes. But thank you again to my realselfers support and the sweet comments :) xoxo

6 weeks post op. So happy :)

Well tomorrow will be 6 weeks since I had my surgery. Can't believe it's been that long! I can say I'm the happiest and most confident I've ever been in my life! I started working out again this past week or so. It's been hard getting into my old routine of going to work out at 4:30 am but I'm getting there! I don't notice much swelling after I work out. However, this morning I did a yoga class and noticed more swelling than usual. So I might stay away from that for awhile longer. My last appointment was on May 26th. My doctor injected a little bit of steroids into the left side of my nose because it's still slightly swollen. And I have some tiny pimples on my nose from I am guessing the cast being on the first week and then on another week after I went back in. But all is well :) I don't see him again until July 1st the day before I go to Hawaii! Can't wait to take tons and tons of pictures and not worry about how my nose looks :) Sounds ridiculous but I'm sure most of you who have gone through this know what I'm sayin! I probably will not be updating very much after this or even at all. I just don't have much to update and kind of have gotten over my obsession with this site. If anyone of you want to keep in contact I can give you my personal email :)


P.S. this heat and humidity do nothing for me! I'm almost tempted to stay in all day in the coolness and be a hermit :) Love you all Realselfers!!!!!
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what is the name of ur surgeon?
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Your nose it gorgeous, congrats! Can I ask which doctor you went to? I am also looking into two docs in Miami, I would love to know if it was one of them. Thanks!
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gorgeous result :)
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How much did the doctor remove ? is mm ? was it about 4mm? For some reason why I read what you wrote there is so much heart / trust behind it that I think it makes any one considering the operation feel better .Almost like your story fits so well .
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Your new nose really is beautiful and suits the rest of your features perfectly! I say this all the time but it makes us all look younger having a smaller, softer nose!!! You look beautiful! Xx
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Your nose looks amazing! Your doctor did an amazing job! I live in Miami, FL and really want to get this procedure. What's the name of your surgeon??
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You have one of the prettiest profiles I've ever seen. It's continuing to look great!
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Your nose looks great! So the heat and humidity make you swell too?? I'm about 5 MONTHS post off, I had it done in January so the colder weather had it looking tiny and awesome! Now that summer is here, I swear it swells up to nearly the size it was BEFORE my surgery! I know it will go down but it can def be frustrating! Did anyone else feel that way with the heat?
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Your results give me the confidence and strength to get it done. You look amazing!
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wow your nose looks amazing...can you post a front on picture so i can see what it looks like?
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Wow your nose looks so good! Im happy to see your results!
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You are really beautiful, before and after! So happy you are happy! I have been thinking about having this surgery forever! I am in Miami now, would you please please share the name of your surgeon?!!! I would love a consult with him! :) thank you!
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what is the name of ur surgeon?
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Sorry how much did he take off ? like mm wise
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I had to post again. You look so sexy its crazy. The whole finger trick where you put the finger over the nose and try to hide the big part to get a feel for how the nose would look really does not work cause its hard to think ur nose could look that way .He designed that thing to perfection you really do look like true nose job perfection .
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All I can say is you are beautiful .Don't worry about the people that cut you up because trust me I'm really picky and also inspect everything when I look a noses online and I must say you are beautiful and your nose is sexy. It looks real and you were always pretty but it made you even better so I'm not sure what there is to pick on because you look great .I think girls have more balls then guys .Did you have open surgery ?
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Gorgeous and perfect!! Have you noticed more definition and deswelling of the tip the past few weeks? That's what I'm Hoping for !! Thanks :)
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Yes!! The swelling in my tip has definitely reduced. Not completely gone away, but reduced yes :)
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Great update, glad to see everything is going so well. Keep us updated with pics!
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Aww that's so great to hear! I think my biggest relief will be to finally be able to not worry people are looking at my nose in public! Your nose looks really great. Can't wait to see any further progress!
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You look amazing! i just stumbled onto your post and your nose is basically what I want mine to look like. Silly question since you said it above, but did your doctor do a full rhinoplasty or just a tip refinement? Thanks!
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He did a full blown rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and he refined my tip. Obviously in my after pictures my tip is really swollen but yes he did make it more defined :) good luck to you! Feel free to ask me any questions you have!!
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You truly look so gorgeous! Honestly you were very beautiful before and could have made it in life just fine with that face... but your before and afters show how rhinoplasty should really be done. You truly have a nice and natural improvement!
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Thank you! You are so so kind. I wish you the best of everything on your journey love!
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You are freaking stunning. Just a little tweak to your nose really pulled in all your other features. Admirable tip work done by your surgeon. Can't wait to be in your shoes!!
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