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My nose had a hump and a wide bulbous tip, those...

My nose had a hump and a wide bulbous tip, those were my main reasons for wanting a nose job. Now after the surgery I have difficulty breathing from one nostril due to my septum being "pushed over" as my ENT put it, part of my nose looks crooked or broken from the front, I still have a hump on one side of my nose, my tip is so upturned that it exposes my nostrils which are now two completely different shapes and sizes, and my bridge is so narrow between my eyes that the shape of my nose has changed from an hourglass to a pinched triangle!

I DEFINITELY need a revision surgery to fix all this, and it's going to cost me so much money because there's literally half a dozen things to fix now, and I just spent all my savings on this awful surgery that ruined my nose. I'm so hurt right now... I don't even know how I'm going to live with this. Especially with the holiday season.... I can't stand to be in family photos or take pictures with my friends anymore. All I want to do is hide my face now!

I thought I had picked the right surgeon when I saw all these positive reviews on here for Dr. Salzhauer and so many patient pictures on his "Nose Guru of Miami" website. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that a surgeon with 12 years of experience and hundreds of nose jobs under his belt would ever send me out of his office with a nose like THIS! It just blows my mind! Pictures don't lie, and to me looking at my pictures is like watching a horror film... where im slowly watching in agony as my nose turns bad. This is the most heartbreaking and difficult thing I've ever had to deal with mentally and emotionally.

The surgery itself wasn't all that bad... except for the anesthesiologist who couldn't find my vein and ended up stabbing me not Once, not Twice, not Three Times, but FOUR TIMES with the threading needle trying to find a vein! She gave me a shot of local to numb each injection site too, so really I was jabbed 8 times by needles, which was so awful because I HATE NEEDLES! But I came out of the surgery feeling fine, and my healing wasn't very painful at all. His staff was very responsive and made the process easy for me. The only complaint I have is while they were taking the payment over the phone, the lady tried to "upsell" me a chin implant with my rhino... which offended me because I never mentioned wanting any more work done... and I definitely don't think my face looks like it needs any work done either.

All I can say now is coulda, shoulda, woulda... I've made the biggest mistake of my life in going to him for my rhinoplasty, and now I have to find a way to fix it. And I pray that others reading this don't end up making the same mistake as me. I wish that plastic surgeons gave out refunds but there's no way that would happen. Dr. Salzhauer was nice enough to offer to have me come back in to fix the hump... but after this whole experience there's no way I could ever trust him to do anything to my nose again. I can't speak for his other procedures, but I definitely would NOT recommend him to anyone for a rhinoplasty. I think he's a nice guy, and his staff is easy to work with, but my nose... my pictures... they say everything.

The crooked bump photo shows two post-op shots of...

The crooked bump photo shows two post-op shots of my nose. I will post a pre-op shot of the front of my nose.

Reading these comments about how my nose doesn't...

Reading these comments about how my nose doesn't look bad has made me feel a lot better. I'm still unhappy with the results, but I will give it more time to see if anything changes- and if it does I will update this again and change my review for the doctor.

So I found my revision surgeon and he told me...

So I found my revision surgeon and he told me that, in addition to all my other previously stated problems, I also have an inverted-v deformity as a result of the botched nose job. He thinks my surgeon did a poor job of filing down my hump because he completely missed the top part of the hump and filed down the middle third of my nose which is why it looks uneven in so many areas. He also said the that it wasn't just my nostrils are uneven, but the two sides of my nose look completely different and one side of my alar is higher than the other. He just hopes that the inside of my nose isn't as big of a mess as the outside, and that my the cartilage in my septum is untouched because he will need that to fix the deformities.

I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful revision surgeon, but I am even more upset now to find out that I have SO MANY PROBLEMS as a RESULT of my first surgery. Seriously, my nose and my bank account would have been a million times better off had I never gone to see Dr. Salzhauer. My revision surgeon is going to cost twice as much as my original surgery, and he estimates it will take at least 3 hours!!!

So the lessons I've learned from this experience are:

1) Always find a facial plastic surgeon for facial surgeries because they specialize in the face and know what they're doing

2) Don't try and save money by doing to the cheaper surgeon because you will most likely get what you pay for

3) Any surgeon who has a website that makes you sign up for their mailing list in order to see before/after photos of his patients obviously cares more about sales and advertising than actual results

4) I do not recommend my surgeon for any nose jobs. And according to yelp and citysearch, neither do some of his other rhinoplasty patients. I cannot speak for any non-facial surgeries.

I finally had my revision surgery... The...

I finally had my revision surgery...
The operation took 5 HOURS!
Because Salzhauer had messed up my nose so badly they needed 5 hours worth of surgery to try and fix everything. When my revision surgeon told me what nose looked like when he opened me up I was so infuriated that I cried.

What my revision surgeon found:

1) My septum was completely screwed up and "zig zagged" in the back. That was his actual description of what my septum looked like, and it took him a long time to straighten it back out. He said he was surprised I could even breathe properly. I CANT BELIEVE A SURGEON WOULD EVER LEAVE A PATIENT WITH A ZIG ZAGGED SEPTUM. If medical malpractice suits weren't always grossly skewed in favor of the medical provider, I would sue Salzhauer for ruining my septum like this.

2) Open roof deformity on my bridge (which I had discussed with Salzhauer before my rhinoplasty and specifically told him that I did not want to have an open roof deformity after they filed down my bump. But of course he still left me with one).

3) Poorly done high osteotomy which is what left me with the ridiculously narrow bridge between my eyes (which the surgeon was unable to fix due to time constraints and the other issues he was trying to fix at the time)

4) The middle third of my nose was sunken in and I had an inverted v-deformity because Salzhauer took out too much of my cartilage there and left an open roof up top.

5) The tip of my nose was a massive ball of scar tissue. Apparently Salzhauer tried to perform a Goldman's Tip procedure to narrow my nose, but didn't know that the procedure is an out-dated and horrible method that most surgeons will not use anymore because it causes the sides of the nose to eventually collapse and it requires cutting the sides of the cartilage and damaging it.

6) Spreader grafts were used all along my bridge to try and strengthen it and rebuild a smooth shape. The tip also has grafts to reinforce it because of all the scar tissue and damage that Salzhauer left in the tip.

7) To try and reverse the scar tissue my surgeon also has a plan to inject steroids in my tip over the course of months to smooth things out.

So 5 full hours later, I can tell you that my best advice to anyone looking to get any type of cosmetic surgery is to AVOID SALZHAUER! Just don't do it, and I promise you will save yourself a world of regret and thousands of dollars.

Also, my revision surgeon was a million times more caring and his staff was more professional. The anesthesiologist threaded the IV so fast and painlessly... unlike the lady Salzhauer had who stabbed me 4 times with a needle to try and find a vein. Also my revision surgeon came to visit me the day after surgery and bought me q-tips and ointment and other post-surgical supplies... and all I got from Salzhauer was a mass forwarded post-op email. Seriously, just avoid this guy at all costs if you value your face. Biggest regret of my life was going to him.

I finally like my nose now!

Thank the lord for my revision surgeon who managed to fix my nose. I can finally see the long term results from my revision, and I actually like my nose now-- for the first time in my life!

So grateful my story has a happy ending. I really hope other people on here will be able to find the same... and I also hope anyone has considered Dr. Salzhauer does NOT go through with it. If you want to throw thousands of dollars down the drain, permanently disfigure your face, and leave your revision surgeon with a crapload of mess to clean up... then choose him.

Posting pics of my fixed nose! Straight bridge... Tip is no longer crooked... HAPPY!
Message me if you want info about my revision surgeon!

Best of luck to everyone-

Wow! Lots of people have had bad nose jobs from him!

Since I posted my story, I've had so many other victims of Salzhauer (I refuse to call him by the title of Dr. anymore because he doesn't deserve it) reach out to me. I can't believe the number of people who have messaged me and said they also had bad nose jobs from him! I am really glad that I can help others with my story... I guess that's the one silver lining to my whole traumatic experience. I honestly think we need to do a class act against this guy or something because I've had at least 10 people tell me that he also ruined their noses. And apparently he tells everyone during their consultations that their noses will be "easy to fix." Don't believe him! I made the mistake of thinking that because he thought my nose was "easy" it meant he would do less to it and therefore I'd have an easier recover and there would be less chances of something going wrong. EPIC FAIL. So much went wrong with my rhinoplasty! Even now, 2 years later, even after a successful revision, I can still feel the scarred lumps in the tip of my nose and the rough sides of my septum. There are no such things as easy rhinoplasties. Every surgery requires a lot of skill and time. So please, do your research well before you decide on a surgeon. Even if you already put down a deposit, $1000 is a lot less money to lose than the $10,000 it costs for revision.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

DONT LET HIM NEAR YOUR FACE. If you value yourself and your money, read my rhinoplasty story and review: My revision surgery took 5 hours because my surgeon found a "zig zagged" septum, an inverted v deformity, open roof deformity, poorly done high osteotomies that left me with a pinched nose, a more noticeable hump due to the open roof and over reduction of the middle third, my tip was bulkier and bigger than it was before due to the massive amounts of scar tissue that had formed as a result of his poor work on my tip, and my nostrils were two different shapes and sizes too. I can't believe this guy calls himself a doctor. Save yourself! Don't let him ruin your nose like mine!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Thanks for sharing and sorry you had to go thru that. Glad you were able to get it fix. Take care :)
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Your nose looks perfect now, absolutely perfect!! Thats what I wanted but I know its unrealistic and I am coming to terms with what I have. However, which Dr. Chen is it who did your revision? :) I would like to speak to him! All the best, Mia
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Dr. Achih Chen in Evans, GA. I'm sure there's always something a doctor can do to improve a nose :)
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Hello my nose is ugly now, can you give us the number to Dr. Chen? So glad that you r happy now.. I still can't find any happiness with my eyes.. I am missed up for life.. Thanks so much for sharing your story..
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706-210-2625. Keep your chin up! I'm sure you'll find a revision DR. who can fix whatever it is you need
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Very nice revision. Dr. Chen did excellent job for you. I am sorry you had to go through such horrible experience. I had a bad primary myself so I know what its like. Thank you for sharing your experience and allowing others to see what this doctor is all about. Happy for you, now you can move on with your life.
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Your revision looks great.
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Thank you!
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Your nose look perfect now' Really pretty
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I'm very sorry about your experience. But I gotta tell ya, before your story I was already turned off by this doctors website and how u have to sign up, in order to see his pictures. I also was shocked to see his before and after photos on under websites. They did not impress me. So I don't know where everyone in Flordia gets the idea, he is a nose god and specialist. I can tell you, there is Dr.Epstein in Flordia and Dr.Hochstein, who are superb with Rhinoplasty and have ZERO negative feedback. I will however disagree with your suggestion how to find the right doctor. Its important to find a doctor that is board certified by American Plastic Surgery. In order to know if someones good with rhinoplasty is look at their work and before and after pics....all the certification here and there, doesn't mean, the doctor is good. It just means he had extra training. Rhinoplasty is an art, u have to be an artist to create a nice nose and reshape it. Seriously, your doctors nose jobs never looked good to me....and your nose job by him, was a complete mess. How can he mess up so much, that your new doctor was even shocked. I mean ur nose looked like, he never even worked on it. I'm glad u found someone who was able to fix it.
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Thanks. I agree. I think surgeons should be required to take an aesthetic art course along with their training. I actually wasn't too impressed with his before/afters either but he had a lot of positive feedback on here and his price was reasonable. It's easy for people to make mistakes.
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Omg he told me mine was easy case too! Who did the revision? And what state is he in?
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Dr. Chen did my revision. He's in Augusta, GA. Hope you find someone who knows what he's doing for your rhino!
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Wow thankyou sooo much I was considering a tummy tuck for some reason I kept going back n forth on my decision I was going to put a dwn payment change of heart again thanku
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I'm really glad I could help someone else out!
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I have nt seen Michael Salzhauer, MD in person bt during puts skype consultation he said "your nose is a very easy case, I do this everyday". It made me raise my eyebrow and the simulation he did seemed so unprofessional!
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He said the exact same thing to me! And his staff was really defensive too and told me "he does hundreds of nose jobs a year," aka he ruins hundreds of people's faces and shamelessly takes their money! Please PLEASE don't make the same mistake as me.
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You look amazing! I am so sorry you had to endure all of that!
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thank you!
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eeek. happy ur happy now!
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Yeah. If only I could have side-stepped dr s, I would have saved myself all this trouble and $$
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Hello, Your nose look 100% better. Who did your revision surgery?
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Dr Chen in Augusta
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