My Breast Reduction and Lift Procedure - Miami, FL

Hello everyone I had my procedure done on Friday...

Hello everyone

I had my procedure done on Friday and I am in pain. My doctor had me stay in the hospital for a day I got home on yesterday. I am so happy that I read a lot of your reviews it helped me out a lot. I am very uncomfortable at home the bed at the hospital was great but I'm trying to make due. I have a question if anyone can answer. How did you shower? My boyfriend took me one yesterday but I was bleeding. How often should I take a shower?

I have a lot of swelling. I was a 32G hopefully when the swelling goes down I be a small C.

I will keep everyone posted on my progress.
I showered after day 2 and I just let the water run down me and I didn't use any soap on my breast, for more than a couple of weeks. I had those darn markings for a while but that was okay.
Usually you dont shower til 3 or4 th day post op but i did it with my back to the water but no bleeding just made me nauseated
I showered carefully with my back to the water. I had a hard time keeping my boobs dry, so I would use the blowdryer afterward. I am 4 weeks post op, and I still use the blowdryer.
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