Duran Booked for January 2014!

Hey Everyone! My name is Alice and I'm just...

Hey Everyone!

My name is Alice and I'm just starting my journey on here.

I've had much thought and research go into my procedure of choice, and right now I am aiming to have my surgery done in Miami.

I am from out of the country and unfortunately there are no good surgeons out here.

I have not finalized my decision of which doctor to perform my procedure, but so far I have sent emails to Salama, Perry, and Salzhaeur. (Does anyone know appx how long it take to get a quote after you've sent photos to a doctor ? )

I'm open to any other suggestions of doctors, so if any of you BBL Sistahs have any insight, please let me know.

About me: 23yrs old, 5'8, 156lbs.... Slim build, but I just have birth less than a year ago so I have excess weight in my tummy and my back now.
Hi and welcome! This website is angreat resource that offers amazing support. Best!
Welcome! You have a great selection of BBL docs lined up! Instead of waiting for a quote, I would call each one and speak directly to a patient coordinator to get info on price and sx calenders. I know that Salama has a wait list, (not sure of how long?) but CASH money speaks volumes and gets you a sooner date. Wishing you the best on your journey!
Salama has a very long waitng list his next avalible appiontment is not until July 2014 so I chose Dr. Tachmes who is also located in the Miami area I just want to see some post op pic of his sx not that many, but I hear he is good..


So, I've emailed a few doctors to discuss the procedure/get an estimate, and only two offices have got back to me.

Dr. Perry was top on my list, but I even sent him a follow up email and he still never got back to me.I vied that's a goodbye Mr.Perry.

I sent out an email to Dr. Duran last night, right now she's my first choice....hopefully I get a response.
Some of the doctors I emailed took 2-3 weeks to get back to me. Good luck with your BBL search!


So Ladies/Gents,
I've locked in my date with the infamous Dr.Duran for January 9, 2014!

Quite a bit of repeat phone calls to get through with Elizabeth (Durans receptionist) but that's explainable because she's extremely busy.

She was very friendly and told me there was a cancellation for January so I jumped on it.

I sent my deposit, I'm not sure if Duran received it yet, but it's sent.

Now.....my question for some of my alumni ladies is: do I need to stay at the recovery house my whole stay? If not, how many days should I stay at the recovery house before I transfer to a hotel?

Also, if there are any ladies having surgery the same time as me and want to buddy up, will be there January8-17. Just shoot me a private message.

My BFF 'novabooty' on her way to Pantoja !

I forgot to mention, my BFF is on realself as well. She is Novabooty on here. She left today for her journey to Tijuana, Mexico. Can't wait til she gets back!!!!
do u have their number

Recovery House Booked: Camellia RH

So, I just booked my stay at Camellia Recovery House in DR.

Nikki sent me details and I just sent my deposit of $150. If you bring a friend with you for your sure grey, it's only an additional $20/day. If they want meals included, it's $40/day.

Other recovery houses were quoting me the same price to accommodate my friend even though they wouldn't be needing any care from the staff/nurses. (80/day for me, & 80/day for my friend)


My BFF just had her tummy tuck and bbl with dr. Pantoja on Mexico. I'm waiting to hear from her. Omgggggggg sooooo excited!




I forgot to mention. When I was initially doing my research, I was going to e bringing my INFANT with me along with my BFF (Novabooty) for y surgery. I sent an email to Healin Haven RH an asked if they allow children.... The persons response was that they do allow children if they do not disturb guests. The person then said for me to submit all info and they woul arrange a quote.....

So, I sent the request saying myself, a friend, and my ten month old daughter would be coming.....

I was told it would be $80/day for EACH PERSON..... As in my daughter was playing the same rate..... I'm hello??? She wouldn't be eating their meals, wouldn't be usin their internet, cable or phone, wouldn't be needing any massages....

Sorry Healing Haven, that's just plain ridiculous.


Sorry for the spelling errors. In horrible at typing on my phone.

Duran Please Get back to me!

I originally got my quote for a BBlL and tummy tuck, but I changed my mind to only have the BBL now. I emailed Duran about a week ago and still no response. My surgery is right around the corner. Ughhh!
Did you end up getting the surgery?
Hey, I'm scheduled with Duran for January 9th. Two more days.
did she email you back yet ? I'm waiting too as I wanted to make some changes with my plans.. Im booked for the 30th

Going into Surgery Soon!!!!

Hey guys,

I'm here at CIPLA. Been here since 730....now is 1030am. Duran only had one other surgery today. I should be going Into surgery in the next couple hours. Just waiting now for her to finish up the other patient.
Good luck. Im on the 16. God bless. Cant wait to see post op
Good luck.. praying for a speedy recovery
Good Luck!!!

I made it !!!

So I had my surgery yesterday with Duran. I'm staying at Camellias recovery house now. The nurse here Maritzia is amazing. She's so sweet and kind. I'm in pain when I change positions but to stay in one spot I feel fine. Since I left the hospital I haven't used any pain meds. I go back to see Duran on Monday to take my drains out.

Has anyone had swollen eyelids after bbl and lipo???
Happy healing!
Hope you have a speedy recovery babe!
Happy healing!

Dent in Stomach after Lipo

The right side of my tummy has sunk in a lot more than the rest of my stomach. Anyone experience this?
HI DOLL, you look awesome. Do you have any b4 pics? I read a story on here where a girl has a dent on her hip i believe. If you tell Duran she will fix it for you. Happy healing!
Hey, my before pics are up. Well they should be cuz I can see them. Let me kno...
So other than that How are you feeling? Take it slowly but don't forget move around that will help with the circulation.. BTW you look good.. Happy healing hunn.Give your body a chance. And Happy healing.: )

Day 1 post op pics

Have a speedy recovery u look great
Happy Healing!
you look lovely! congrads

Recovery House

Let's just say next time I'll invest over $1100 Canadian in a hotel... I like my television and internet and ac at all times.
Hey hunn How are you?
Hey I'm getting better. Still extremely swollen all over , and iron is low but I'm getting there. Xox
OK Thanks for the heads up.. I need ac.. How are you feeling?

Extremely Swollen Stomach

So it's been 13 days since my bbl with lipo procedure. I'm still working on getting my iron back to normal, as it dropped to 7.4 after surgery.

My question now is why am I soooo swollen in my stomach after lipo? I look pregnant....I haven't seen any pics of other ladies with this problem.....I'm also still in a lot of discomfort.....

Any feedback ???? Thanks
Have you been wearing your garments? Is it pain or discomfort?
It's pain and discomfort. Like jolts that send shooting pains throughout the lipoed areas. I'm going to my doc tomorrow to figure out what's up
Congrats and hope yu get better,, happy recovery!!

3Weeks today! Still Swollen like a Mofo c

Holyyyyy will this swelling ever go down? I look like I'm suffering from malnutrition .
You need lymphatic massages that's what I'm doing my swelling has gone down extremely.
What did ur doctor say? Are u wearing compression garments that are tight enough? Is it a seroma? Have u been aspirated?

Belly is Retracting

Ok so it's been 5weeks since surgery...anybody know why my belly seems to be retracting ? It was like this right after surgery n never went away. I know stretch marks make ur belly wrinkly looking after lipo but I've never seen this retracting type deal
Hope you feeling better. Keep us updated!

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