10mm of IPR to eliminate 10mm of over bite / arch expansion

Orthodontist says I need braces on front six...

Orthodontist says I need braces on front six before Invisalign. My top lateral incisor is blocking my bottom jaw from resting a bit more forward, so I'm thinking my overbite is not going to be too bad when it's all said and done (I hope). I would like to expand both arches and straighten my teeth without any extractions. I know I'm in for a long journey, but when it's all said and done I hope I can smile with confidence. For once in my life.

Not sure what to think

Was just sent these the other day. Pretty extensive IPR.

What do you guys think? Have you ever seen so much IPR needed in order to avoid surgery? This is supposedly going to expand my arch, and keep me from having to do any extractions.

Once again confused.

New Dr. - Updated procedure

I have decided to get my procedure done in Bangkok, reason being is that I will be spending a majority of time there instead of the States this upcoming year. As you can see in the ClinCheck photos, there is a lot of IPR happening throughout the procedure. It seems that IPR is the only way to make some room without having to go through extractions or surgery. I know its pretty invasive, but I'm willing to go through with it if that's the only way. The Dr. has already sent me the videos, and the movements look really intense. I'm still staring at the VDO's again before giving the final approval for fabrication.

ClinCheck VDO's

So here are the videos I recently received. All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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