10mm of IPR to eliminate 10mm of over bite / arch expansion

Orthodontist says I need braces on front six...

Orthodontist says I need braces on front six before Invisalign. My top lateral incisor is blocking my bottom jaw from resting a bit more forward, so I'm thinking my overbite is not going to be too bad when it's all said and done (I hope). I would like to expand both arches and straighten my teeth without any extractions. I know I'm in for a long journey, but when it's all said and done I hope I can smile with confidence. For once in my life.
Hello and welcome to our community!  I read your exchange with adam1995 as well, and I understand and sympathize with your concern.  My husband went with Damon to avoid surgery and he is very pleased with his results.  The results are less dramatic than with surgery (he still has rather v-shaped arches) but it's also less risk and pain.  I think that if you're willing to go with the flow--switch treatment modalities from one to another if things aren't working, then you have nothing to fear.  Damon and Invisalign are about the same price.  If you trust your orthodontist to be doing what's best for you, then you will trust that they will offer a different treatment modality if what they're doing isn't working.  Have you discussed whether alterations to the treatment plan are included in your overall price?  If, for example, after the six months of Damon, your provider feels that continuing in Damon would be preferable, do they know that you'd be completely amenable to that, and that you're willing to do whatever in order to get your teeth into shape?  A lot of people are not, and are most concerned that they only stay in Invisalign.

I think you should choose the provider you trust, then trust them, and communicate with them well.  As long as you know and are fine with that the treatment will be long and might not end up consisting of the parts you're originally told, I can't see how you'd go wrong :D.
Congratulations, and welcome aboard !!! Very exciting.
Honestly yes and no, I'm still not sure if I have chosen the right path Invisalign or Damon. My main concern was not having to get any extractions, or surgery to bring my bottom jaw out. I was really considering Damon before, but somehow all the Orthodontists I have seen all recommended Invisalign. I don't know if it just a money thing, or if this is really what they feel is best for me. As mentioned I'm wanting to expand my upper arch, which I've read Damon braces can do better than Invisalign. It seems that every orthodontist I have seen has a different plan. This really has gotten feeling a bit down and hesitant to proceed with treatment. I only have about a week left before I decide to go with the recommendation of the six month Damon on the front six, and then move on to the Invisalign. One thing that kinda makes me believe in the Orthodontist I'm working with now, is that she said the Damon braces will be given to me for free. She insist on moving my top lateral incisor first, she said that the Damons will be able to do this in 6 months, and it will be better this way in the long run. I just not sure how to feel right now, I am excited but extremely worried of choosing the wrong treatment plan. Invisalign for me is not about them being aesthetically more pleasing, I really don't care about this. All I'm wanting is the best treatment plan for a case such as mine. Maybe I should change my profile name to Lost&Confused.

Not sure what to think

Was just sent these the other day. Pretty extensive IPR.

What do you guys think? Have you ever seen so much IPR needed in order to avoid surgery? This is supposedly going to expand my arch, and keep me from having to do any extractions.

Once again confused.
I would recommend asking this question of the doctors in the Q&A Forum.  You can use this link to ask the question, and make sure to include the before pictures of your teeth and the ClinCheck pictures you just showed us.  It will be useful for you to hear from others who may have gone through this, but it would be even more useful to hear from other doctors. :)

New Dr. - Updated procedure

I have decided to get my procedure done in Bangkok, reason being is that I will be spending a majority of time there instead of the States this upcoming year. As you can see in the ClinCheck photos, there is a lot of IPR happening throughout the procedure. It seems that IPR is the only way to make some room without having to go through extractions or surgery. I know its pretty invasive, but I'm willing to go through with it if that's the only way. The Dr. has already sent me the videos, and the movements look really intense. I'm still staring at the VDO's again before giving the final approval for fabrication.

ClinCheck VDO's

So here are the videos I recently received. All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for uploading the vids!  I've consolidated them now for you :).  They certainly are extremely impressive--that would be a gorgeous result!  Have you asked your question in the Doctors' forum yet?
Yes I have asked but one of the Dr. has stated that it would be impossible to get this much overjet reduction. He didn't how much though would be possible either. On doing some research I have read several clinicians have provided their recommendations for slenderization. Boese23 recommends slenderizing half the enamel layer thickness. Berrer31 claims that lower incisors can be stripped by 0.4 mm, which corresponds to a 0.5 mm slenderizing per proximal surface of the lower incisors. Paskow32 allows slenderizing of between 0.25 mm and 0.37 mm. Hudson27 suggests 0.20 mm for central incisors, 0.25 mm for the lateral ones, and 0.30 mm for the lower cuspids, which gives a total of 3 mm for the whole anterior group. Tuverson33 states 0.3 mm per proximal surface of the lower incisors and 0.4 mm in cuspids, which gives, in total, the elimination of 4 mm in the anterior group. Alexander18 permits only 0.25 mm for all the teeth, and Sheridan34 defends a 0.8 mm slenderizing per each surface of posterior teeth and 0.25 mm in the anterior teeth, gaining in total some 8.9 mm. The concept of removing half the enamel layer would seem to be clinically acceptable. According to FilliĆ³n35, it is possible to obtain 10.2 mm of space in the maxilla and 8.6 mm in the mandible if slenderizing is carried out from the mesial surface of the first right molar to the same surface of the left molar. If slenderizing includes the second molar, an additional 0.5 mm in distal surface of the first molar and 0.5 mm in mesial surface of the second molar can be obtained. Reference I can be provide if needed. So this brings me back to the same question, maybe I should have asked it differently, like how much overjet reduction IS possible with 10mm of space, and why it would be impossible. Yes the video looks very impressive, but they can use a bit of fine tuning in my personal opinion. Please keep in mind that the movements in the videos are provided by the Align technician, I cannot confirm they 100% biologically and physically possible in my mouth. I wish some of the doctors on this forum could look at them and tell me what they think.
I went and looked at the three answers that doctors had given to your two different questions.  Since you're right, that the ClinCheck is not always accurate, and since you have gotten concerning answers from the doctors, I would seriously consider getting another opinion from another doctor in the flesh.  If you wish to have our doctors look over your new ClinChecks, you'll have to ask another question and include them (and that is totally acceptable.  Your questions are good ones and valid, so don't hesitate to ask another.)  The doctors aren't notified about updates to users' reviews, so they wouldn't know to look here.  Occasionally one of them will stumble across something, but it's relatively rare.
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