Dr. Mel Ortega at Spectrum Aesthetic Miami Florida Birthday Presents to Myself. :)

Here it is.... I am a mother of 3, 40yrs, 5`1 and...

Here it is.... I am a mother of 3, 40yrs, 5`1 and weight 115lbs. I am so tired of looking at my saggy tummy and breasts, I have decided to do something for myself since i just had my Birthday 2 weeks ago. I cant wait for my new body. I have been obsessing over a MOMMY MAKE OVER for 3 month now. I am waiting for the quotes and will book my surgery.

Okay did my deposit and set the date...

I am actually getting nervous and excited at the same time. Made my deposit and set the date for June 25th...

Finally did my mommy makeover and I am so happy

I am very please and Happy with Dr. Ortega. I saw Dr. Ortega on Wednesday June 24th. Did my mommy makeover Thursday June 25th. Saw Dr. Again on Friday June 26th. Love my results.

I did not bruise at all..

I did not bruise due to these 2 products I used plus Extra Strength Tylenol. Having a heating pad is also very important. The heating pad on my back made it very comfortable for me to sleep.

10 days

This is me today :) . Flat tummy.

Today I want to Thank Everyone.

Thank you to everyone on Realself for sharing your stories and for all you encouragement. .. :)

Thank you Dr. Mel Ortega

I didn't even look like this before kids

Not even a month yet..

I went for my yearly exam yesterday and my dr and his staff said doctor did a beautiful job best they have seen so far. Thank Dr. Ortega, I love you forever. I love the new me cause of you. I am telling everyone I know and have been bragging plus showing them my body and pictures. Can't wait to go back to see him for a bbl

One Month Mark...

It's been a month today. Went out for the first time for drinks with friends and not wearing the binder. .

Got my Bikini Body Back

It feels so good to go on the boat with my bikini on. :)

No Bra and flat tummy

I love that I can wear an outfit without a bra and binder. Swellen is down but still swallon. Almost down to regular weight of 105lbs.....


I can wear low rise pants....

My pictures was one one of the most popular clubs

Went clubbing with my girlfrienda and the photographer kept asking to take our pictures. They even posted on their website. I feel so good.. :)


Someone asked me to post my scars. As you can see they are very thin.

Love wearing bikinis now

I am in the red bikini

front view

At 5 weeks front view

Scar Cream

I have been having people emailing asking me if I use a scar cream or not. Yes, I do. I bought this cream from Dr.Ortega. When I went back to IL, I asked my doctor what is the best scar cream he recommend to me. He told me the same cream without knowing I am using it already. I use this cream only once a day. It is very sticky. I do put a lot on then I put the brown micro tape over it to help it absorb into skin. I didn't want to waste the cream by having the cream go on to my skin, it's really sticky. I bought the brown 3M micro tape (12 tapes) for $22 on amazon

Brown 3M Micropore Tape

Bought the tape on amazon. 12 in a box for $22.00, I bought 4 boxes. Already used a box already.

Almost 6 weeks

Still swallon. . Taking kids to beach today

Before and After

I had a request for a before and after pictures. . Here it is.

Sport Bra

I had a few people asking about what kind of bra I wear. This is it, from Walmart.

Love my boobs

Here it is. Request for my boobs


Forgot to take a picture of my tummy.. very flat. No dog ears. No flabs hanging on the sides

10 weeks update

I am 10 weeks and feeling very confident & sexy. Still wearing my compression garment 24 hrs a day and scar cream.

10 weeks

Tummy very flat.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

A very wonderful talented doctor. He is very down to earth. He listened to everything I wanted. I love my results and I have pictures to prove it. Going back for a bbl. I cant wait. I do wish I live in Florida instead of IL. I also want to THANK Karla, Jenn and the whole staff at Spectrum Aesthetic for being so super friendly and wonderful to me. :) Forever loyal to Dr. Mel Ortega. All my friends and clients will be going to Dr. ORTEGA :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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OMG!!!!!! You look absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! And you heal really quickly. I am getting tummy tuck done with Dr. Ortega, was wondering if he himself did the surgery on you? Because I was talking to Dr. Alvarez, and he was really nice also. Thanks. You look fantastic!!! I can't wait for mine!!
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WOW, WOW, and WOW....oh wait did I say WOW?! Unbelievable results!!!!!! You look fabulous!!!!! What spectacular healing results!!!!! What size implants did you get, what size breasts did you have before and what bra size are you now?
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I used to have 300cc. Dr gave me 400cc. I am a 32D.. thank you so much. I love the new me
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I would love the new me too if I looked like you! Your welcome!
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Go to my doctor. He is amazing. I live in Chicago. Thank god for him. I wanted 32C. I am very small frame, I feel my boobs are way too big for my body. My hubby loves my 32D.. lol
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How did you come up with deciding to fly to Florida to have your surgery? I would be so nervous! My regular Dr. said he would not prescribe me pain pills if I needed them ... I did not want to drive an hour and a half to get PS prescription if I needed a refill. I am using Dr. in Denver, CO ... I live 1 and 1/2 hrs away. My husband said I should use your Dr. but I do not think I could do it.
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That dont look like a 40yr old body girl u looking great!
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Swww thank you so much. I am actually older.. I like to say 40yrs. My oldest is 21yrs. I had her after college ;)
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You look amazing girl! I am hoping to have a mommy makeover beginning of the year. I love the work Dr.Ortega did on you! I'm going to his office, but was thinking of going with Dr.Freimen. Now I don't know if I should go with Dr.Ortega!
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I am forever a Dr.Ortega girl :)
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Not sure how your 2 & 3 month pics show no swelling. It takes 6 months for swelling to completely subside after tummy tuck. Can u post pics of your scars?
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I am very swollen. Especially at night if I eat a lot of salt. I am so swollen it hurts..
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I can post pictures
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Hey! Meant to ask you before.. How long did you stay in Miami after your procedure? Did you stay in a recovery home? Any massages? How was the flight home? Lol Sorry! Just trying to piece this all together. Thanks!
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I stayed for 12 days. I did not go to recovery house. I had my hubby with me. We turned it into a mini vacation 4 days miami, 4 in Palm Beach and 4 days in Fort Lauderdale. . Flight home was fine. I took drain out myself on 16days. It did not hurt at all
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I do my own massages. I am afraid of infections and opening up the incisions. I lay in bed watching TV and massage my tummy and boobs. But if you are getting lipo done for sure get massages
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Ok. Thanks so much! :)
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You welcome. I didn't get lipo. I didn't have enough fat
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How did you take out your own drains? The nurse told me the doctor has to do it & when he did, I passed out.
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My stay was for 12 days. On the last day there I had very little fluid coming out. Dr said he can take out drains for me but rather have me wait till Sunday or Monday to take drains out. We asked should we change our flights, we didn't mind staying the extra 4 days. He said it's up to us if we want to stay. If we want to leave to go back home I can take out drains myself and it's painless. I wasn't worried about bringing the drains home with me. I have a plastic surgery nurse friend told me that if I come home with drains she will help me take it out and assure me there's no pain at all before I left for Miami. Sunday came and I followed doctors directions. I clean the areas with bacterial soap and peroxide. I theb clipped the stitches that hold the drains in place, pulled it with a tweezer and pulled out the drains. Everything took me less then 5 minutes to do. I swear it was not painful at all. I think it's cuz I didn't have lipos. I heard lipo is very painful healing processed. I stopped taking pain medications 4 days after my surgery. I still have a lot of pain medicationd left. I did finish all my other medications.
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I didn't take pain meds 2 days after. I figured I need to feel pain to know if there's a problem. Good thing I did or I wouldn't have found the infection. And I didn't have enough fat for lipo either. He didn't understand why I passed out when he took them out but I have bruising in that area now
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:( so sorry :(
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When I was going with Ortega they told me I might have to come home with a drain in but they would give me instructions how to take it out.
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You look fabulous!
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Thank you so much and so do you
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