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Hello, I'm getting a mommy makeover finally...

Hello, I'm getting a mommy makeover finally after waiting for 6 month, I'm schedule for February 24th, I'm 5.3 my weight is 160lb, I lost more than 50lb in 6 month. All my gain started with my first daughter from 125lb I used to weight, I was ending atm180lb, then after 6 years I had my second baby with him I got to 250lb, I know that's a lot but after a year I found out I wasn't happy with my weight because every time we was planning to go out I used get embarrassed of my body. that's when I decided that I need a change in my life.

Im only 24 years and I still young, I know thats not the Kind of life I want , so I decided to start going to the gym, I got a lot of motivation of and here I am. I've been visiting this webside for more than a month,I have read every single post of the girls here, always trying to get something from each one but I think we never be prepare enough.

I'm praying each night concerned about my result asking myself if this is the right decision. I have a lot of saggy skin on my belly still have fat and my breast is the worst part :/ I will keep an update on each step of my surgery =).

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I diside to get saline implants my doctor said is...

i diside to get saline implants my doctor said is not going to be a problem for me due to i have a lot breast tissue and will be a good option for me that way i don't have spend extra $$$ for silicone implants, i'm still nervous but this what i want and i just keep thinkig for every datail to have everything ready for the big day.


I'm right there with you on the nervous part, but as it gets closer I'm getting even more excited. Our day will be here soon!
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Thank you for finding us and starting your story! How exciting for you. Congrats on changing your lifestyle and deciding to get this done for yourself. I'm looking forward to following along on your journey!

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Im So so so happy and nervous my big day is almost...

Im So so so happy and nervous my big day is almost here, I have everything so super ready the only thing I'm concern is that I don't know the time for my surgery yet, I call yesterday and they dont have the time but for sure they confirm tomorrow, this is the worst part wait until they call me hopefully everything goes well, as soonest I can I will post my pictures OMG I can't. Believe that will be this Friday:)


good luck .. girl
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Congrats on the weight loss!!
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Well felling pain but that's normal sleeping in...

Well felling pain but that's normal sleeping in the recliner I think is the worts part of everything lol but I think is the best place in the apartment, tomorrow need to go to the follow up appoiment hope everything is fine like I feel, as soon it's I can I will upload some picture,


How are you feeling now kiddo? been a while...
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Congrats to all you ladies! Just reading your stories makes me even more excited to have my surgery in just over 3 wks. I guess I should get busy & post my story & pics.
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Thanks murrieta, I'm 1 day po and already can see the results, I think I make the best decition with my surgeon he's the best, my best wishes to you and hope hear from you soon :)
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I'm sorry I haven't post any pics yet hopefully...

I'm sorry I haven't post any pics yet hopefully today I will try it to do it, each day filling better have some dificult to heal but each day I see a progress, I'm already working so most of my day I pend it @ work fell very good about every the only part is under my breast that is the part the take more time to heal, doctor said is because wen you have breast lift together with implant the weight of the implant could complicate a lil b the insition but thanks god is closing lil by lil.


I hope that you are feeling better. Wishing you a healthy recovery.
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great were waiting for the pics.........
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Glad you are doing ok. wishing you a healthy and happy recovery!
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