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3 weeks Po Mommy makeover Miami, FL

I should be nervous about having my surgery...

I should be nervous about having my surgery tomorrow. But to my surprise I am actually pretty calm. I'm also excited for the new me. I went in today for my markings. I go to surgery early in the morning and I'm staying the night over the hospital. That is part the reason why I feel so calm. I know that I would be watched the first 24 hours by nurses and they will teach me everything I need to know. My doctor is super good too. He has another doctor coming in to repair my umbilical hernia. I honestly feel that everything will come out fine. Hopefully I don't wake up for surgery really nervous. I hope I will feel the same in the morning. Although I know I will feel like S*** the next couple of days. But this is the price I am willing to pay for a new beautiful me.

Omg!!! All I have to say is I feel like total crap...

Omg!!! All I have to say is I feel like total crap. Po day4 and I'm still trying to recover. Getting out of bed has been the hardest. My husband has been helping me with everything. He even drains out my tubes. He rented me a recliner and it is the best. I love it so much. My ps said I should try to walk around as much as I can but it is so hard. My stomach and chest is so thight i can barely breath. Most you girls makes this surgery thing look so easy. Maybe since I also had hernia repair I feel this bad. I hope and pray I get better. I go Monday to visit my ps to remove the drains. Another thing is that my boobs don't seem to be bigger. I feel the same. But my ps said its due to all the swelling.

PO day6!!! I finally got my drains removed today....

PO day6!!! I finally got my drains removed today. I was super happy about that. My ps said it wouldn't hurt but it sure did feel weird feeling the tubes roll out my body. He then re wrapped my stomach with the binder. I wrapped up pretty tight like a burrito. My back is still killing me from walking hunched over. I can't wait until I can stand straight. As far as my breast he said they are also healing well. I can now wear any bra that gives me good support. So later today I will order a cotton comfy bra online. I'm so tired of this itchy polyester I had to wear. When I'm able to stand straight I will post new pics. Thank you ladies for all your comments and support. It feels good to know there are other women who totally understand.

2 weeks po...I'm feeling way better! I got my...

2 weeks po...I'm feeling way better! I got my stitches removed. It really didn't hurt but I was still a nervous wreck. Doc said I'm healing great. Now I can finally start massaging my tatas. I still can barely stand straight. The doc said I can start stretching and standing straight against the wall to help me stand straight. I'm so tired of walking around looking like a turtle. Overall I'm happy that I'm FINALLY making progress.

Today I am 3 weeks po. Wow time is going by so...

Today I am 3 weeks po. Wow time is going by so fast. It feels like I had my surgery yesterday. My tummy still feels super tight. I have been reminding myself to stand tall. I also have been putting lotion on my stomach and stretching my skin. My skin is so tight and that is the reason why its hard to stand straight. My cut on my tummy has been healing really good so that is another reason why I'm not scared to stand tall. Before I would be scared thinking my stomach would rip open. My only concern now is my belly button. Someone on realself said her belly button looks like a cats a** hole. That was so funny because I thought the same about my mine. I'm just wondering will it heal. Its beginning to look really small. Maybe its just me but I hope it will turn out fine in the long run. BTW thanks to all the ladies on realself who are always so supportive and have the best advice!

Ladies do you have this problem? For the last two...

Ladies do you have this problem? For the last two weeks my right thigh has been feeling numb. The first day I just thought my leg fell asleep but its going on two weeks and I still feel numb. I see my ps on the 22nd and I will let him know. For the mean time I just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this. I read some forums about nerve damage after tt. I have to admit I am a bit scared wondering if this will go away soon.
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I love your hour glass shape! U look great. I'm 2 weeks away from having my surgery. Can't wait to get it over with!
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MrsM ~ You look amazing.....Im 9 days post op
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Lol no I don't have any problems with that. I just try not to stretch my arms too high because of my breast implants.
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you will have to remind yourself to stand tall. (straight) But you will be amazed at what another few weeks will do
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Thanks for the advice. Today I was walking hunched over and its so funny because I instantly thought of your comment and I made myself stand more straight.
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YEA!!!! 'm glad I could help :) so question.. did you notice any difference when you went to shave your underarms? A good friend warned me about "re learning" how to shave the armpits. :) haha
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You look awesome! I can see a big difference already!
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Thanks. I have 397cc and I was a 36b before. I haven't bought a new bra so I don't know my size yet.
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U look great. I'm doing a mommy makeover but I'm doing smartlipo instead of tt. I split my surgeries up. I have my BA on June 27. I'm having sub_facial moderate profile 390. I am currently a 38c or 36d. I'm just looking for fullness and not size increase. I love ur size.
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Glad ur healing well. What size are your implants and what were your measurements prior?
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Thank you:)
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You look fabulous!
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Wow I thought I would have pain removing the drains but luckily it wasn't that bad. I think removing my sticthes from my nipples was worst. I didn't feel much pain but I was so freakin nervous and it felt like I was being poked with a needle.
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Glad to her everything went well. When my doctor took out my right drain I must have yelled every name in the bible to p,ease make the pain go away.
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I would have to agree That a lot of people on here make it looks so easy lol. I haven't been out the house yet and have been chillin in my recliner too. I'm on PO day 6 and I'm still super swollen and sore. Hang in there and just know that you are not alone that there are other slow healers just like you!
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Thanks Dream5. Today I got my drains removed and I feel a bit better. Just like you said I'm still chillin in my recliner. I hope your recovery goes smooth too.
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Hope you feel better as the days progress. You will I should say. I know it's a journey, but the outcome will out weigh this temporary discomfort. I'm sure you will look amazing. God bless
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Keep us posted. I bet you'll love the results!
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Good luck tomorrow, just think, in 24 hours you will be waking up to your new body!
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That's right. Short term pain for long term gain. You look like an awesome candidate for a mommy makeover, but I'm sure today is a little rough. When you're up to it, we'd love to hear how you're doing. Sending quick healing vibes!

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