Mommy Makeover! - Miami PO Day 12

I originally only wanted a tummy tuck but after my...

I originally only wanted a tummy tuck but after my consultation decided on the mommy makeover. I am very excited and nervous and am counting the days! I have two girls both c-sections and have hated my belly for as long as I can remember I finally decided to do something for myself! I'm very excited but nervous at the same time

Hi ladies! Is there somewhere I can find a list of...

Hi ladies! Is there somewhere I can find a list of things that I'm going to bees? I'm going to be starting with my mom for the first couple of days and want to make sure I have everything

So I'm a little frustrated :( I've amped up my...

So I'm a little frustrated :( I've amped up my workouts to 4 times a week and I'm eating a little ether but I gained 3 ponds WTH? Could it be muscle ( crossing fingers) i guess I void eat a little better but I'm so anxious even though my surgery I still a while from now I can't stop obsessing :(

Well it's finally starting to feel real! Today I...

Well it's finally starting to feel real! Today I received the pre-op papers from the hospital! I can't believe my day is almost here! Wednesday I have to make the final payment and then the hospital will call me to schedule my blood work! I can't wait!
I feel like I have so much to do,I haven't even gone shopping for any post op comfy clothes I have no idea what to wear? I still have to go rent the recliner!

Made my final payment today OMG! Now I have to sit...

Made my final payment today OMG! Now I have to sit and wait lol. The hospital should be calling me to have my blood work done and I already made the appt on 7/24 to go to my PS office to get marked! It's starting to feel so real!

OMG! I can't believe its one week away. It seems...

OMG! I can't believe its one week away. It seems like I've been waiting forever... Today I will go rent my recliner! So excited!

I cant believe it's the night before my procedure!...

I cant believe it's the night before my procedure! OMG!! Well today I went to my PS to get marked, I love the fact he does it the day before because I was able to ask a lot of questions and I was able to see where he was going to make the incision! WOW! this is so surreal! My husband is being very supportive and running around getting a few last things that I needed, so I think I'm ready.I will be praying alot tonight for God's favor and for good results!

PO day 2 and feeling pretty good pain is very...

PO day 2 and feeling pretty good pain is very minimum so not taking pain meds till tonight. I've been walking around evey hour or so and it gets easier each time. My boobs do not hurt at all thank God for that! The only thing that's painful is when I try to cough and I can't an I haven't been able to have a BM ;(. I have to say my daughter has been amazing and beyond! She stayed with me over night at the hospital and has been helping me with everything. She empties out my drains and writes it down she makes sure I'm comfortable and has not wanted to leave my side. My hubby is helping with the errands and driving my 6 year old around to grandmas house. My mom has been cooking for me do all in all it's been good! I hope everyone's healing well!

PO day 5 - Today I went to see my PS for my first...

PO day 5 - Today I went to see my PS for my first follow up and I got to take a peek! I'm very happy with the results so far I know I know Im still swollen so I have to be patient. He told me everything looks good. He took the drains out which was kind of a creepy feeling but it didn't hurt. I have to go back on Monday for another follow up. I feel very swollen and my belly is not 100% flat... but from all I've learned on this site that is pretty normal. Hope everyone is healing well!

PO day 6 woke up feeling pretty good this morning,...

PO day 6 woke up feeling pretty good this morning, so I decided to go to work for a couple of hours. I took my 17 year old daughter with me, I don't have much vacation time so I'm trying to save as many days as I can. I had a pretty good day kept walking to a minimum and had my daughter get the stuff off the printer so I didn't over do it. The only thing that is really bothering me is the swelling! It seems to start creeping up on me and then it's full blown! As soon as I got home I took a shower put my binder on and have been in bed for the past two hours.

Hi ladies... well today I went for my follow up....

Hi ladies... well today I went for my follow up. He cut the ends of the disolvable stitches on my boobs and TT scar and told me everything is looking good.. however... I feel it could look better LOL. I dont feel I'm completely flat havent seen that as yet... My left hip where the scar ends has little bumps and there is a little pleating. He assured me all this is normal and that I should start massaging the scars 3 times a day with any type of lotion I choose. I asked him about Vitamin E and he told me to be careful because some people tend to get little pimples with vitamin E but if I didnt have a problem with it to go ahead and use it. when I look in the mirror I definitely see an improvement from before however I'm not where I want to be yet. Hopefully this is all swelling and will subside with time :o). He also said I can start light exercise like walking on a treadmill but not to do any heavy lifting or anything strenuous. My boobs are looking really good... before the procedure I had my left boob slightly bigger than the right so I made it very clear to my PS that he had to remove tissue so that they would be more symetrical.. The left one still looks a little bigger but he said that he got them as close as possible in the OR and that since he had to mess with the left one more that it would be more swollen. (it is bruised, the right one isnt) so I guess this is all a waiting game....
Hope everyone is healing well!
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Hi Ivy! I ordered the Oleeva scar strips online from MakeMeHeal. They cost about the same tho . I think they're a good quality. Honestly, though, they aren't worth the $ to me. I don't see any real difference. My PS didn't recommend them, but I had to try just in case.
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Sounds like things are going well! Glad u had a good visit with the PS today and like what you see:-) that's so great! Happy healing! Keep us updated!
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Ivy, I'm almost 3wks po & lately just dying to stretch like a cat. I think I would purrr!!! I kept using my breathing device that the hospital gave me even after I got home for awhile - afraid of pneumonia. That, and coughing!! Happy Healing :):)
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Yes mornings are the worse I wake up really stiff and short of breath. But as I walk around and breathe it gets better!
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Just reading this brings back fond memories of day 2: all hilarity was banned. Laughing was not an option. So far each day has improvements over yesterday. Mornings still suck.
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Thanks ladies!
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so happy you have help! it's so important. wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Hey ivy....glad to hear everything is going good!!! I'm soooo excited for you! And sounds like you have s great support group!
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Sounds like you are doing great!!!:-) 

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With you in prayer, thought, positive energy.
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Yay!!!! Today is your day ivy!!! Good luck...I'm thinking of you! And sending lots of positive healing vibes!
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Woohoo! Today is your day! Goooooood luck! I will be thinking of you!:-)
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Yea today is the day!! Will be thinking of you! Speedy recovery my friend!
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Good luck, Ivy! Sending wishes your way for a peaceful night, smooth surgery, and happy healing! May God bless you & guide your surgeon - cya on the "flat" side :)
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thank you so mucjh! I'm trying to keep calm but its so hard. I keep second guessing myself and I feel guilty and selfish that I'm scaring my daughter (17) ugh! not easy.
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Hey ivy....I know what a roller coaster of emotions those days can be leading upto surgery....but hang in there girl....YOU CAN DO THIS!! I had my surgery yesterday and I'm a little sore but very manageable!!!! Think positive!!! It'll be here and over before you know it and you'll be joining us on the flat side!!! I went thru all kinds of crazy thoughts and emotions and then a few days before surgery I felt very calm. Trust your surgeon and believe in his skills....he does this for a living :) I'm sending you lots of calming, positive vibes!!! Think of how good you're gonna look with a flat tummy...YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
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Wool you must be excited!
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Yea! One week to go - so happy for you!
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I hear that! Keep us posted will be thinking of you!
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Thanks Amy! It's starting to feel very real! And yes I'm trying to stay away from the scale because I've been very anxious and have not been eating right ugh!
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Getting closer! Congrats on making that final payment! Just read up on your story! You are going to be great! If you amped up your workouts check with a tape measure not the scale as much. I will be reading to see how it goes for you! Thanks for commenting on my post also!
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I hear you about obsessing about it!!!!
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How are you doing getting your supplies? I forget when's your surgery?
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Here's a great list of things you may need- well a link

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Sorry to post again this link maybe helpful also
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