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Hello Ladies... I have been on this site daily for...

Hello Ladies... I have been on this site daily for a few months now. (Stalking) I'm finally ready to document my transformation to the flat side. I am a mother of a 13yr old and a 6yr old. I am currently in my early 30's 5'2 and 140pds. I have been wanting a mommy makeover since I had my 1st child over a decade ago. I am now less than a month away from my big day. I am anxious, nervous, and excited all at the same time. I have been doing some prepping for my up coming sx. I have been taking iron, vitamin C and a multi vitamin to help prepare me for surgery. I still have some other things to buy. I will be having surgery at Vanidades Cosmetic Center in Miami, Fl. I will be traveling from a different city in Florida and will stay in Miami for a couple of days and then return home after surgery. I will add before photos as soon as I find out how to upload them.


Thank you for your comment as I to have been stalking and hoping to have a mommy make over done early next year. Still looking for the perfect doctor! I to have a 16 year old and been wanting this since then and now also have a 2 year old and 4 month old so I am definitely ready! Please keep me posted on your results as I am in south Florida good luck and God bless!
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Welll good luck hun! I jus had my surgery 3days ago. Its been rough, but I'm already overjoyed w the results. Keep us posted :)-oz
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Pre op pictures

This is what I look like now... In less then a month...I will hopefully look a lot different.


I'm stalking your page lol. I sent them an inquire and I haven't heard from them about a mommy makeover. I'm in the military living overseas in Japan and would like to fly to Miami next Summer for surgery. What's tote best way to reach them I want Dr. Fisher maybe I will call. I look forward to your results.
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Hi...yes give them a call. They run specials all the time. He also works at a different location and cosmetic center in Coral Gables Fl...but you may not get the same deal as Vanidades. I will try to update my review in a couple days. Since Im coming up on 1wk before sx.

1 week before my sx date...Super excited

Ok ladies...So it's one week before my sx date. I have mixed emotions...Im hoping everything goes well. My flight leaves next Thursday for Miami. I have my mom taking care of the kids in my absence. I will return in a week. I have bought everything I will need. I have a caretaker from Miami that will care for me during my stay. Im trying to get everything washed and cleaned up at home before I leave. I know my mom will take good care of the house and kids The days are flying by so fast...before you know it I will be at the airport saying my good byes. Turned in my FMLA paper work so hopefully It's approved. Good luck ladies...and happy healing.


Hi...It's rehab time and Working mum...I will keep you ladies posted. Good luck on your 11/4 sx. Im super exited.
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Arrived in Miami

So, I arrived in Miami yesterday. I was taken to the clinic for lab work. My caregiver has been the best since I arrived. My patient coordinator from clinic has helped me out from the intial call to set my sx up. I am an hour away from having sx. Im nervous and anxious. Keep me in your prayers. I will update as soon as I can on the recovery.


Yay! Happy healing lady!! Hope you're doing much better
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Hey Cali....Im on the flat side now. Sx went well. I had a rough night the 1st night. My stomach muscles somtimes have an mind of there own which can be painful. I have great assitance helping me out because you are totally disabled. Thanks for checking on me. I knew you would :-)
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post op day 2 pics

Hello, the last couple of days have had there ups and downs. I am currently doing ok. I asked my caregiver to take these pics. So, here they are.


Yes Wannabbarbie....I did get lipo of the flanks and waist.
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Almost 1week post up

Ladies....So, Im almost 1week post op. I finally made it back home from Miami. This may be TMI but I had my first bowel movement yesterday which made me feel so much better. I also had my drains taken out yesterday. It feels so good to be home. Everything went as planned in Miami. I can say everyday is getting better and a little easier. I have a long way to recovery but hey I knew it wouldn't be easy. So im posting a picture from earlier this morning since I don't have the drains.


your chichis look great and are positioned nicely..
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Thanks Ladies!!!!
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2 weeks post op

Well it's been 2 weeks and im feeling good. Some days im walking straight and other days im walking a little hunched over. Im still swollen...I hate being's mainly in my lower abdomen. Im currently about 133 pds if not less. I don't want to be less then
this. I start looking sickly if I get to small. Im starting to get back into my normal routine. I am exhausted by bedtime. I have been sleeping better at night. I was having a hard time sleeping thru the night. I felt like I wasn't getting the proper rest. Everything is better now...I feel well rested. At this point im glad I did this for me. Im definitely getting my confidence back. Here is a couple of pics of me in my swimsuit. I had to try it on even though summer is over.


You look so phenomenal!
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still healing healthy.... i come out every so often to keep up with the connects.  everyone looks so good after the surgeries.... waiting patiently.
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Your healing so well. I'm loving your results continue to have a successful healing process
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4 weeks and back at work

So 11/4 was my 1st day back at work. I have desk it wasn't to bad....but for some reason by 2:30...3:00 I was swollen and stiff. I couldn't wait to get off the 1st couple of days. Im sleeping more comfortably at night. I have had a minor set back during the past 2 weeks. The scar under my breast reopened. It was just a small I cleaned it and applied neosporin and it has closed up nicely. I still dont regret my decision to have had this done. I am attaching some pics of me at 4 weeks.


Thanks for your awesome updates! How are you feeling now that it's early December?

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U said the area under ur breast openned two or three weeks after surgery?..
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Yes..thats hadnt healed up completely from sx...and ended up opening up.

2 months and feeling great!!!

Hello All.....
Well it's now 2 months and counting and I'm feeling great. I'm just about 93% back to feeling like my normal self. I do exercise now. I also still get some swelling in my lower abdomen after a full day of activity. This will go away as time goes on. Things couldn't be better right now. I am seeing more women going to Vanity cosmetic and Dr. Fisher. My experience there was a good one. He was very down to earth and easy to talk to. On another note...I did eat alot for Thanksgiving...but hey who didn't. I enjoyed spending time with family and friends and even got some Black Friday deals.
I will continue to update my experience just like the women before me did. I tell women...if your not happy with the way you something about it. Rather it's weight or whatever it takes to make you a better it!!! I refuse to be unhappy with myself. Life is way to short and i'm only getting older. I will post more pictures soon. I just wanted to give an update to let you ladies know....I'm still here and doing well.


Your PS did a really good job. You look great !!
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Thank you!!!

updated pics

Updated pictures


Girl... I love your waist! I look at your pics er'day to keep from getting scared!
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Your a mess!!! You will do just fine B....we all take pain differently....but as you know pain is beauty at the end of the day... Check out my bbl back at it again!!!!

On another mission!!!

Hi everyone,

So just a quick on another looking into getting a bbl. Come by my new blog and show your girl some luv. Im loving my results so far on my mommy makeover.... he did his thing on me. I will continue to peep in and out on this review...but I will be a little more current on my bbl blog. Until next time ladies.


I love love love your bresults. What made you get the MM before the BBL? I hope to get both done in the near future.
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Well...I just wanted perky breast and a flat stomach at first....then I decided I wanted a rounder rear...Good luck on sx!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He was a great Dr. He did meet my expectations. The clinic was ok. He made me feel very comfortable. Im glad I choose him he did an excellent job.

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3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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