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Hi everybody I am writing this with the hope of...

Hi everybody I am writing this with the hope of getting support from all of you wonderful women and also so that someone else can read my experiences, maybe gain something and keep this cycle going!

I will be awaiting Nancy's call today as to which procedure should be done first! (Either MMO or BBL)

Here are my before pictures!
Omg amyjazzy just got off the phone today with Nancy and Dr. Salama suggested MMO first too! What have you had done if anything? Lol my booty is small but perky... :) breasts and belly r gross :( thanks for ur suggestion!
ℓ☺ℓ girl! From being on real self I hv read lots of reviews and doctors answers. And lots of research! I have not had my surgeries yet. I will b going 4 BR and BBL in 4ept 2014.
Congrats girl! Looking at ur pics I say go for MMO 1st! It will transform u instantly and also get rid of d muffin top. Ur booty profile not bad. So BBL after d MMO (in my opinion)

Got a date!

Hi everybody so I've got a date of August 18th!!! So excited! I've decided im gonna do the MMO first as I need my tummy and breasts fixed more desperately ; ( and because Dr. Salama had suggested I do it in that order. I will trust him, there have been so many positive reviews and a few not so positive ones too but I'M staying positive and I hope that if I follow his instructions to a 'T' I will have stellar results too! Nancy was so nice! Just like everybody says :D

Who else will be going in August 2014? Ahhh it's so far away but im so friggin happy and excited!


Hey guys um why the hell are the thumbnails great and then when you click on them to make them larger parts of the pic gets cut off... thats annoying lol

August will be here before you know it! Thank you for starting your story. Your pics look good to me, but if you have concerns please PM me!

Thank you I really appreciate it!
Yay! Good luck with your procedures! Who will you be seeing?

The plan

Ok so these are my plans. I am scheduled August 18th for the MMO then come back the following summer, most likely August again of 2015 for the BBL!!! Just seeing the words and visualizing this gets my belly in knots! So happy!!!

For the ladies that have kids and that will be traveling, how did u do it?! Lol im already dreading it but I really have no other options. My amazing husband will be taking care of me and the kids. I just hope they wont get too bored and resent me :( Where ur kids able to do stuff? Like places to go or see? How did they react to seeing u in such a state and did anyone get upset? What did you tell them about why ur getting cosmetic procedures done? I have 2 girls and a boy. My son im not worried about its my 2 girls who will be turing 8 and 6. They r extremely in tuned to ppl, sensitive and well, drama queens!

I guess that is all for now :) have a great Saturday everyone!!!
Hi! Congrats. I think u will have excellent results. There was someone on here either under a TT review or MMO who mentioned a cool way they explained y they what they were doing what they were doing to their young daughter. They made it sound very clinical and I dnt remember the verbiage, darn! The good thing is u have nine mos of reading to find a lot of ways girls explain it. LoL (I'm being cheeky) It's a genuine concern though cuz u dnt won't to send the wrong msg in an overly body conscious world but this is a great gift to give ur self. Definitely pose this question in the forum. I'm sure you'll get some good feedback. I think my friend luvmy3jays (not the luvmy3js below this msg-there's another one) who also had an MMO w/ Salama and did bring her kids dwn with her talks about ur concern so read her review when u have a chance. There's plenty for them to do here for sure. I'll be following. I also answered ur ques on my page. Check it out.
PimpMYbod thank for all your advice I so very much appreciate it. I will look for luvmy3js for sure. Tryna find all the info I can get! This is such an awesome site!
Wow! Congrats!!!! Lucky you, a MMO then a bbl? You're getting the whole deal. Happy for you. Your time will be here before you know it. Do you know if you want silicone or saline yet? How many ccs?

Date moved uppp! yay!

Hey everybody!

I am so psyched to say that my deposite is all paid and my date has been moved up from the 18th of August to the 11th! Ahhh!!! This is so real! Its happening and im freaking out! Well, inside my head mostly bc I am home with just the kids and if im jumping around all crazy and screaming they will be disturbed. Lol.

God. Seriously? After 7 yrs of wanting this my dreams r finally coming trueeee. I had a nice body for about 5 minutes then it changed into and 80yr olds like overnight!
I got pregnant with my first at 19 and let me tell you, when I saw my stomach for the first time after my csection I friggin cried and went straight into a deep depression ugh... it was nasty, all gooey and wrinkly with 5000 stretch marks!

I never got to enjoy my young body and now hopefully I finally can! Please Dr. Salama do your thing and give me a bangin body! Maybe I can wear a 2 piece to the beach for the first time in my life! Bend over without the infamous droopy belly drape. Have sex with my husband with the light on! Just feel sexy and comfortable without constantly worrying about covering everything up and who might see what if I move the wrong way. Btw I dont wear jeans bc none fit me right bc of my nasty belly hanging over. So incorporating jeans into my wardrobe would be awesome! Lol

you guys thank you so much for listening!

Following you now! :)
Yay lol :)
Oh your not even that bad, I can see your areas of concern though, everything can be fixed with the right clothing BUT if you must help your self-esteem when youre in the nude I say choose carefully. Also with a nice push up bra your boobs can look nice. It is completely your choice though, but at least read my BA review, so you can understand at the least what youre getting yourself into. You have any questions you can always message me.


Shit ladies! Ugh ok first and foremost I hope all u wonderful women had an amazing Christmas and New years!! I have been busy because of the holidays and kids being on vacation and whatnot. I am now back on somewhat of a schedule ....

So, I just found out that my husband can no longer take a vacation in august like we had originally hoped! Dammit!!! He can only take the last week of June this summer (seniority issues at his work) so literally the only week we have out of the year is the week of June 22nd... I have 2 school aged girls and a 2 year old son, so I can only have this surgery done in the summer while they're off for 3 months. Nancy has me on a waiting list but that's crazy I can't wait like this in anticipation! What am I gonna do if no one cancels? Wahhh! :( I don't want to wait for next summer! And even if I do wait I will have the same scheduling problems. My husband can only bid for his vacations January of that year and summer gets snatched up quick for obvious reasons. So please, please, please ladies if anyone has a June date who is willing to switch with me or knows of someone who has a June date let me know and I will contact them. I will be forever grateful! I am trying to stay optimistic but am freaking out at the same time! Thank you everyone!!!
I am hoping to get an August date , waiting on Cynthia to email me back. Wanted it sooner but no dates were available. Good luck !
Wow they're slammed! Good luck hun. What are you trying to schedule to get done?
I am looking to get a MMO ; my kids took a toll on my body.

I did it! post op day 2 tummy tuck with Dr. Rex!

Hello everyone! I've been contemplating quite a bit as to whether or not I'm going to even update again what with all the issues in Miami. I do want to update though because I don't want to just leave u all hanging, not to mention this serves as a reflectional peice upon myself for myself.

Now that I'm done with the intro I will get into the actual review lol. So I should start out by saying that my surgeon is amazing. So sweet and sincere, he listened to all my fears and concerns and addressed them all. Like my title says I had my tummy tuck done with Dr. Rex and he was awesome.. I had lipo as well on my hips and bra roll area. Surgery started around 8 am yesterday but I had to be there at 645 am to get prepped. I remember the anesthesiologist telling me she will get me comfy and take deep breaths and that was it. I woke up in the recovery room cold so they came with heated blankets and that felt phenomenal. They said 2.5 lbs of skin got lopped off and another 2.5 lbs with the lipo... I know I probably weigh more now than pre surgery but hey I will take the 5 lbs! Lol. I really do like what I see even tho its not much yet. There's still a lot of stretch marks below my belly button but that was to be expected since originally I had them from ribcage to pubic area. My belly button looks good even though there still stuff (gauze?) In there. I just took 2 percocet so I'm doing well with the pain. Once it wears off though that shit hurts. Alot. It's so hard to take deep breaths bc my abs are all so tight but I don't want to get pneumonia so I'm trying my best. I took a quick photo so u all can see :)
Thank u for commenting! I'm actually in boston... would u know anyone up here?
Thank you! I will look into all your suggestions :)
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