MMakeover: miniTT, BL&BA, lipo sculpting

The latest Axe commercial targeted toward men...

The latest Axe commercial targeted toward men wanting to smell/look good for women is right: Women are getting hotter. . . including women with children.

Modern-day-Mommies--especially those in Los Angeles, Manhattan, Miami, or anywhere else they have/will have RealHousewives--are an entirely new breed of Moms. These are not my mom's generation of moms. Today's Moms are MILFs.

After seeing the results of amazing mommy makeovers at my sons' schools and among my network of friends, I have *finally* decided to restore my post-babies/post-breastfeeding body to its 'dating-phase' physique.

When my husband first met me, I was firm and petite (5'3, 110lbs) with perky 32DDs. I had an hourglass figure (waist was 10" smaller than both my breasts and hips). My husband was a very happy camper. And then the babies came...

Here's the equation:
Gained approx 70lbs per pregnancy
+ breastfed babies for 1+yr
= 90yr old wrinkled, saggy tummy skin and totally deflated C-cup, rocks-in-tube-socks breasts.

Consulted w 3 surgeons: Beverly Hills surgeon to A-listers; TV-celebrity surgeon; and Dr. Craft, who came **highly** recommended by a friend.

I chose Dr. Craft.

...Will post more later... Mommy-duty calls. . .


You crack me up!  Thanks for sharing with us, I hope you keep us posted on your journey.  Here are a couple forum links that might be of interest:

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What to expect: the first 3 days post-op

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Thank you Jill81! Very helpful!

Week of Surgery=Doubts, Anxiety, Fears...and Pre-Surgery-Regret?

My husband tries to be super sweet by **insisting** I not clean during the weekend. He also insists he cooks at least breakfast and sometimes more.
Not to sound miserable and ungrateful--I absolutely appreciate the sentiment--but (cringe) the Monday-aftermath is torture (splattered grease, burnt-cooktop, piles of pots/pans/dishes, etc).
After only **2-days** of him being "Mommy's Helper", it takes me **hours** to just clean the kitchen. There are also loads of post-weekend pool/beach towels/clothes/swimsuits; and 3:4 bathrooms *implode* (no joke) after our weekend pool/beach/park outing.

Our home is going to be destroyed by the time I recover!
....but that's the Easy-Mac-and-Cheese fear...
The other fears are full-blown Boogie Monsters lurking in the dark corners of my thoughts.
My top Monster Fears:
1.) What if I become the 'scary statistic'? The idea of dying while my kids are still in elementary school makes me sick to my stomach with guilt and physically ill.

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Pre-Surgery Photo


I'm feeling you on ALL your fears gurl. LOL Let us know how it's going. Happy healing
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Choosing the RIGHT PS and Facility makes all the difference!!!

I am so thankful I chose to have my MM with Dr. Craft.
Dr. Craft was very honest. He didn't sell-me/tell-me what I wanted to hear; instead he explained to me what I needed to understand. Initially, I had wanted a full TT with a new belly button and a breast lift that incorporated a lift of upper stomach skin. He explained why I was not a good candidate for a full TT (not enough skin). He also drew pictures of the scars I would have if I elected the services I thought I wanted. Due to lack of skin, I would have had a new belly button and just a bit below the new button would be a vertical scar where the old bb was sealed. No thank you! As for pulling my upper tummy skin into the breast lift: The scar would extend beyond the base curve of my breast and be noticeable. Again, No thank you!
As I mentioned, I had three PS consults for my MM. Both Dr. Craft and another PS had made the same observations (scars/procedures). The 3rd surgeon didn't mention any potential issues.

The day of Surgery, Dr. Craft was caring and calming. He stood me in front of him as he used my body as a blank canvas for his art. I could tell from the way he scrutinized each angle, line, curve, section of my form, that he was extremely detail oriented and wanted to achieve symmetry.

When surgery was over, I felt pretty groggy; but not nauseous. Dr. Craft's practice thinks of everything! They had me take an anti-nausea pill before surgery. They also pumped antibiotics through my IV so I only need 1wk of antibiotics post surgery. During surgery they placed my legs and feet into a massaging/circulation stimulation boot, eliminating the need for compression socks post-surgery. After both my c-sections, my ankles and feet swelled enormously, but Dr. Craft's special leggings and boots magically kept my lower limbs perfectly lean and bony!
Another huge bonus about Dr. Craft's practice: His surgical center does everything in-house (blood work, lab-work, heart monitoring, surgery, etc) **AND** at a Four Seasons Hotel. So, once surgery was over, the nurse rolled me through discrete back hallways/elevators to my overnight room at The Four Seasons.
I hired a private nurse to take care of me for the first 24 hrs. Four Seasons sent me post-op fruit amenity of pineapples and papayas. It was an easy night. Not a lot of pain/discomfort (thanks to prescription pain meds, sleeping pill and nurse assistance). Didn't have much of an appetite, but husband brought me sushi rice and salmon sashimi, which both he and the nurse encouraged me to eat.
The following day, Dr. Craft came to my room to go over my initial surgery results. I cannot imagine how awful it must be for women to drive home the same day as surgery, and then drive back to the Dr. office the next day/two!
Dr. Craft inspected all the incisions and thoroughly addressed any questions I had. He took his time with me and was in no rush to leave. What an amazing Dr.!!
My husband and I left Four Seasons and I was back at home in bed with my kids around me.
Had my surgery Friday AM. Saturday, the day after surgery was rough, but Sunday was the worst. My underarms felt like they were ripping. It was crazy-intense upper body pain. Today, Monday, everything feels much better. I am still swollen, but feeling good.
Upon my nurse's suggestion, I bought cases of Coconut water with pineapple for post-op. It has kept me hydrated and feeling great! Highly recommend Dr. Craft and his incredible staff/facility!!!


Thank you pimpMYbod! So glad that surgery went well and am feeling much much better day 3 than day 2!!! How was your healing process?

3Days Post Op Photos


wow for 3 days post op you look wonderful! So glad to hear that the TT was not as painful as the C-sections. Hoping that is the case for me as well. Can't wait to see your progress as you heal.
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Hi Nicolemomof3 Thank u!!! I had heard that c-section recovery is far worse, and that has certainly been true in my MM case! I hardly even think about my tummy. It's the breast lift that hurts most. Pretty much feel like a Trex with useless arms held close to my body. Friday the bandages and drain pump are removed!!! Yay!!!!! Will update w photos then!!!!
Love your review and your results so far! Cant believe you even needed anything done. You looked great to begin with ☺ Hopefully all goes well w no complications & that you love your results. Prayers sent up for you ☺
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5Days Post Op

Within the first week of surgery, Dr. Craft will have seen me 3 times! Yesterday was my second post-surgery follow-up. Feel so grateful to have chosen such a thorough surgeon!
The pain was minimal yesterday, so today, I've decided to skip the pain/muscle prescriptions. Hoping this will help get my "system" moving... Haven't had a bm since Thursday before surgery. Dr. explained that heavy pain meds can basically paralyze the bowel movement mechanisms. Honestly, not too worried since I've had BM issues ever since I became a Mom. ;)
Not sure this was a good idea, but ... this morning, I was able to do dishes and lightly clean kitchen.

Healing Progress: still some noticeable swelling around my upper flanks (on the sides of my breasts), puffy stomach, and discomfort where I had lipo-sculpting.
My belly button looks elongated and flattened from the compression garment. Dr. Craft recommended a marble to be placed in button cave to help form a better shape--have yet to find a marble. :( He also added a foam layer between garment and stomach (perhaps to apply more pressure and get thinner/tighter results.)
My left nipple has sensation and feeling, but my right nipple is still numb.
My appetite which had been blessedly light the last few days has begun to return. :(
My scale says I've gained weight despite hardly eating...hoping it's mostly fluids (am still pretty swollen in certain areas).
Will post more pics later!


The weight is prob all fluid....don't look at the scale for 8 weeks is the rule of thumb, that I heard....relax...and enjoy the Four Seasons!
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Thanks for the encouraging words!! :) I should have stayed longer at the Four Seasons. . . Jumped back too soon into my usual life. . . and set myself back in terms of healing. . . :(
You look great!!
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7days PO... Shoulda' listened...

Today was supposed to be a big day for me: 1wk post-surgery check-up.
I was very excited (no more drain!) Yay me!!! Except (wah-wah-wah-waaaaaaah), I haven't been taking it easy. I've been cooking (snacks, baking, dinner, etc), cleaning (dishes, kitchen, dusting, making beds), being a mom (homework/bath/bed routine, breaking-up squabbles, etc.) and up (albeit hunched-over) all day.
So here it is: The drain was not removed. In fact, I am draining more blood (vs. fluid) than I was the first few days, I still have the drain. . . Instead of moving to the next phase of recovery, I was sent home to essentially start-over. My activity sentenced me to a longer recovery.
So why didn't I listen and rest more? Because I felt/feel guilty. Why should my family suffer because of my vanity?
Sigh. Now they're going to suffer even longer. Hoping my mistake helps others.


:-( Sorry to hear that. You've most definitely have to start being lazy. Extremely lazy. Let the dishes pile high and the carpet become an unrecognizable begrimed mess. The first days of recovery are essential to the long term result. I remember working in the ER one night and a girl came in 2 days post op tt and her incision dehisced. Long story short, she had to get stitched together again but with a gaping hole left open to be dry packed. These scars do not heal pretty. Thankfully you had an appt today and it didnt get any worse... Guilty emotions aside: take care of yourself, rest and let your body do it's job. You'll be glad you did. All the best, girl!
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U r awesome!!! Ur friends r super lucky to have u!!! Thanks for the message!!! XO
Hi mommyoftwoDR! I asked and found out I did have muscle repair--guess I just didn't feel it! Lol!!!

Drain Scare: Drain suddenly went from fluids to blood..lots of blood

Immediately after surgery, I had some drainage. Not much, in fact, the PS thought I would be an early drain removal candidate.
A few days later, the drainage was minimal and mostly fluids (a yellowish-clearish color).
After a couple days of too much activity, my drain (which had to remain attached longer than expected), filled with dark red blood. . . and it filled quickly!
Yesterday morning, I woke-up to a full drain of dark blood. I immediately emptied it and then watched in horror as it began to refill much faster than it had ever drained. Of course, I called every emergency # given to me by my PS.
After careful monitoring and ***full bed-rest*** (absolutely no moving, except bathroom breaks), it slowed down. While the drain is no longer filling at an alarming rate, it is still ox-blood-red.


Eeeek! You're in my prayers, Love...
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Thanks!!! Everything ok! Just needed rest! :)

11days post MM op

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11days post op (part II)

Finally(!) had drain removed and am allowed to drive/resume most daily activities (including my wine at dinner)!!!!!! Wahoooooo!! Feel amazing!!!!


Wow! You look awesome! Congratulations.
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Thank you! Am so happy to have done this! Am really starting to see the results as the swelling is finally going down. Very happy camper!
You look great, but take it easy and rest rest rest!
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What a Difference 2wks Make

It's been 2wks since my MM. PS removed some of the post-op tape, and now I can see my scars.
I am impressed!
My c-section scars were horrible. It was explained that the c-section's ugly, bulging, noticeably raised red scarring was due to my skin's tendency to keloid. I assumed that my MM would leave me looking like Frankenstein. Amazingly, after only 2 wks, my scars look the way my c-section scar looked after YEARS of healing! AND(!) bonus, my PS said the scars would likely fade to barely noticeable. I wanted to kiss him! Very surprised and thrilled!

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2wks post MM side view


I can only hope that my mini tummytuck results end up as nice as yours once my swelling has gone down some but as it is I think my results are very poor with my tummy :( ill just have to wait and see
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U look amazing! I think ur body was good before too. :)
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3weeks post-surgery

3wks post surgery. According to scale, gained several lbs. :(
Am unusually swollen.
Do you swell more after surgery? Or does salt affect you more after surgery? Or maybe this is PMS?


You look amazing! Loving your results. Very natural and perky! The double compression thing looks like a good idea too. How's that working out? And dont worry about your weight post op. It's likely fluid retention. Once your lymphatic system is fully intact (your tummy) you wont retain any extra fluids... Good luck, Love ☺
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We are procedure twins! I am 4 and a half weeks post op and I am still not back to my pre op weight! I got there a couple of times but then the scale jumped back up. I know I am not eating bad, so I have no idea what that is all about. I have not been extremely happy with the result from my lipo. I was expecting more. However, yesterday for the first time I saw results from my lipo. I will try and post some pics tomorrow. I was so surprised to see results this far after surgery. I can't wait to see how we look when we are settled at our pre op weight or less:) I think you look great so far!
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I would love your results! You look amazing!
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Miami Institute

Dr. Craft, Miami Institute, Four Seasons Hotel and Tower, 305.624.0009 They are efficient experts at Mommy Makeovers/Plastic Surgeries! All pre-qualifying exams/blood-work is done in-house; specialized equipment/processes to minimize post-surgical complications/discomfort (swelling, bruising, prolonged use of prescriptions, etc.); and you recover overnight in Four Seasons post-surgery! Day-after, the surgeon comes to you(!) in your hotel room.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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