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Okay so here goes.... Im exactly 7 days away from...

Okay so here goes.... Im exactly 7 days away from my Mommy Makeover and I couldnt be more excited, scared, nervous, anxious etc. I think the moment you decide to do a procedure of this type you become consumed with it all. I ve become a bit obsessed... I think Ive read over 1000 reviews and seen even more pictures of what to expect post op. Ive had a bit of trouble sleeping since I decided to have my surgery and have even been dreaming about the surgery...kind of crazy huh. Well heres a little about me...Im 31 years old, 5'3 and 134 lbs. I am the mother of 3 beautiful little girls ages 5, 2 and 1...so you can only imagine what my body has been though with 3 pregnancies back to back pretty much. Granted Im in great shape and athletic but there is no amount of exercise that will resolve the excess skin or loss of volume in my breasts. On Nov 22 I will be having my Mommy Makeover to include Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation. My procedure will be done my Dr. Perez Gurri here in Miami. So...im counting down! Pics to come soon.

5 Days to Go

Okay so Im 5 days out and I cant stop dreaming about the surgery.... I think Im a little worried at this point if Im doing the right thing... I mean my body isnt that bad after 3 babies... I worry how my implants will look and worry about the tummy tuck scar. Does anyone have suggestions about incision shape? My doctor usually does like slants from the hip and round at the pubic area.... Suggestions help. Also any suggestions on the whole implant profile thing, high moderate etc would be greatly appreciated. I will write more in a bit the 2 year old is jumping on me at this point...kids...hope this doesnt happen post op!

A few pics... Now you can see The need for TT

Freaking Out ...just a bit

Okay so its Monday....and this shindig is Friday...Im kinda freakin out.... Well ive really been freaking out since I booked this whole thing but the topic for today: Boobs... How do I know what size to go ??? I want the whole sexy almost porno star but not fake porno star look... just basically a sexy look...not too big but not too small and since I dont plan on having to do this again anytime soon how do I know what size. Doctor said Full C Small D would look good on me but maybe im Boob Greedy but I think D now forget the C. Help ladies !! I need to sort this out... I mean can I give the doc my final answer on Friday or do I have to do it in advance? Im getting silicone gels...


Oh wow... Im only a few days away.... 3 to be exact and I cant sleep at night from the anxiety...2 nights in a row I had to take an Ambien... Anyone have any other suggestions to help me relax and sleep? I think Im just worried about waking up and being in intense pain... Any suggestions of what to do when I wake up? Is it too soon to take a Lortab as soon as I wake up? Is Lortab stronger or Percocet...sorry for all the questions just alot on my mind.....

Going in...

Okay im on my way to my surgery this morning...Long awaited and Im very excited and nervous. I know everything will be fine but its odd to be feeling normal now and to know that in 6 hours I wont be feeling so normal. I will update later today..if I can. So here goes nothing!

Im alive

So blessed to be writing lol well yes I'm alive all went amazing and I'm feeling well just a bit sore everywhere. I have to a admit the worst thing right now is that I'm a bit dizzy and I hate the recliner I want my bed back. Will post pics soon

Day 3 simply amazing

So my surgeon came by yesterday to our home to check on how I was doing. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my stomach... This man is genius. I am feeling great. Today is day 3 and I've been able to cut back on my pain meds. The drains and working nicely and it looks like I will be done with those by Tues or wed... I would say my biggest complaint is that I'm still a bit dizzy and my boobs feel heavy but other than that I'm good... I'm even walking pretty straight. I will be taking a shower today so I hope to get some pics on. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers


Sorry I know it's too much info but 4 tablespoons of MOM and one ducolax has ended the blockade if you know what I'm saying. I've had issues uploading pics and hope to be able to do that today. I'm feeling great today just sleepy. I'm able to pretty much get around by myself and I've cut down on the pain meds... Half every 6 hours instead of whole every 4 hours. Can someone tell me a little about the whole boob swelling situation... My boobs are huge... They are gorgeous but I don't want my boobs to stay this big they look too big for my body so any advice on this matter is greatly appreciated. As far as the rest I'm eating and sleeping well but I'm still in the recliner. I think I will attempt the bed today. More update soon.

Pics finally!

In love

I'm so glad I did this! My boobs are looking better today and belly is swollen but flat. I can't believe my body looks like this. Can't wait to go bikini shopping. I'm a bit nervous cause it looks like I will be thanksgiving with my drains I hope the drainage slows down but you know what better this then seroma... I think my job is expecting me back on Monday but that doesn't look like it's going to happen.

What the ?!?!?!

Okay so Ive read and understand that at some point in this recovery process I might have an emotional day but up until now Im so super happy with having done this and positive about my whole recovery so yay but could the emotional day have sparred me and attacked my husband? Holy crap this man is extremely emotional! Im trying to have patience and focus on my recovery so I havent said much but I need to vent. Yesterday he calls me that he wants to buy a new car...Huh?!?! The car is way out of the budget and not really a necessity right now ( he has a 2012 Honda Accord and wants a Jeep) so of course I kindly point out that I do not think its time for to make that change and he tells me " Well at least one of us can have our dream" WTH! I worked very hard in the beginning of this year ( worked 2 jobs) to save money to do this...and by I.. I mean me by myself. No one else put in the hours to save the money for my surgery...so now it gets thrown in my face okay nice. Yesterday he also went to the doctor to get some results from some tests that were done... He came out with high cholesterol and high glucose because he needs to lose weight (like 50 to 60 lbs)..thats not my fault...so ive heard of penis envy but could this be weight envy???? He was really bummed and now he thinks he is going to die in a sarcastic way he keeps saying well if i die it will be without my dream car...total manipulation. Just what I want to hear right now....Im trying to get better and he is having a crisis. Then last night when I would ask him to help me by giving me a pain pill or water it looked like he was bothered by me. Im super bummed out about his attitude. This isnt fair. Today is our daughters thanksgiving play and I asked him to please record it with his ipad since I couldnt go....guess what? He left the ipad here at home so Im not going to get to see it. I dont know what to do .... Where did this man come from and where the hell is my husband who just a few days ago was super caring and considerate? Has anyone had a case like this and what should I do other than pray at this point?


So I'm pretty sure the drains come out tomorrow so I'm excited but exhausted. My asst came over today and I dictated a lot of stuff to her but now I'm exhausted.... I need a nap. I think one drain is draining more than the other... My doctor doesn't believe in leaving drains past 7 days but if I'm still draining 30 cc ish should I worry about seroma? Help confused?

Doing dong the drains are gone!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I'm so relieved now that the drains are gone. Went to see my doctor this morning....yes on Thanksgiving...and he removed sutures and drains. Suture removal did not hurt at all except for one long one that burned a little but didn't really hurt and then he took out drains. That felt weird....again no pain just weird. Have to wear this damn binder thing until Monday because everyone in the doctors office was off today until Monday and they have to measure me for my compression garment. I'm not too happy about that..what do you guys think? Will it delay healing or is it okay ? Is there anything I should do until. Monday? It's 4 days....

Damn mobile device

Last title was Ding Dong the drains are gone... Mobile device and auto correct messed it up....

Aré you kidding me?

Okay so now I'm pissed!!!! I've had someone helping with my 3 girls for 6 days now ( mom and friend) obviously friend is going to go spend time with family it's only thanksgiving and my husband has the NERVE to complain about having to deal with our daughters for ONE day!!!! Are you &$)@));: kidding me?!?! Do you know how many times I haven't slept because of my daughters waking up in the middle of the night wanting milk or having a dream or whatever... How many times has he just went up to sleep whole I put kids to sleep and he is complaining about one day. Damn I'm pissed... Oh and he tells me " you're just sitting there chillin" WHAT?!?! Like having a TT is so easy? Every time I move around in my chair I remember I have a TT... And for 5 yrs I've been the one that has tended exclusively to my little ones... Thank God my friend comes back tomorrow morning. Dude this TT is bringing out True colors and I'm getting fed up with his attitude... Okay I have vented. Thank you real self family

Happy One Week Anniversary Photos

One week down

Well it's been one week since my mommy makeover and I couldn't be happier! I look in the mirror and even though I'm still swollen and my boobs are still in their process I couldn't be happier. My doctor is a genius! I'm quite swollen beneath my belly button but hey that's a part of the process. I'm officially off the narcotics just taking Extra Strength Tylenol. Oh and as far as boobs are concerned be religus about the massage exercises...not only do they cure some of the aches but they help transform the boobs beautifully. I think right now I'm a DD which is bigger than I wanted but hey what the hell they look good and when the swelling goes down they will be smaller. Anyone know how soon I can start driving...doctor says 14 days but that varies with each person... I would love to hear from you all.... That's all for now!

Bye bye binder

So I went to my doctors appointment today to get measured for my stage one compression garment... I really don't get the difference between stages but whatever. I'm so glad that I'm done with the binder but for real this mother is tight... Doctor showed me a picture of all the skin and fat he cut off. Gross but very interesting. Don't know if you guys care to see that ... If so let me know and I will post if not I will post on my fridge so I never over eat again lol jk I think today I overdid it. Ladies no joke even if you feel good take it easy for the first two weeks at least. I'm so tired it's ridiculous. So doctor told me to start the lymphatic massages on belly so he gave me the card of a massage therapist he recommends. I will call and schedule for Friday. Does anyone else feel like scratching their skin off??? My lipo sites are so itchy.... I welcome suggestions. Other than that all is moving along better than expected... I'm glad I used real self to mentally prepare myself... It's really made it easier. Oh and does anyone know how much longer I can expect to be in a recliner? I tried my bed but still felt uncomfortable.
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Very nice. How are you now? Did you heal without any problems?
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Did you try benadryl? It can make you sleepy, but at bedtime that could be the perfect thing.
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I moved to my bed on day 11. Pillows under my knees and feet. Two under my back and head. Rolled blankets tucked the length of my body on each side. That was the only way I could give up the chair. Oh, and I'll be a month post op on Friday and I'm still itching to death! I use my rag in the shower to rub/pseudo scratch. If you find a cure, please share!
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Thinking of you. Hoping each day is better for you & yours. Hugs
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Hey there! Doing great...each day is a gift. I haven't rested like this in 5 years lol....hope your doing great...been reading your updates and I'm happy to hear all is well. Hugs!
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Firstl off you look great! Secondly happy thanksgiving!! Thirdly have you tried turning the emotional blackmail back on him :-)? A few fake tears might jolt your sweet hubby back to his old self :-) ..I'm just kidding..I'm sure he is having an off day not having you around him like he is used to..hope tomorrow is a great day for you!
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Hmmmm I like the blackmail lol...he's doing better...we had a come to Jesus meeting and talked straight...so now instead of a car and a crappy attitude he's working on losing weight and taking care of his family. Yay!
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Loved reading your post! I would approve of the car only after he gets the 2nd job or save up like you did... (for a big down payment to keeps his current payments the same). Girls always have more common sense. Stay focused on your recovery this too will pass...
  • Reply
Yes definitely. I'm all for working for what you want ;) girls were created smarter and with an extra dose of common sense. Sorry fellows!
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Oh man, he seems to be having a tantrum of sorts. Maybe he just needs a little attention? I know when I took care of my hubby after he had surgery, after awhile I started to really resent him and all of the work that was put on me. Maybe this what is going on with him?
  • Reply
lol. ahhhh/ men, aint they all the same. Girl, i can totally relate. in fact i am looking forward to what prank my hubby will come up with. first he wasnt supportive, then he reluctantly decides to come along, had t make the ticket booking myself as he was too lazy to do so. And now he plans on going to visit xyz. says he might as well have fun while we are at it????? and i am wondering, who the hell is going to take care of 3 children while you are away gallivanting??? never mind your hubby. the phase will pass. just find a way to make him guilty. playing super nice perhaps???
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Lol! Glad to know I'm not alone. I've been really nice and understanding especially since I know that I need to relax and getting upset is bad for my recovery but it's mind blowing. How old are your kids? Mine are 5,2 and 1. Thankfully a friend has been here helping with the little ones and so has my mom so he has has it very easy. Where r u doing your surgery?
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mine are 5, 3 and 8months. a friend is also coming but will leave one week after surgery. i am having the surgery in newark delaware. keep it cool. he will come around, i intend to lie down in bed and watch him leave or nicely ask him to take the kids with him as i am under strict restriction! lol
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Oh wow we are so much alike! That's cool. He called me a little while ago and apologized so all is in peace for now lol how long are you taking off of work?
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lol. good to hear! they sure do come around. im off for 4 weeks!
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Prayer is a good idea. I went through the same thing on a smaller scale. I earned every penny of my surgery money on my own so I didn't affect the household. So when I woke up from surgery my husband is bedside with the new Note 3 phone. He says " look I got my dream too!" I think they do go through a jealousy thing for a time. Just keep praying and things will get better.
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That's hilarious... Men are crazy. At least he consulted and didn't go off and just do it. The thing is my husband is a compulsive buyer which is crazy because that's usually the woman not the man. I trust God completely just needed to vent because I didn't want to say anything to him since he's obviously going through a phase. I hope it gets better. On the happy side my plastic surgeon just texted me that he wants to see me tomorrow and possibly get rid of these drains. I'm so paranoid about hurting myself I can't wait to get them out. How are you doing?
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LOL @ ""look i got my dream too!. oh men! what do we do with them,
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I'm good. Gearing up for work on Monday. Not looking forward to it.
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Thanks for the update. You look great. I am not post op yet but I take the general consensus is the minimum time off is two wks. Wishing you a prompt easy recovery & a Happy Thanksgivig!
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Many people even have drains for 2-3 weeks, and the more active you are the more fluid they will put out. Thus delaying their removal.
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Work on Monday? No way. You need to rest and allow your body to heal. Looking great!
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So I really need the two weeks? Not even part time? Help!
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I don't know. I went through a process from day 7-10 where I felt on top of the world. Totally stopped taking even Tylenol. Then the swelling started to subside right around day 12 and I could feel the muscle repair and lipo sites more. The nipple sensitivity from the lift just started this week to as the nerve endings reattach, so I'm back to taking Tylenol. I can't tell from your pics if you have any breast incisions. Your body may heal differently and you may be good. I'm going back to work on Monday after almost 4 weeks.
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Oh, honey! 4-5 weeks MINIMUM is recommended to take off of work! I took 7. You are going to be far too fatigued and swell up like a tick if you are too active too soon! What did your PS say? Mine said absolutely it to go back before 4 weeks, or risk a seroma...
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