2 more consults complete.....I think I found the one

Well....I started my Mommy makeover consultation.....

Well....I started my Mommy makeover consultation....( so excited). I been debating over the years should I get a Mommy makerover or not. Well...after 6 kids ...I so want my body back. I look so youthful in the face, but my breast looks like saggy prunes and my tummy looks like a brain....lol. My husband has been so against it, but he was to the point he did not want to discuss it and even threaten to leave. He surprise me today when he decided to ride with me to Dr. Hochstein office, but he said he would wait in the car. So the office is a pleasure to wait in and staff very welcoming. I got there 10 mins late, but did not wait long to see him. So we discuss what I want which is a large B/ C-. I am right now a 34 B deflated, I think.

I brought some pics for what I wanted and he said.....what you are looking for is a small C, which is 300 cc and he recommended I go with silcone. I was thinking like 250 or 275 cc. I hope that does not look to big on me. My weight is 137 lbs, 5'7 and bra size at the moment is a deflated 34 b. I am looking for average size natural look.....but small, cute and perky. My tummy he says will look great because my stretch marks are all below my belly button, so I won't have any( me inside YEAH!). The only thing I was excepting is one incision at tummy tuck area, but he said I would need a lollipop approach to do the lift. Because I am African American I am afraid of the scars on my breast. That is something new I learned today. Dr. Hochstein was my first consult and I plan on consulting with 3 more doctors, before I make my mind up......I am so excited, about my new journey, I just want to educate my self as much as possible and make the best decision. Dr. Hochstein is very professional and kind, but he is not a big talker very reserve like, he answered all my question and I did not feel rush. Michelle his assistant is very open, cheerful and sweet. As far as price they quoted me at $11,450 but they are going to try to work on the numbers for me. I will see what they can best offer me and let's see why happen. That my experience with Dr. Hochstein.....now it's off to go set my next consult..... Any suggestion of great MD in Miami ? Thank you for reading my post


Good Luck to you - with everything! I don't think men realise how much the aftermath of having babies affects our confidence. We are our own worst critics and even though your husband thinks you look beautiful, it's you that needs to be happy with the reflection you see in the mirror. (Also it's no fun tucking loose skin into clothes, in fact it hurts and feels horrible.)
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No before pics?
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I hope for the best for you. I felt the same way. Do it for you!! I did it for me and no one else. I love it and feel so much better about myself. good luck.
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So...I been so hectic with the holidays...I have...

So...I been so hectic with the holidays...I have been following a lot of post on here and watching their transformation ....such an inspiration.......I been really thinking hard about the MM...I want it more then every now...after finding this forum..real people with real life experience similar to me. Well my hubby who is totally again the MM ask me last night....do the women on the forum tell u what there hubby's think and how do they feel? Because his friend told him they feel hard like a balloon. I was really surprise he ask me anything about the procedure. does this mean he is thinking about it? Hmmmmmmmm...I hope. Well to all you ladies silicone or saline what does your husband say about how your breast feel? Please give me details..Thanks and Happy New Year!


Hi there. Came across your review. Wondering if you got your mm done?
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I want a MM too. I'm starting with the BA first. Good luck to you!
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Dr. Hochstein is the bomb. I looked at a lot of PS's and he stood out heads above the rest. He is current with the procedures needed to give you the best results possible. I highly recommend him. He did my tummy, nose, and eyelids and has changed my whole outlook on me. Best of luck to all you future tummy tuckers!
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Confused mommy

I been on this forum for a while. Haven't post anything in a while. I don't know if I am selfish or what. I stop posting because me and the hubby was getting in some bad arguments over me want a mm and how he is not for any unnatural ness . I left the topic alone for a year reintroduced it back to him and here we go again. It not want he wants. We been together 19 years, 6 kids and u would think that he would be like go for it or not. I am 33 , not having any more kids, a professional career and accomplish. I just feel I should do something for myself and say F.... It. But I always feel guilty about how he feels and set things aside. My question is should I just do it anyway with the risk of complication in our marriage or just forget all about it? The last thing he said to me was " do what ever makes u feel happy, but I am not support you at all. It is what it is and we will never be on the same page it seems. We would just do what makes us happy now.


Hi. I'm sorry to hear that your husband isn't on board with the idea. I too am looking into surgeons for my MM procedure and am considering Hochstein. Above all reasons for having the surgeries done, I'd have to say that my self confidence is the main reason. My husband and I have been through pretty much everything when it comes to my self issues. Although he's not one for "fake body parts," he came to terms with the idea when he realized how much better it would make our relationship because I will finally be happy with myself. For so many years, my husband and 5 children (2 adopted-but the others really did a number on my body when I developed Polyhymnia during 2 of the pregnancies) have put off cruises, beach outings and water parks due to my fear of stares and whispers by others who can be just downright cruel. My husband did have a fear of extra attention I might draw because let's face it; some men are just pigs and will stare at anything with a flat stomach and nice breasts. My husband and I decided to sit down and have a true, open conversation about any concerns, including risks, scars, and even future insecurities. Once we discussed everything, my husband realized that all his fears could be answered by each consultation and he joins me (with his own questions and concerns for each doctor). As for his concerns about jealousy, he had to take a step back and remember who I am, and that a surgery isn't going to change my morals or love for him. I know that my husbands concerns and your husbands concerns are different, but remind him that a marriage consists of a team of 2 ppl who work together to compromise and support each other in all journeys of life. When my husband decided to begin body building, I hated the idea! I can still remember the image I had of my husband being muscle bulked and veins protruding all over his body. The image down right made me sick. Lol. Now, he's still working on building his muscle mass and he looks nothing as bad as I imagined. If I had refused to allow him to accomplish what he wanted at that time due to my fears, I would have kept him from something he really wanted, and all for nothing because he looks great! My suggestion is to sit down with your husband and ask him to PLEASE take a part in this and to give his thoughts and ask the doctors about his concerns when it comes to the breast and any other issues he may have. I have learned from experience that people generally fear things that they don't know much about ( like the fear I had of my husbands body building). Taking the time together to learn about the MM procedure will help immensely. Good luck.
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Your body look just like mine. I want to know if you got the procedures done.
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Hello!! Sorry this journey hasn't been one for your husband to accept. In the beginning my fiancee didn't accept it either....but he generally leads toward what makes me happy. After all happiness is a major thing when relating to union. My fiancee actually ended up paying for both my procedures and is in love with my new body.I simply told him i bared two children for him as well, his body still looks good but mine had been ruined. i ask why was that fair?! And when he looked deep into the situation he felt he should pay the full amount to help restore my body. He actually now states "i'm glad we did this, i'm in love with your new body". Not only did i benefit, but so did he!
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