Mommy Makeover After 4 Kids - Miami, FL

Not sure if this is where I should be writing ,...

not sure if this is where I should be writing , but I will attempt. I will try to put as much info as possible. I am 39 years old, 4'11" currently 116 lbs and I do cross fit at least 2 to 3 times per week. I am mother of 4 girls( 6 months, 4,11, & 15). I have had one natural and 4 c sections. This last baby took a toll, i have a 2 inch space in my ab muscles and they will never go back, not to mention my ob/gyn left a terrible scar with excess fat hanging that I call "my left testicle" lol. So although I have always said I would do my boobs, it wasn't till my last baby that I knew a tummy tuck was necessary. In exactly 2 weeks i will have my makeover. All paid for and working on all other things needed prior to surgery. Purchased an old lady gown with a zipper I was told at pre op that it would be the best for after tt, and breast lift/augmentation. Tomorrow I will order the recliner to help me sleep since the bed will be an issue. I also have to order my meds and buy prune juice and milk of magnesium just in case. I am super excited to see a change, but so nervous! Surgery is surgery and the risks scare the daylights out of me. It's nice to neon this sight and know how common it really is. Until next time my ps friends.

11 days to go. Had my first mammogram last week to...

11 days to go. Had my first mammogram last week to make sure I'm ok prior to surgery (all good). I am avoiding all medications as requested, specially my headache reliever Excederin. I am really hoping I get my period prior to D day cus although my doctor will operate regardless, i can not imagine anyone helping me with that issue too...yuck! I found out now we have a convention we must attend at the end of July, 6 weeks post op! Did I mention "beach resort"? Great! And I need to avoid sun, hmmmm. Will I be able to get in the ocean, pool, etc? Can i go to spa? Wow! So many questions.

Wow, just posted pics and feel so gross. Not too...

Wow, just posted pics and feel so gross. Not too mention the veins are nasty..... I need a tan! So much for being Hispanic, the PS can see right through me like a blue print ! lol

Less than a week to go...I have had a rough three...

Less than a week to go...I have had a rough three to four days with migraines and not being able to take my Excederin. Tylenol does nothing for me. On a good note, got my period:) one less thing to worry about next week. On another note, i have been so worked up about my safety during the procedure that I don't seem to worry about how much pain I will endure in recovery, is that crazy? all I want is to be ok, and regain my figure back so I can be a more confident mommy to my four beautiful girls. Wish me luck!

Two days post op: I have been pretty loopy with...

Two days post op: I have been pretty loopy with all the drugs. I went into Dr's office on Monday, I met the nurses, Anesthesiologist and Dr. Messa. They were all amazing and super nice. When I was time to go into operating room, I was up for maybe 5 mins before the drugs kicked in and I was out. I woke up at recovery very out of it and speaking very slow. I stayed the night at the doctors office with round the clock care (so worth it). My surgery was 5hrs and 40mins ( that's what my cousin told me). By midnight the took out my catheter. By 1 am I had to go to the bathroom with help from nurse to get off and onto the bed. I hated that I peed on my garment, between the pumps and the position of the whole I couldn't help it. That w the worse part. I told the nurse great, no shower till Thursday and peed, Im going to smell like a homeless person. By 5 am the nurse got me up and took off bandages so that she could clean the wounds. She taught me so that I can teach my husband to do it, but he is so squeamish. After that I was ready to leave by 6 am. Once I was home on my rented recliner, I was able to sit as comfortable as possible. However my boobs hurt the most like engorged breasts. The nurses called me to see how I was and the doctor also called me. He said he would order some meds that will help with the swelling of my boobs. I am also putting ice packs on breast. I also feel like a sore throat but it must be from intubation. The breasts are what hurt the most. Oh and I am so uncomfortable with this garment, I had to loosen a little bit to actually sleep. Can't wait till tomorrow
when io get to shower.

Ok, my boobs are so engorged it's driving me crazy...

Ok, my boobs are so engorged it's driving me crazy. The pressure of the garment is not great, I feel like I am in a straight jacket. My lymph nodes behind my ears and are a little sensetive, and I feel soreness in my throat possibily from being intubated. If you guys out there in RealSelf please let me know if this is u!

I've gotten up several times to go to pee, but...

I've gotten up several times to go to pee, but this last time was the worst! My back is killing me. My boobs are still the most painful. Dr. Prescribed a steroid to help with swelling. Oh did I tell you guys the doctor spoke to me yesterday to see how I was and today he sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers...nice touch. Looking fwd to a shower tomorrow and hopefully feeling better and better. Keep you posted. I would love to hear from the other girls that had surgery this week, I hope you are all healing beautifully.

3rd day post op. I feel much better. I haven't...

3rd day post op. I feel much better. I haven't taken any pain killers today and I was able to shower with help of course. The worse part today was coughing when I choked Eating crackers and, I never want to feel that again. I am having a little break from the garment as it gets washed. Everyone that has seen me is really impressed at the difference. I can wait to notice it too. Still very swollen, and I walk bent over. Hopefully I can post some healing pics soon.

Day 4 has been a lot better. By the way, I had a...

Day 4 has been a lot better. By the way, I had a BM yesterday with no problems. Eating lots of fiber worked:) Only issue has been sneezing. It feels like I will tear a stitch....ouch. My back hurts a lot too. Still swollen, icing the boobs all day, and hating the drains. I have barely had any liquid coming out of drains, so very much looking forward to getting them out next Monday:) I wonder how long it will take to look semi normal or to even just walk straight. Posting my pics from day 3. Belly does look flat, but not 100%, bb looks weird to me still, and boobs look gigantic thus far, but I know I am engorged. Taking it one day at a time.

I have barely had any blood in my drains. It has...

I have barely had any blood in my drains. It has been no more than 15cc the first day and now I'm at around 5-10cc bright yellow for the last 3 days. Is that normal? One tube looks like it's pulling on the stitch holding it. It's making me nervous..

Feeling great today. Took a shower, Changed...

Feeling great today. Took a shower, Changed outfit and put on makeup...woohoo! Can't wait to get drains removed tomorrow. I have a list of questions for the doc so I should be able to give you guys more imput then.

One week post-op and feeling good. I am happy to...

One week post-op and feeling good. I am happy to report that I had my drains removed today. However, it wasn't pleasant! The nurse offered to get me Gatorade or lunch, she said some people pass GREAT! I asked for Gatorade, just in case. My husband freaked out and walk out of Well when she pulled the first tube out it felt as if she was pulling my ovary or Fallopian tube out! Yuck! I didn't realize the tube was at the top of my stomach, what a weird or gross sensation. Once out, it stung a bit, but luckily it was quick. The doctor came in checked everything, told me I was still swollen but was healing nicely. My husband is so happy with my scar too, he said my previous csection scar was disgusting and this is just a fine line. So glad to hear,cus He was concerned on what it would look like. He is still worried about my boobs, he said they are too big. Of course they are not settled yet. I had a page of questions, which he nicely answered. Everything from how many cc's I got (304) to why my back is so swollen ( combination of lipo on flanks and resting on back). He disguised massaging my boobs and taking my bra off for 4-6 hrs per day to help with having them drop a bit. I am so happy with my choice of doctor. Doing my homework paid off. Can't wait to see my results after swel hell.

By the way, I am sick of the recliner it is...

By the way, I am sick of the recliner it is killing my back. Between the bruising and the recliner position. I haven't taken a pain killer since day 3 post-op, but I feel if I sleep there one more night I will have to take a Percocet!

Yet another night of terrible sleeping. I tried my...

Yet another night of terrible sleeping. I tried my bed propped with pillows unsuccessfully. At one point after sliding off I went to push myself up and put too much pressure on my left breast, I screamed out in pain. I left to the sofa, but more of the same. I think my only solution is to take a pain killer and pass out. How much longer till I can sleep on side or stomach???? If anything is making me upset it's the lack of sleep, not happy:(

10 days post op- Today I am feeling like a...

10 days post op- Today I am feeling like a stinging sensation on my boobs. Like if the lollipop stitches are healing. Not a great feeling, so I am placing ice on the boobs again. They don't feel as tight as they were in the last couple days, I guess massage and not wearing a bra 4-6 hrs/day (as per doctors orders) actually worked. I haven't updated pics since I still have tape on stitches. A couple have fallen off here and there, but not enough to see scars. Doctor said they will fall off by themself or he will check on July 9th. I am still quite swollen still and bruised, when that gets better I will post new pics. As for sleeping, that is still an issue. Although I took a muscle relaxer and it helped. But I am sure, the only thing I need is for the boobs to feel better and then I will be able to rest.

My breast are so soar that I had to put aloe on...

My breast are so soar that I had to put aloe on them. Then my tummy feels itching under the garment and when I look, i have a small shingles an inch and a bit away from scar!!! WTF!!!!!

On Friday, I drove for the first time and went to...

On Friday, I drove for the first time and went to doctor and was checked again. Everything is ok and I'm take meds for outbreak. I feel fine otherwise, even went to purchase bras and to dinner Friday night. Saturday went to dinner again and Sunday went to mall and Walmart. Still swollen but doing awesome.

3 weeks post op. TT & BB healing great. Boobs:...

3 weeks post op. TT & BB healing great. Boobs: right one, looks good. Left one, I split a stitch under ( I think while driving). Unfortunately, it oozes a bit so I am cleaning regularly and putting Neosporin on it. My areas are not bruised anymore, but sore to the touch and I am still swollen. My inner thighs are still bruised. I feel pretty good and excited that I am now weighing 113. Lost 3 lbs so far:). Had strips removed last week, but looking forward to seeing my doc next week.

4 weeks post op. Went to doctor today. Was given...

4 weeks post op. Went to doctor today. Was given a stronger cream to put on my spit stitch (24 hours later, feels better already), also an additional stitch was removed. My belly button is swollen so PS gave me ear plugs to insert and keep there while wearing garment so it shapes nicely. Everything else looks good. I am still swollen, but it's to be expected. I was told I can finally pick up my 7 month old and pool or beach is OK. WOOHOO! I will go back next week for follow up.

Forgot to mention I am putting Kelo-cote for scarring.

Forgot to mention I am putting Kelo-cote for scarring.

Hi went to the doctor last Tuesday. Everything...

Hi went to the doctor last Tuesday. Everything healing great but still swollen. I was actually given an XS garment since my last one was too big already. :). I continue to put Kelocote on all scars and I have the ear plug in belly button to shape. I got cleared to go to pool or beach. However, i can only do cardio or lower body activities. No heavy lifting, sit ups or squats yet. Next visit Aug 1 St. Feeling great!

Posted some updated pics today, 6 weeks post op. ...

Posted some updated pics today, 6 weeks post op. I had just removed my garment so those are the marks you see on my skin. As you can see my left boob is a little redder, but that was the one that spit 2 stitches and is just healing. Still swollen at times more than others. Going to doctor next Weds. for follow up.

7 weeks post op. Had a doctors visit yesterday. ...

7 weeks post op. Had a doctors visit yesterday. I feel great no complaints. He said I look great and it's only been a short amount of time. I still have a bit of swelling in the lower abs which will be gone with time. Continue the Kelo-cote scar gel and molding my bb ( a bead is working really well for me). I still can excersise just maybe the treadmill. I have my next visit in 6 weeks. So far everyone has loved the results, but most of all I LOVE my results. Best decision I've made! Good luck to all the flat side ROCKS!

2 months post op. Super happy with my new boobs &...

2 months post op. Super happy with my new boobs & flat tummy. I am still quite swollen (although I see and feel it-hubby doesn't) and bb looks good (i'm placing a bead to help shape it). I still wear my garment when I am home most of the time (it can't hurt). Doc just gave me the ok to workout and run again, just no heavy lifting and no sit-ups. Best decision ever!

Went to my 4 month visit on Wednesday. Everything...

Went to my 4 month visit on Wednesday. Everything has healed perfectly, but I would like my boobs to drop a little more since I am so little. I makes me fell fat on the top. Doctor recommended that I take another month of Singulair and that should help. The scar looks great and has started to disappear in the front pubic area. He said it should heal nicely into a thin white line. Nevertheless, I am still swollen, but traveling this month and my eating hasn't helped. So he recommended that I eat more flax seeds in my food and add fish oil to help with swelling. I told him I hate fish oil since I burp it over and over and he said to try Carlson's. But I went to a whole food store and they had one that said "burp free." I took it last night with food and did great! Hopeing that helps with my swelling since I am traveling again soon. Doc said I look great and he wants to see me in 2 months for post op pics. Happy Healing everyone!

Well I'm back from a 17 day European vacation and...

Well I'm back from a 17 day European vacation and I gained 7 lbs since surgery!!!! I lost 2 lbs this week, but I am still bigger than I want to be since now I am 12 lbs from my ideal weight:(. This sucks! My butt, thighs and abs are bigger. My tummy has been feeling more numb again, not sure if its my abs stretching something I really don't want. Urghghgh, and during the holidays! I hope I can diet and excersise cus I feel so disappointed.

Well, what can I say. I have been so busy with...

Well, what can I say. I have been so busy with work, kids and holidays that I have only lost some of my weight. I passed on 6 months follow up since I don't want to take my picture yet. Hopefully soon I can start working out as needed. Hope everyone is doing well and looking fabulous.

I feel great and everyone tells me I look great,...

I feel great and everyone tells me I look great, of course I would love to loose another 6 lbs. As for the surgery, I am SO HAPPY everyday I did it. It was the best thing ever and not bad at all. As soon as I get a chance I will post new pics. I have almost no scars on my breast and my tummy scars are super light in the middle so I am sure with time it will all fade. Love my doctor and extremely happy with my results. The rest is on me to maintain it. Surgery is NOT the answer it's a jump start.

I just started working out last week, I haven't...

I just started working out last week, I haven't done it in months (not a good idea). Like I said in the last post, surgery is not magic. You still have to keep in shape to maintain results. My thighs have gotten fatter and cellulite has creaped in I am not horrible so I am hopeing the working out will help. I do feel more swollen and numb in my stomach so not sure if that has to do with working out. I haven't been to PS since Nov. I need to schedule an appointment , i never took my 6 months post op pics. The boobs are great maybe a bit bigger than I expected, but I'm ok with it. The scars are gone around areola and the line going down is not terrible. The tummy tuck is great although I do have a very small dog ear on one side, but so small it doesn't bug me. The belly button is still pretty closed, hopefully if the swollening goes down it will be better.

Started working out by taking boxing and...

Started working out by taking boxing and kickboxing classes. Everyday when I get out of class I am so swollen I look like a blowfish. When does this swelling end?????? I I resorted to wearing my garmet again...urghhhhhh

1yr and 18 months

I haven't posted in a long time, but have had several request -so here it is. I could not be happier with my results. I absolutely love my doctor and the entire experience was well worth it. I can't tell you that it's a "fix all," so if you are looking for a quick fix forget it. You still need to exercises regularly and eat well to maintain. In the last month, I have been working out at least 4-5 times per week and I feel great. I have not changed my lifestyle otherwise. I can still play sports, lift weights, do handstands, etc and I never feel a foreign object inside of me.
If you're in my area I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Messa! Good luck!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Several friends gave me a list of PS (15 doctors to be exact) to start my search. I narrowed down to board certified, exceptional results, no consultation fee ( if you are that sure of yourself why do you have to charge), patient reviews,etc... After having consultations with 6 prominent PS's in the Dade/Broward area, I can whole heartily say that Dr. Messa was the one for me. He is the consummate professional with exceptional bedside manner. Whether at the consultation, the day of, the personal phone call the following day, or post op he provides you with answers to all your questions (no matter how me). Polite with complete sincerity and you never feel rushed. He spends the time you need and even sent me flowers ( nice touch). But as amazing as he is, so is his staff! There is not one person that doesn't mirror the doctors professionalism, care, and assistance. I am so glad I chose Dr. Messa and I highly recommend him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Awesome results, you look great!
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U look very very good. Great job in maintaining yourself :)
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Thank you for sharing pics long after your surgery. You look amazing and the scar is barely visible. I need a mommy makeover and I am scheduled to get a breast lift already. I am just terrified of getting lipo and TT. After looking at you maybe I'll get the courage.
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You look awesome!!! I'm considering Dr. Messa to my future TT...
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I highly recommend him. It was an great experience. I would do it over again if I had too. I will try and post pics today or tomorrow since its been a while. Good luck and if you have any questions let me know. Happy to help in this difficult process.
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Thank you!!! I think I'll need help :P - I'm planning mid 2014 ... since I want to lose weight first, and I'm still breastfeeding my 10 months old - Did take long to get an appointment with him?
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Definitely loose as much weight as you would like and then schedule an appointment. Within two or three weeks if I recall correctly is how long it took. In the mean time I interviewed about 7 other surgeons. Also, you need to stop breastfeeding at least 3 months prior to surgery. I stopped in Feb and got operated in June 2012 6 months after giving birth. 6 weeks later I was at the beach for a company convention.
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Ok, I'll do it then :) - I plan to stop BFeeding in 2 months (September 2013), and loose 20 lbs by Jan 2014 (I'm on WeightWatchers right now) - Then start scheduling appointments with PS - Wish me luck!! Thanks!!!!
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I think you look great congrats on your new body!!
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THank you! I am still working on it. I absolutely love to eat so I need to work extra hard.
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Thank you so much. Great decision!
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Jump start yes and now it's time for us to make our body look even better!! I can't wait to see ur pics!!! I bet you look so good!
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You look awesome! I am 3 weeks po and loving my results even though I am still swollen. Your right, you don't look swollen in your pics at 6 weeks but you probably feel it. Sometimes I feel soooo swollen but yet I take off my garment and look in the mirror and it doesn't reflect how swollen I feel. At this far out is your swelling gone? I can't wait to see more pics because you look fabulous!
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Thank you! Yes I have days that I feel it, but no one else sees it. My tummy's sensation is still a little weird. But all my friends have said it took them about 1 year before it was back to normal. I do go about my day normally, and nothing bugs me. I will post some pics I have and I will try taking some more. Good luck!
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Are you still swelling by the afternoon Mel? I am getting frustrated. D own to 136 but geese didn't think it would take this!
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Hey girl, I hope you enjoyed your vacation.. Wow 17 days in Europe! I am jealous! Don't be shy or ashamed about living girl! We all fluctuate with our weight from time to time... that's what we do! You looked great in your bikini pics before so I am sure a few pounds didn't ruin your result. Just now that you are back, try and slowly transition back to your maintenance weight. You may want to rough it and do a slim fast quick fix for a few weeks to get a jump start. If you can handle that. I know that's easier said than done though. I am supposed to have a revision plus lipo in January so I am alittle lucky that any holiday pounds hopefully will be sucked away! But I am still not trying to do too much damage to myself.
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Hi Mel, I wanted to know if u were still a lil numb in some lower places & if your lower tummy was still hard cuz I have those problems???
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Yes, it definitely is. I can still tell I'm a bit swollen by my bb.
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Thanks, it helps me know since we did it on or around same day. My only problem is a lil numbness on hips and the firmness between bb and tt scar but my Dr said give it time to heal :)
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Hi Mel - I hope you enjoyed your vacation!!!! Do not get down on yourself honey because there is NO WAY in hell that ANYONE could go to Europe and be on a diet! The Holidays are coming and food will be everywhere - do your best but don't set yourself up for failure. You can hit it hardcore afterwards. I am currently 145 - a full 10 pounds heavier than when I started..I have been doing 45-60 minutes everyday eating fruit and salad! I still have swelling also so I TOTALLY relate. Stay in touch do you have another appointment soon? I havent gone in in a while. *hugs*
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Vacation was amazing!!! My appointment for 6 mpo is Dec.12 but I will see how I look and feel before. I don't want a pudgy after I saw him about a week before I left on trip. I will try my best on the eating and I am starting to exercise, just not as often as I would like. I am still swollen a bit too, its amazing how long this takes. Have a Happy Turkey day and don't eat too much...Right!!!!!!! :)
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I am supposed to see him on the 27th. see what he has to say...maybe we all need phentermine and a diuretic to lose some! I am still sore same place as you guys and numb on my hips too! Be well sweetie and Happy Thanksgiving!
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Never read or seen ur blog until now. You look good in every pic. May I ask what size where you before the surgery. I would give anything to live in Miami :) lucky you
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Thank you. I am very little but very curvy. I had a baby last Dec., and I hadn't lost all my baby weight when I had surgery. I was 116lbs (should be about 106) like a size 2. I am about 34,26, 35+ Although for the average woman this is perfect and very thin,... I am 4'11''. I just gain 5lbs and I look like the umpa lumpas (So I've been told). As for Miami, it's alright, but I much rather be somewhere else....We never want what we
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WOOT WOOOOO!! You look smokin'!! May I ask what size implants you went with??
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