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I feel that my scarring is abnormal and my belly...

I feel that my scarring is abnormal and my belly button is not centered. I am 17 days post op and completely not happy with the procedure or the healing. The upper part of my abdomen is completely swollen and abnormal looking. I am very unhappy with my results so far. There is also a small patch of white skin in the middle of the scar that is not drying up or seems to be healing.


I had a full tummy tuck done by Dr. Richard Lung in Miami. He is a great Dr. With lots of experience. I think I may just be freaking out a lityle too soon. I keeo hearing that this is totally normal healing. I am going to be patient and just wait for the 6 months to pass. My body usually heals very well from scapes and cuts and such so I am hoping for the best.
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Hiya, you will probably find lots of other people on here who were not happy in the early days (this is a very invasive operation) and the weeks later are as happy as can be :) Try not to worry to much, we all heal differently and our bodies are all VERY different! I didn't do anything in prep for my MM other than stop smoking a few months before. SOME people who have commented should be careful what they say (it can be upsetting) also anyone who has NOT had op done yet .... 'you have absolutely no idea' haha! Good luck with you healing and look after yourself :)
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Sweetie, I would talk to your dr if u r not happy. Definitely u r early and there is lots of swelling. I also live in Miami. Who was your dr?
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Swelling not much better

So I am 5 weeks and 2 days post op and my swelling is not much better. My breast lift looks good on one breast and the other is already sagging. I am completely annoyed. I am going to have to pay another doctor to fix everything that should have been done right the first time!


I'm so happy to see that you look much better than you did previously...
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Thank you. I'm hoping it continues to get better from here!
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