I Am 43. I Have 6 Kids and I Am Finally Going to Follow my Dream of Getting my Figure Back!

I have always wanted to get a tummy tuck since my...

I have always wanted to get a tummy tuck since my last baby was born! I have given birth to 6 children(naturally) and my body never recovered after the last 3. My first 3 I was younger and my body bounced back because I was always so skinny. My last 3 I had at 37,38 &39 years old. The last 2 weighed 10lbs and 10lbs 7 oz. Needless to say, at that age and with such big babies...my body didn't bounce back. My husband always said exercise would take away the belly and never was in agreement with me for a tt. He just recently jumped on board with me and so I am jumping at the chance to do this before he changes his mind. I have my down payment paid, surgery date set, flight paid for and can't wait! I am scheduled for tt, lipo, belly button hernia repair, and breast augmentation! Yay for me! Now I just need to make my list of needs before I go! Any advise from those of you who've done this? What's the best cg and bras out there for me to buy? And how many of them? Lol


You will be so happy with your results. He did my mommy makeover. I love the new me. I am one of Doctor Mel Ortega Barbie :)
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Since you've had your surgery, and look awesome by the way, can you give me some advice on how many bras and compression garments I should have. I know these need to be changed for washing and also am looking for good styles and brands. Thanks for any help you can give. :)
I bought tummy only 2 gridle amazon brand Fajas and bought 6 sport bras from walmart. It came in a package of 2 of $12.99. That's all you need from my experience. I wore my gridle every day 24hrs a day since surgery. I only took it off 3 times when I went on the boat, at the beach and went out with my girlfriends

Recovery house

Is there anyone that can tell me about the recovery house. I am going by myself and will be staying there. How is this recovery house? Anyone with helpful info?


Wow, with 6 kids your breast looks fantastic. I can't wait to see pictures of your new you. I am very excited for you. Your new body is going to be awesome. :)
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Thanks. Somehow they didn't deflate and kept a decent shape. Maybe since I only breast fed 2 of the kids? I don't know. The boobs aren't much of a problem, it's the rest! Ugh..,Haha!
Lucky you :) Mine dropped to the ground.. Haahhaa Thank god for Dr. Ortega, he pulled those babies up to where it belong.

Counting down the days!!

Just 20 days left til surgery! I am so excited!! But then the next minute I freak out cuz I get nervous! I am preparing and slowly starting to pack. I worry most about what to wear on the plane after the surgery. I will be by myself and I want to be as comfortable as possible. Suggestions from anyone would be great!


Hey fellow Chicago girl... So excited for you and thank you for sharing your journey here! This is all so exciting to me. Have you had any success with finding a recovery house?
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I didn't go to a recovery house. My hubby went with me. We stayed at Softeil Hotel and made a vacation out if my trip
Karla, my coordinator, is setting me up with the recovery house. She asked me to send flight tickets to confirm, which i did, and that was the last I've heard from her. 6 days ago.....

8 days til surgery!

So I am 8 days away until surgery and it is getting Real!!! This week is going to fly by. I need to get everything in order! I read other reviews and decided to switch to the massage medical recovery house. I called and got all the information personally. I even got meal plans texted to me to make arrangements for my first meals the day I arrive. They are with me for the first 8 hours straight after surgery to meet all of my needs. I feel this was one of the best decisions I could've made for myself since I am traveling alone. The other recovery house didn't even have pictures, confirmation, etc to offer. This made me nervous. I'm sorry, but if I am due to fly into Miami in a week, I would expect to have far more information given to me. Especially when I have requested it many times. But anyway....I will soon look fab! :)


Good luck.. I can't wait to see pictures :)
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Oh, Im so relieved for you that you have found good after care and accommodations. Its been a big struggle for me as I am traveling far from home as well and had a hard time securing support. We will be recovering together...Im first so I hope that I can cheer you on but I may be out of it when you go in. I will check on you as soon as I can :)
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Had surgery yesterday

Well, it's all over. Surgery was yesterday! Everyone at Ortega's office was very nice. Dr. Ortega was nice. He was busy though and didn't have much time with me. He suggested a breast lift instead of a small implant because I didn't want to go larger than I was. So I chose to not have anything done to my breasts since they're not so bad. All I ended up having done was a tummy tuck and lipo. And that was enough!! Oh the pain. Due to the pain med making me so nauseous, I chose to just take extra strength Tylenol. I'd rather have pain than puke with stitches! Needless to say yesterday was ROUGH! Today has gotten better. I am still in pain but the nausea has left me. I am walking hunched because it is so tight and sensitive around my lower ribcage. I went for my first massage today. A little pain since I'm only taking Tylenol, but worth it! Marian is awesome! And I am also staying with Marian at her recovery house. I am the only one here this week. No other patients to talk to. But I am enjoying the peace! I miss my family like crazy but I know I need this time to heal. When I get home I hope to be well on the mend and walking more upright! :)


Glad everything went well for u! I'm sure ur results are gonna look awesome after swelling goes down and ur able to stand up straight. Could u give me some contact information for Marian's recovery hs? My surgery is in January with Ortega.
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Happy Healing! Hang in there the first 2 weeks are Rough.
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Omg, I'm super happy for you;) Hope you have a safe and fast recovery. Can't wait to see your after pics;) take good care of yourself
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