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I am so confused as to which doctor to choose, I...

I am so confused as to which doctor to choose, I think Dr Salzhauer is the one but I'm already freaking out!! I'm hoping to get a TT, BA and tons of Lipo.
Besides being confused about the doctor I am also feeling guilty about spending so much money on myself when there are so many other things my family can spend the money on.

My first consolation was with Dr. Sean Simon and while I really like him I have found more feedback/reviews on Salzhauer. Most of his reviews are amazing and once I reach my goal of 170lbs I will have my first consultation with him. I will continue to research but I hoping to have surgery no later that summer 2015.
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I'm glad you started your story here on RealSelf! You might want to wait until after your consultation until you get too worked up about who you want to do your surgery. :) The appointment could make or break things for you. Here's a list of questions to ask.

Please keep us updated on your decision process!
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Thank you! Actually one of Dr Salzhauer's rep sent me this list :) they have been so nice and I haven't even had the consultation yet!
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