August Cant Come Soon Enough MMO in process

I have never thought I be in this position where I...

I have never thought I be in this position where I would need surgery to get back to my pre-baby body. I have only had a consultation with Dr. Salama and from all his reviews I refuse to consult with anyone else. Once my mind is set I don't like to see other options. I am confirming my date with Cynthia in the office for August. I wanted it sooner but he is booked. I will keep everyone updated with this journey since I know a lot of girls come on here reading reviews, because Iv'e been hooked. I will be getting a full tummy tuck with lipo to my flanks & breast augmentation.

Deposit Paid

OMG ; i just paid my deposit and my date is scheduled for August 19th unless someone cancels there July appointment than I hopefully can get a sooner date. It hasn't hit me yet , so i don't think Im nervous ; but as time goes on I am sure I will be. Has anyone financed there surgery ?

Ughhh ; the wait !

I can't wait to get this over with. Every day is like the day just drags and August is so far away ; I'm really hoping that someone just switches their date last minute ; even thinking about a May date. Might talk to my husband to see what he thinks about trying to look for a date in May. Ladies ; is their a list of things I should bring with me. I do not know what to expect.

Vacation Time

I put in my request for my two weeks off and my boss looked at me like I was crazy. I told him it was personal. What do you ladies tell your bosses when you request the time because I know you can't take medical leave.

Vacation Approved

I am excited that my boss approved my two weeks. I will be out of work from August 18th - Sept 1st giving me plenty of time to heal. Now if August would get here it would be awesome LMAO

Change of Date

I am still looking for a sooner date in August or July. If anyone is looking to change date please let me know. I have decided to bring my kids along with me for this trip. I wouldn't feel right if I left them behind ; just worried. They will enjoy vacation with family while I get through this process.

Approved for Care Credit

So thankful that I could get some help paying for the surgery. I have money saved but you never know what bumps you might run into from here to August. Now for someone to cancel in July !!! Want to enjoy the summer with my new bod !!!!

Salama Office

So, I was reading a review about the office employees in Salama office and I have to totally disagree. I have had nothing but a great experience and prompt response from each and every individual I have spoken to from Nancy to Cynthia. I just thought I let the new comers know each and every detail of my experience.

Moderate or High Profile

I am unsure of which to get, ladies any input.

Where to stay & What to bring !!

I am losing my mind. I am staying by the office for 4 days and coming up towards my mothers for the remainder of the trip. Is there a list of things i need to bring. Any help would be appreciated ladies. Thank you !!!

Flight & Hotel Booked

I don't get much feed on this but I want to continue to update so some future ladies know the process. I know that I check back daily just to see what other women post. I have booked my flight for the 18th & that my pre-op date as well. My surgery is the 19th. I will be staying at the Sleep Inn & Suites in Dania, FL which is approx 15 min from Salama office so this is a good distance. It was $55 a night & i think thats a great price for my expense. Time to schedule my clearance appointment and wait for my package in the mail.

1 more month

I decided to add a photo for whoever is following. it was hard to do so but anyways were all here for the same reason. Just a nip and tuck to get our prebaby body back. I weigh 159 and im trying to get down to 150 before surgery.

All Set To Go

My hotel has been booked ; my rental car is booked through Alamo ( they have good prices ) and my flight is all ready to go. Going to pay my balance today and than I will be already. My pre-op is the 18th & surgery the 19th. Wonder which ladies I will be running into. I wish you all the best.

Nervous Wreck

So for the past few days I just can't sleep and I am very strict on what I eat. My husband stays on top of me and tells me that all is going to be fine. I honestly don't know how I would have made it this far without him. Traveling without my children for 2 weeks is going to be hard as well. It's a long journey, so I am preparing myself the best I can.

wow 20 more days

I can't believe how time has flown. I have not even gotten anything I may need. I have so much to do and have been so busy with work and my children. I went for my pre-op doctor said everything looks good but have to wait for my blood work to come back with my test results. He pointed how on top Dr. Salama was with the labs he requested and that he had a few patients that had surgery before and their doctors didn't request as much as he did.

I don't know what to pack honestly.

Labs are GOOD

all my labs came back good. No turning back from here. Paid off the entire surgery. Time. relax and prepare myself. Very excited.
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Pssst its almost AUGUST!
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girl you too. hows everything ?
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Are you readyyyyyy?!?!? Time to shop!
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girl no !!! idk what I need to buy. I got the list from my package but what else u think.
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That list hardly has anything though...I think the most important things are your sterile gauze, antibacterial ointment, stool softeners, antibiotics, painkillers, compression garments and baby wipes. Everything else is what makes you comfy, like special pillows, pineapple juice, yogurt, arnica gel....Also once someone is helping you, youll be fine recovering.
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well that seems simple than. my husband will be with me for the first week and than my mom. I think ill be fine and just over thinking. Going to get some stuff this weekend probably most of it honestly. Def need that arnica gel. Keep hearing about it what does it do.
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Yea I got some from Walgreens...I just don't want to get so worked up over creams and this and that and stress myself out. the greatest thing you can do to heal is rest and keep your body hydrated and filled with nutrients so the body can do what it does to heal itself. That's great my mom will be there or the first two weeks and then my aunt but my boyfriend and bestfriend are coming to visit me and tease me while im Frankenstein.
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lmao my girlfriend is going to visit me too but I told her to wait till I dont look like crap. gonba ask her to be my bridesmaid because I dont see her much. excited for surgery
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Lol I told them to wait until my drains are out at least! Theyre just as anxious for me to get it done and make it out safely already! OMG, its next wk. WOW... Aww re being your bridesmaid, perfect.
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hahaha I hope my drains come out before I fly back ill be upset if they dont. when do u fly home
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I leave Aug 30th...One of my best friends live in Pembroke Pines and wants me to stay with her for a week so I can do a 4 week post-op and so she can bother my boobs..rotfl...Im debating if I can pull that with work...
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I leave the 30th too flying out from miami to jfk. Have u put in your time with your job
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Yea my 3 weeks is in...I'll see what Salamas Dr's note says if I can make it a month, lol. Im using FLL bc they said Ft. Lauderdale airport is 15 mins away.
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oh okay. We can get a doctors note from Salama and get it excused. I would love another week home. Please tell me more regarding that note.
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I sure will, Id love to be gone for an excused month!
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I'm following and I'm so exited for you!! Keep us updated !!
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thanks hunnie ; i will definitely. This site is what helped me through this journey. So i wanna be able to help anyone else.
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just counting down the days now lol
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My surgery date is Aug 18th with Dr Salama..hopefully I get to see you!
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really my pre-op is that date at 2 ; where will you be staying.
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We will deff see each other then..I actually haven't booked a hotel yet I'm currently online looking as we speak..where did u end up staying at??
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Yes we will so stay in touch ; that is where I will be staying. Sleep Inn & Suites Ft. Lauderdale International Airport 1500 SE 5th Ave, Dania, FL, US, 33004 Phone: (954) 874-1800Fax: (954) 874-1818 it was only $54 a night if you booked in advance and that was around my budget. I am only staying for the first week and than driving up to my moms in Orlando.
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Wow that's a great deal..very budget friendly..deff going to look into them..thanks for the info..I just messaged you
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Did they mention anything about a recovery house?
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