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I suffered from extreme hyperhidrosis for the last...

I suffered from extreme hyperhidrosis for the last 14 years. It started when I was about 17 years old. I worked as a waitress and I couldn't even put food or drinks on a table without this huge wet spot in everyone's face! Completely mortifying!!! It was suggested to me by a friend to put panty liners on the insides of my shirts. Brilliant!! Why didn't I think of that? So, in my everyday routine, I would turn my shirt inside out and stick 2 liners (side by side) in the armpit area of my shirts. For a while it was working (but annoying that I even had to do it in the 1st place). If I wasn't working, I lived in tank tops... but even then the sweat would drip down the backs of my arms, like tears coming out of my eyes. It was horrible. As I got older, the sweating got a little worse, it lasted all day long and sometimes it would soak right through the liners. So, I started to double line the insides of my shirt. That's 8 liners a day!! I thought to myself everyday, someone please find a cure for this!! When I was 25, I tried botox. It's very expensive. Luckily I had a friend that worked in a dermatologists office and she got him to charge me only $525, which was what it cost for them to buy it... but it was still expensive even with the discount. Had I not known her, I would've paid around $2,000. They say it lasts about 6 months. For me, it lasted about 8-9 months, but then came back full force! After another few years, I started considering surgery. Did some research and read that all they do is clamp a nerve shut so that sweat isn't released under the arm, but the sweat glands still remain under the skin alive and active! So, all that means is that you could start sweating in your face or your hands... it just wasn't worth the money to not know.

Around the 3rd week in July, I was listening to the radio in my car and a commercial for The Center For Hyperhidrosis came on and it said, "there's a new and fast NONSURGICAL procedure". I turned it up really loud and grabbed my cell phone. I called immediately. Spoke to someone for about 40 minutes, I probably asked a million questions. The woman I spoke with had it done about 6 weeks before, only her 1st treatment but she said she was already happy. I went home and Googled the procedure, watched a video on YouTube that showed that even 'The Doctors' tv show had it on one of their episodes. I then called my mom to ask her what she thought. Everything was telling me to do it. So, I called them back the next day to find out about payment and they told me they took Care Credit. So, I called Care Credit and applied over the phone and was approved within 5-10 minutes. Called the office back and made the appointment for 4 days later. That specific office only does their treatments on Friday, but I could only get mine done on Tuesday since it was my day off. I'm guessing they heard in my voice how desperate I was because they made an exception!

I had my 1st treatment July 31st. The doctor's office that I went to was Leon Egozi MD. However, a woman that works in his office did my procedure was very nice and explained everything to me 1 step at a time. I never saw him. She measured my axilla (armpit) and then made a graph to go off of. It's very similar to the stencil that's placed onto your skin before getting a tattoo. I needed about 35-45 numbing injections under each arm. That part was quite uncomfortable, but I knew it would be worth it. She set the machine to level 2, 5 being the highest. The machine was used in about 24 small, rectangular sections on each side and it took about 30-40 minutes to do. The whole thing took about an hour and 15 to an hour and 30 minutes. The procedure itself is completely painless. I only felt the heat a few times, but the second I said "ouch", she immediately pressed the cool down button that her thumb is on, and it's gone instantly. The doctors office usually has frozen gel packs for after the procedure. However, I read on here before I went there to bring frozen water bottles in a small cooler. I was so glad I listened. Unlike other frozen ice/gel packs with sharp edges, the water bottles are smooth and fit under the curve of your arm perfectly!! I kept 2 in the freezer at home. Once the 2 I was using were half melted, I'd switch them out and refreeze the ones I had just used. Best thing about it, they're way cheaper that going to the drug store for ice packs. Right after the procedure, I started swelling. You definitely don't want to go to work afterwards if you don't have to. I iced for about 2 days and then had to stop when I went back to work. Wasn't a big deal thought because I wasn't in pain, just really swollen, bruised and had little hicky-like marks from the suction of the machine. I immediately noticed a huge difference in the sweating though. It dropped about 75%. As the weeks went on, I still sweat but not nearly as bad. If I did sweat, the wet spot I'd say was between a quarter and golf ball size. I lost feeling under my arms for about 2 months (not a big deal) and you will get these hard, marble sized lumps under the skin. Also not painful, but normal. As soon as my feeling came back, it was time for round 2!!

My 2nd treatment was almost 3 months ago. That time she used a level 5. Why they don't use a level 5 the 1st time, I don't know. I forgot to ask. The swelling and bruising was a bit worse than the 1st time but not painful. Just uncomfortable. Kinda feels like you're walking around trying to hold a baseball under your arm. Afterwards, the sweating went down just a little bit more. One strange thing I have noticed is that the hair under my arms doesn't really grow anymore, BONUS!! LOL... but I still have days where I'm still sweating! Some are worse than others. My right arm seems to be the one that sweats most. Even after drying off after a shower it's still wet. I stopped wearing colors again because I'm afraid if I do get hot and start to sweat, everyone will see it!

When I was at my 2nd treatment, I asked what happens if I'm still sweating afterwards? They said I shouldn't happen, highly unlikely! I said, "well humor me, just for shits and giggles... IF it doesn't work 100% like advertised, then what happens?". The woman said I could go back for a 3rd time free of charge. So, in about 2 weeks, I will be going back for my 3rd. I'm moving to TN in 4 weeks so I gotta get it done before I go. In my eyes, $3,000 and they say its effective and permanent... I should be able to wear colors and NEVER sweat! I will say that it's definitely worth it if you suffer like I did. Most of the time I don't sweat, but when I do I think about the money I spent and I get aggravated. I just hate sweat, no matter how little it is. If I had to do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat. Anything is better than the way I used to be!!

I'll let you know how it goes!!


Well, my mom drove me down for my 3rd treatment today. I'm laying in bed with my frozen water bottles under my arms and I'm in quite a bit of pain so can't stay on long to update everything in full detail. However, I will come back on in about a week to finish. I will take the time to say this though... after my experience with my doctors office today, I WOULD NOT recommend anyone going there. Since I had to have a 3rd treatment ("it's uncommon" they say), 2 reps from MiraDry were there for my treatment to make sure everything was being done correctly. 1 flew in from Atlanta and the other one drove almost 3 hours to be there and I'm so glad they were! They had the nurse, who was doing my procedure now for the 3rd time, do a few different tests under my arms. I learned that most of them are supposed to be done at every treatment. Without getting into full detail right now, it mostly breaks down to checking their accuracy and their bedside manor; making sure you are comfortable and feel as little as possible. I think that from the beginning, too many parties were involved in this procedure. I just wish I had noticed sooner. Between Care Credit, The Center For Hyperhidrosis, MiraDry and Dr. Egozi's office... not 1 of them were on the same page. So, PLEASE make sure any questions you have, you ask everyone involved and that all of their answers are the same. From the second I walked in the door, things just went downhill. As I approached the front desk, I told them my name and then asked to use the restroom. When I came back out I asked for a copy of my financial paperwork that I signed the very 1st time I was there 7 months ago. "Why do you need that?", she said. Now, picture this... they already don't like me because I called The Center For Hyperhidrosis and complained about the false advertisement of MiraDry, that they advertise on the radio that it's a permanent fix, but when I called back and told them it wasn't working, they say that they can't guarantee something on a body! SERIOUSLY??? Why don't they tell you that before you have it done and spent over $3,000?? Because then people wouldn't have it done and they wouldn't make money!!! Well, I'm guessing they called MiraDry and informed them that someone was unhappy and needed a 3rd treatment. I was called back and told they would do it for $450, not the $700 they originally told me, and that a rep from MiraDry would be there. At this point I'm sure all of the office employees know what's been going on through office/work gossip and everyone behind that fancy little sliding window was and spoke Spanish. I only speak English so I couldn't understand anything they were saying, but I knew they were discussing me and my situation... it was extremely obvious! How INCREDIBLY rude to speak another language right in front of me knowing I don't understand you. The only reason I needed that paperwork was because the interest Care Credit was charging me didn't match the paperwork I signed at the doctor's office before my 1st treatment. Care Credit told me they didn't have it and that I needed to get a copy from the doctors office. The woman at the office told me that The Center For Hyperhidrosis had it. So, she "tried" calling them for me. She kept hanging up and redialing the number, acting like something was wrong with their phone. So, I stepped out into the hallway and call them myself. The woman I always speak with told me that the doctor's office had it. So, of course now I'm starting to get pissed off. Why doesn't anyone seem to know what they're doing or what's going on? I felt like there was a reason they didn't want me to have it, something just seemed fishy. Well, the woman at the doc's office already has an attitude because she doesn't want me to have a copy and now that she knows I just called the Hyperhidrosis office, she's giving me even more of an attitude! After 30 minutes of what felt like being on a merry-go-round, she finally she says "oh, I found it". I turned to my mom and sarcastically said, "oh, now she found it", pretty much mocking her and she stood up and started yelling at me and my mother. Like I wasn't allowed to be frustrated for so much miss-communication in that office. She pointed her finger in our faces and said, "do you even know who I am? I am Dr. Egozi's wife!". Like that made a difference to me. I still wanted a copy of the paperwork that is legally mine! She told me she'd give me my money back and I could go to another country and have it done there because her husband was the only doctor in the united states with the machine. She is obviously uneducated on this machine and how many states it is in now... or she just thought i was stupid! Either way, horrible customer service from them. That doctor should learn to keep his wife out of his office. He's no better though. To this day, I still haven't met or seen him. He has never once come into my room during the procedure to meet me or show his face. Yet on this website, his name is the one getting credit for the procedure. I just think that's wrong.
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man, that sucks you had a bad experience at your doctor's office. more importantly, how was your 3rd treatment so far? hopefully the 3rd times a charm. i have another 2 months before my 2nd treatment so it's still a wait-n-see for me...
So far so good, no sweating! The lumps under the surface of my skin are still a little tender and some areas of my skin are still numb, but everything else is good.

It's been 5 months since my 3rd treatment!

Well, I moved from Florida to TN about 4 and 1/2 months ago (just after my last treatment) and just like summertime in Florida, TN is just as HOT!! So, I know the move or climate change has nothing to do with me being sweat free. I am happy to say that, even in this heat, I am about 95% SWEAT FREE!!!! The only time I'll sweat is if I'm outside working on my garden for a long period of time and it's 90 degrees out. Even then, the sweat mark is small (about the size of a quarter) and not very noticeable. ***If this is your 1st time reading about my situation, please make sure you read all of my updates, as there are many KEY things you need to know. What to ask, how you should be treated, make sure whoever's performing the procedure is following the correct steps of the procedure, get things they say in writing, etc. Unfortunately, I went to a crappy doctors office and learned the hard way. You don't want to spend all of that money and have a bad experience. However, in the end, I'm glad the procedure worked! I just wish I had gone to another doctor! Good luck to all of you and to your futures with dry pits =)


Hi, Could you give us an update? Have you been staying dry? It's interesting to learn if the treatment was effective over time. Thank you!
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Hi! Yes, I am completely dry!!! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! It was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made. I may have like 1 day out of the month that I feel a little damp, maybe see a tiny wet spot, but it's not something people would even notice. This might be embarrassing to people at first, but when I see they have huge wet stains, I'll ask them if they have hyperhidrosis. Then I explain that I was in their same shoes 2 years ago, until I did MiraDry. They go from feeling embarrassed to "omg, give me more information!" Most people have never even heard of it. Hopefully I was able to help improve their self confidence :) only thing I can say to someone if they're debating having it done, is DO IT!!!! You will be so happy you did!
Thank you so much for posting your experiences and following up with us all! Your posts have been a great help. I feel well prepared and will be having the procedure 9/18/2013 : )
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Leon Egozi MD

Radio commercial, The Center For Hyperhidrosis. I called them and they found a doctor near me that had the MiraDry machine.

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