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I Have Been Thinking About Lipo - Miami, FL

Last year I got on the Atkins diet and lose 34lbs...

Last year I got on the Atkins diet and lose 34lbs , I went from 204 to 170 in 5 months .
But now I wanna get lipo for my stomach, back and love handles, am looking for a good doctor that's in Miami Fl and that's between 3,000-3,500 and that also will put me to sleep during surgery. I want a perfect cola shape . Any one know a good doctor please help!!!


Does your friend have saggy, crepe looking, uneven skin where she got her lipo done? If she doesn't she is lucky. Look up Dr. Coleman in New York and see botched lipo jobs. You may think differently after seeing the outcomes.
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I sent him some pictures of myself and asked him where did he think I needed lipo. He said my abdomen, back, flanks, arms and inner thighs. I don't know why he said my arms. I thought my arms looked fine to me. My consulation is this week so he'll have a better look at me. Also everything will be $6500. What did your friend have done?
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She got her arms, her abdomen, her inner and outer thighs and also her back done . One week after she did it I promise you she look a lot smaller , I can't believed that she was looking so different that quick. But she was in a lot of pain,even with the pain she's happy with the out come.

Well I went to Dr.Pascual office in the Aventura...

Well I went to Dr.Pascual office in the Aventura location. I speak to her two assistants , who was very nice . As soon as I walked into the room they made me feel comfortable . Her assistants made me feel like I was back in science class, which made me understand about vaser lipo better and the difference with smart lipo. Well I made up my mind , I am going with Dr.Pascual.


fenelon 123 what Dr did you choose? i want Lipo on my stomach, back, and arms
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Hey girl! i have been on the hunt for a doctor as well and am finally going with Dr Wendell Perry. you should look him up he is amazing and he is Board certified! i went to pascual as well to get a quote. Any more updates?
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Wow you look really good now! I just had lipo, 4000CC removed. Full back, full abs, flanks and inner thighs. Yes dramatic results but lots of pain and soreness. It has been 3 weeks. ugh. Each day I get a bit better my hubby says. Remember its major surgery. I had it done with general and was quite sick for a week. Will I be happy!!! OMG yes but is been a bit gruelling...
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