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Stem Cell Enhanced Breast Augmentation - Miami, FL

I'm loving my new tata's. I am a 34yr old...

I'm loving my new tata's. I am a 34yr old woman who had small breasts. I was not obese (5'4", 134lbs prior to the procedure). As a result, the doc had to lipo me front and back from upper thighs to just under my breasts. All the fat was then injected into my breasts (after blended with my stem cells). I had NO pain in my breasts from the procedure, but there was a lot of unexpected downtime with the lipo.

I wore a compression garment for six weeks and was not able to return to work for two weeks. I returned to exercise after 8 weeks. It was very painful, but worth it. Don't believe anyone who says you can return to work in a week if you do that much lipo! Initially my breasts swelled huge! My body reabsorbed about 30% of the fat in the first month. I believe I am now permanently a D-cup. I was a B prior to the surgery. My breasts look and feel real. I like them and I'm enjoying the results of the lipo, although I hear I won't see the full results from that for a full year.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I love, love this doc. He is smart and he is experienced. Totally wonderful at his job. You walk in the office and wonder what people have had done, because it's not blatantly obvious like most places. I did have issues in the recovery room because I was left with a nursing staff that was angry and ignored my requests. My spouse wasn't allowed in the recovery room, which was too bad because it would've made the entire experience a perfect 10!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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Hi the price you paid seems very reasonable. I want fat transfer to my buttocks though
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I'm consder of Fat Cell or Fat Cell add Steam Cell transfer to breast. Would you mind updating the % of your fat survive? Did your doctor use water jet in your lipo? Thank you so much!
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I'm a year and a half out now. My results were permanent. I would say i ended up a C cup. I'm very happy with the results.
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i had this procedure done too and i paid $10,000. Unfortunately i had almost zero results. i still wear the same bra. this procedure is a hit or miss. becareful of which doctor you choose!!
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For the stem cells to 'take', they need oxygen. After 3 yrs of researching this on my own, the consensus with doctors and scientists is 5 days of hyperbaric oxygen treatments after the procedure. No more, no less.
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Hi GinaMax, Thank you so much for that information. I have been reading and thinking why no one has mentioned hyperbaric oxygen treatments, patients or doctors.. May I ask you where you found your research and what doctors were recommending it. If, you have had any procedures done with fat transfer?
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I sustained extensive cosmetic laser damages to my face. Long story short, after research, I decided to try hyperbarics. I found a local doctor and started sessions. I discussed with him about getting stem cell for my face and he told me that stem cell needs oxygen in order to work. I also registered with an online board where the doctors/scientists/specialists on it post about experimenting with various things such as stem cell. I lied and reg. as a doctor. That is where I found most of my info. One is sciencemag dot org. Another is Journal of Investigative Dermatology - nature dot com. Another is Scientific Reports - nature dot com. There is one more, but I can't find the link to it. It took me 3 yrs of research just to find out about Hyperbarics and stem cell. Hope that helps. No, I haven't done fat transfer. I was specifically looking for a stem cell 'transplant' where the docs take 2 months to culture my stem cells, then inject them into a particular part of the body.
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GinaMax, Thanks so much for the information. I am so sorry to hear about your damage with the laser treatment to your face. Was the hyperbaric treatment able to help? What were you able to find out about the culture of stem cells for your face? are you planning on going ahead with it? Do you have a local doctor the would be able to do that for you? Sorry for so many ? You sound very cutting edge to me! Thanks again for posting!
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Yes, the hyperbaric treatment did help, but I was still in early stages. I'm not anymore so the only thing hyperbarics will help with is the nerve damage. I found a doc 2 hrs away and have an appt. with him at the end of April. He does stem cell for different kinds of arthritis and I'm going to beg him to help me with the laser damages even if it means I'm a guinea pig in all of it. I feel if Cancer patients, burn patients and radiation patients can get help from stem cell, then laser damage victims should be able to get help as well. I found the other link for the research I was doing... stm dot sciencemag dot org.
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What kind of laser did you have? I am so sorry to hear that you still have damage. Sending good wishes that you get the help from that doctor!
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4 IPL's over a 2 yr period.
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Thank you so much!! I just turned 34 on may 26, I have got two kids and don't plan on having Any more. I was scared because everyone is telling me I am a mom so I dnt need it done. I am not happy with my breast been like this since I had my first child 10 yrs ago. I am single and ready to live my life happy. That's why I decided relocate to Florida. Now how much does this cost?

Thanks again!!

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Hi there thank you SO much for your review :) Can I ask you what type of lipo you got? I was told there would be very minimal scarring but yours looks a bit more than I would expect.

Oh and also..Were you awake during the procedure?

And my last question is: I am supposed to be getting fat transfer breast augmentation on Wednesday, but I am traveling two days later do you think it will be OK to take a vacay after? (I know this is something that I should also ask my surgeon)
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wow at first i wanted implants but them i got scared of the scar,so lately i have been reserching fat injected into the breast.how any ccs of fat was injected into each breast,do you think it was worth it and do you think you would need another round?
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Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. Looks very painful from the lipo, but you look good after surgery! Please keep us updated on your progress.

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