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Ok, so i'm a disabled guy ,age 47, been disabled...

Ok, so i'm a disabled guy ,age 47, been disabled for 6 years now, and i can't exercise or work due to my disability , i gained lots of weight, i look terrible and feel so unwanted.
I decided to try this Aqualipo procedure on my belly and love handles, Consulted a real nice doctor in Miami that will do the procedure.
Because i have Fibromyalgia ( over active sensitive nerves to pain among other things) i opted to do the procedure under IV sedation , so for that there is an extra step that most people dont talk about, which is MEDICAL Clearance by my private doctor is required.
So i saw my doctor last week , had to do blood work and EKG and physical, right now waiting on results and should have the medical clearance in a couple days, i will keep you posted.
My Aqualipo will be done on july 3rd right before the
will start antibiotics on the day before for 6 days ( i feel good about that to eliminate any possible infection)
To tell you the truth , i have mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement , but i know its something i have to do for myself, and i will later on eat healthier.
Note: Doctor explained to me that my stomach will not be 100% flat in my case , because i do have fatty tissue around my organs, so i have to work on that after the procedure , Lipo is only to take the fat between the abdominal muscles and skin.
Recovery will be faster than regular lipo, so its expected that by my birthday july 28th, i will unwrap my present and get rid of the compressing wrap and feel a little better about myself, and at the same time help someone out there who needed an advice or encouragement .
i'm posting my ugly before pics on here reluctantly, but i really want to share my story honestly and completly, and will update the pics.
Please excuse my typo.

Today is june 27th,2012 Good news, i got my...

Today is june 27th,2012 Good news, i got my medical clearance for the procedure.
i went out and got my friend to help me with the new picture with the measuring tape, and i measured at 43" arround
my body by the belly botton , and i'm posting the picture.
I'm thinking now what will my measurement be after the procedure?

Hello everyone Today was finally here at 6:30 am...

hello everyone
Today was finally here at 6:30 am i woke up all excited and got ready for my appointment to do the aqualipo to my stomach and love handles. i weighed my self i was 204 exactly.
anesthesiologist talked and interviewed me, and medical history etc, then nurse took my vitals, then my Doctor stopped by and checked on me and marked my body and took the before pics and answered all my questions, the off i went to the operating room..
they put the iv line and prepped me and i was kinda awake but not awake, its kinda strange, they just got me to a place were i was sleep but awake, not deep sleep for most of the time, but they tell me i was in deep sleep and would not wanna turn over to do my love i wonder if i cursed them out for interrupting my sleep....he he he
i did not really feel anything, they took me to recovery place, checked my vitals gave me instructions again, doc said if the pain gets too much i could take tylanol, no asprin or asprin like meds.
i got home and slept good , i could feel the pain so a friend got me the Tylanol , i feel better now.
i have not taken the garmet off yet to take pics, i will do that tomorrow but here is a pic of me in thecrazy white compressing garmet that i have to wear for a month.
every one at the office was great including the doctor was so nice

Hello hello everyone yes if you have not figured...

hello hello everyone
yes if you have not figured it out, i'm so excited today, i see some major results eventhough its only second day, and i'm still swollen everywere.
i combined the before and after pics for day 2 so u dont have to click back and forthso u can see side by side comparison. (plus i was bored just laying still in bed most of the
i been taking my antibiotics every 4 or 5 hours ( 4 pills a day ) and basically trying not do many things.

My doctor called me today at 11:50 am to check on me , and ensure i'm following all instructions and if i have any questions, That was so nice of him considering that it is 4th of july and all.

i also took garmet off to clean holes and change bandages , but when i looked in the mirror i was like wow i gotta take quick pics to show you what i
any coments or questions contact me, i dont mind :)

oh , I'm wearing same shorts for most of my pics so it will clearly show results if there are any.

On my 6th day i committed the ultimate sin, yes...

on my 6th day i committed the ultimate sin, yes its called CHINESE
yeah i ate like there is no tomorrow, and i sooooo regret it now, but hey once in a while is good to splurge.
anyway, i have no pain what so ever, but if i touch my stomach i feel soreness, the holes are healing well,
the holes are tiny tiny, maybe i should do a close up to show you guys what i'm talking about.
But the swelling is another story,it is taking over, not sure how long it will last, which reminds me to ask my doctor tomorrow,
as i will see him on day 7 for check up,i have to write down my questions so i don't forget , so yeah tomorrow
at 5pm i will see the good nice doctor and will update you guys on whats up.
Also i'm posting a couple new pics to go along with this review.

It has been a week and today is the check up day...

It has been a week and today is the check up day with the good doctor.
i was kinda excited to go and see and hear what he will say about my progress, cause if anyone knows, it would be the doctor.
So the doctor did his checks and told me that so far i'm healing good, still very tender and lots of swelling ( normal for this kinda procedure) but the holes where he made the incisions are closing up good and no lumps , wants me to continue wearing the compression belt 24/7 for one more week, then 1 week of only 12 hrs a day, and i'm done with that compression belt/garmet.
Probably big reason i will be done fast is that he only took out a little less than 2 liters ( 650cc total ) so less trauma to body
Most of the fat is inside my stomach muscle and i have to diet and work out as much as i can considering my disability.
But as of this coming Friday i can go to the pool, yeaaay ..
next doctor appointment will be in 4 weeks, That's when the doctor thinks most of results would have been achieved 80%
then the rest will just happen in couple months after that if all goes well.

Today marks the 2 weeks post op day :) as of...

Today marks the 2 weeks post op day :)
as of today i dont have to wear the compression Garment full time 24 hrs a day, Doctor advised me for the next week to wear it 12 hrs a day for one week then i should be done with it. while the garment is off i wear a compression shirt ( pic posted )
i know some people have to wear it for 4 or 5 or even 6 weeks, what i can tell you is that ultimately it depends on how much fat they managed to take out of our bodies, mine was little less than 2 litters from stomach and flanks, so less trama to the body i guess.
i'm the same wieght and the big news is i can say and show that I LOST 2" OF FAT ( see pics ) went from 43" to little less than 41"
so even though i want more inches off, i understand i have to let my body heal and swelling go down in the next 3 critical weeks.
Its time for me to start doing some lite exercise.
any comments or questions feel free to contact me

THE END OF WEEK # 3 UPDATE: well, three weeks...

well, three weeks went by, and i can report to you that i started light exercise , and trying to go back to normalcy , i dont have to wear compression garment anymore, even though i still believe i'm swelled up and my lipo areas are still tender.
i started the process at 204 lbs , i'm today at 202.6 lbs, as we all know lipo does not really make u lose weight, but its actually me trying to lose some weight as much as i can. i still have 2 weeks to go before i have to see my doctor for check up and his after pic for his documentation.
so meanwhile i will continue posting , and reply to any comments and questions, and will post more pics if there is any change, but to be honest there is really not much change between week 2 and week 3,

Name not provided

excellent doctor and secretary and staff i left after care follow up and phone e mail review blank because it has not happened update after care and phone follow ups were excellent , so they get 5 stars :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey Stomach Aqualipo, I'm thinking of having this procedure but not sure if I will benefit from it. Since turning body seems to have its own min lately. Most fat settles in my stomach. I was told about this procedure from a friend in the Alpharetta, GA area. After speaking with a receptionist during a phone conversation, she advised me not to gain weight after the procedure because the fat cells will grow in areas I didn't have a problem with before aqualipo. That discouraged me plus the fact I don't want a lot of loose skin hanging. They recommended the Venus freeze for that but there aren't any doctors in my area that does it. Meaning, I would have to remain in GA for 6 weeks. I'm praying about this but whenever I make up my mind not to, I receive another encouraging email from the clinic. The doctor feels I will be more than satisfied with the results due to my size. I was 185 pounds but as I mentioned, now my weight is accelerating. If I drink you much water, juice, etc, I may stay at 205. Reading your blog helps but I would love to find some PO comments after about 5 years.
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thanks :) how's the weight stuff going? I actually started myself on phentermine a week ago. I've lost about 3lbs. I am still trying to lose another 6. There's always something I have to worry about :0
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well my flanks are great, but my stomach is ..... so so , my doctor said it would never be flat because i have fatty tissues inside arround the organs, means i need to diet what is phentremine? can you private massege me if u want about that info? also i dont think you need to lose wieght, u look great , dont get too obsessed with getting skinny, you need some meat on the bones for your hubby to grab
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How are you doing aqua man?
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i'm doing ok , i see you are happy with your results and that great, and your pics look very nice:)
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@ Aqualipo *like*
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omg , lets all kiss and hug in this huge" Wild Wild Waves" of the WWW space
" virtual kisses and hugs to you all "
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WTF? This doesn't even make sense. What I was doing was coming to Aquaman's aide. LOL. Why don't you RE-READ the context and try again. SHAME ON YOU!
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people putting their arms up in post-op photos, gives a misleading impression of the result of the work done.

anyone putting their arms up looks a lot thinner than they really are, the same way as when we sit down our stomachs look much bigger.

we don't walk around the street with our arms up now do we?
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hello fredrickN
thank you for your input about the pics, i totally agree with you about the position of the arms, if you go back and look at all the pics closely , you will see that i have comparitive pics with my arms up , and with my arms down, i even put pics side by side so people can see before and during healing process, you can also notice that right after the op before the swelling started , and then how the swelling gradually got worse.
only way you would see those details of u click on the pics, maybe you did not enlarge them yet?
If you have any questions feel free to ask, as i'm not here to miss-lead anyone, rather share my experience as honest as i can.
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Thanks for the pep talk aqua. I'm at work and I'm so tired, I didn't think it would be this hard to get back into the groove of things. I guess it's only the first day, I am ready to get back to a normal routine. Have a great day!
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yeah i remember the first time i tried to sit in my car , or even shopping wearing my compression garment was so hard, then it got easier the second and third time
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I'm starting to see some and I stress some results from my lipo, my areas still hurt, I can't sleep on my sides, they took a lot out of my
I'm just looking forward to next year this time :), I also had to have liquid from my tummy tuck drained twice, can't wait to be on the other side of this, I get so own sometimes, oh and back to work tomorrow, 4 weeks post op.
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hi FeeRob
you can't let the stress over whelm you , it will definitely take time for the tenderness and the pain and the swelling, Going back to work is a great thing because it will make the days pass faster and keeps your mind off it, the funny thing is my stomach is doing a yo yo
one day it is huge, another day its less swelling, and i still have tenderness , and that tell me its not over yet, i been drinking lots of water and watching my salt ,and waiting for the 5 week mark to see if my doctor was right or it will take me longer.
hope to hear from you soon about your progress :)
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Congratulations ,and good for you that you have been so brave,as although i desperately need lipo, myself i am just too scared.
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Thank you secrets, you dont have to be scared, but i can tell you, its a 1 month to 2 months commitment if you do it, depends on how much fat they take out , and what kinda lipo , you will get swelled up for that long, but it is true that the first week is the critical and hard week, then its a piece of cake one you get used to wearing the compression Garment.
and ofcourse u want a nice good doctor, i hope my review helped and helps people decide what to do and what to expect.
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i guess just the whole theater shooting thing got to me for a little while, i hate to see people die like that.
i bought some clothes and few electronic items i needed , i guess they say when u feeling down nothing better than spending believe it or not it worked,
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Hey! Why were you depressed? You doing better? What did you buy?
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How ya doing aqua man? It was a sad day here in Colorado :((((
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yeah i was depressed and bummed out all yesterday and today, so i went out and bought bunch of junk and spent too much money just to feel better, i'm feeling much better now till i get my credit card
i was thinking all the pain and discomfort that we are going through after our lipo is nothing compared how they must feel.
but i know we all will stand together and pull through this
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you're looking really good, I'm glad you're doing so well! Do you have to massage the area or are the lumps just staying away on their own? I'm afraid of lumpiness and was told if needed to start massaging about 2 weeks after the procedure...also, are you taking anything for the swelling?
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hi hopeful
thank you for the kind compliment, i just passed my 2 weeks mark, i dont notice any lumps except one tiny one on my upper abdominal so far, my doctor advised me to put warm towel over the area and gently massage it
as far as meds for swelling, no i don't take any, swelling is usually can be controlled by low sodium diet and compressing garment, i only had close to 2 litters taken out , and did the Aqualipo , so my swelling is not as bad as it would be for example if 4 or 5 liters taken out, the more fat they take out , the more swelling tend to occur . but i can say that my swelling is doing a " yo yo " on me , it goes up and down as it wishes, and i kinda started to block it out of my mind , knowing that in few weeks it will be gone permanently. i really want you to feel confident if u ever get the swelling that it will eventually go away :)
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thank you for visiting my review Feerob
it sounds like you had a major procedure done, so i would say your body is gonna need extra time to heal and the swelling go down. in my case i'm 2 weeks and 3 days post op , and some days i have more swelling than other days, its just part of this whole thing, most of the swelling will take up to 5 or 6 weeks to subside, and the rest will take up to 6 months, it all depends on our bodies , so its different from one person to another.
i'm so happy you reached out , and i'm here in case u wanna vent or share any concerns, we are all in this together :)
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