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I had my labs done on Wednesday April 17. My post...

I had my labs done on Wednesday April 17. My post op is scheduled for April 24, and my surgery on April 27. I always have a protruding stomach despite eating healthy, working out, and even having a personal trainer. I cannot wait to get it over. I hope everything will be ok.

My labs result are good. So, tomorrow, I am going...

My labs result are good. So, tomorrow, I am going for my pre op appointment. I AM READY TO GET RID OF THAT BIG STOMACH! I am happy and not nervous. I am off today and try to clean my house. I bought Arnica, antibacterial soap, funnel to make #1 easy, ginger ale, crackers, etc. My surgeon will give me the first compression garment but I plan to buy one tomorrow from my PS. I have already contacted the therapist for my lymph massage. It was a recommendation of my PS. According to him it will help with bumps, fade the scars, and circulation, etc.
Guys, i will follow your advices post op to eat pineapple, low sodium, take fiber, etc. Any other advices will be helpful.
That is awesome, Good luck and God Bless with your Post Op. Please post pics so we can be happy and see the difference WITH you! ,-)
Thanks. I will be posting pre op and post op pictures soon.

I had my pre op appointment today. Everything...

I had my pre op appointment today. Everything went well. I was nervous on my way to the doctor's office but after talking to the PS, i feel really good and confident. My surgery is scheduled at 9 AM on Friday. Again, my PS sat down and explained to me the process, the complications and how to prevent blood clot, dehydration, and infection, etc. He reaffirmed that massage is very important and encouraged me to move around after surgery, to drink a lo of fluids, such as water, gatoradet, etc. Norma gave me some advices and words of encouragement. She is very pleasant, nice, and knowledgeable. I got my prescriptions from the PS and tomorrow i will purchase them. I know that I am going to have some ups and down but I will be fine. I said good luck to all of you for your upcoming surgery.

Hi there, thanks for sharing your journey with us. Good luck with your surgery, please keep us updated on your progress.


I woke up this morning at 4:30 and couldn't go...

I woke up this morning at 4:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. It could be stress but I feel calm and relax. So, I got up and made my coffee. Then, I did laundry, fix some stuff and ate breakfast. At 9:00 AM, I went to pick up my prescriptions. Now, I am getting my hair and nails done. I AM READY FOR THE NEW ME. I've been dealing with that big belly since I was a teenager and now I am 45 y/o. I am happy and I hope my result will be fantastic. Later, I will buy my Gatorade, jelly, crackers, etc. I will cook some soup and have food in the house. By Sunday or Monday, I will start my first lymph massage. So, when I reach home, I will try to post pre op pictures.
Tomorrow is the big day, 9:00 AM.

Pre op pictures

pre op pictures

Finally, its over. I was there early in the...

Finally, its over. I was there early in the morning. The PS again explained to me what to expect and taught me again about the possible complications and how to prevent them. Then, he marked my body and took pictures. At 10:00 AM, they started IV, anesthesist, etc. I had a short conversation with the Anesthesiologist and the last thing I remembered was you will be sleeping in 2 minutes. Then, They woke me up around 2:00 PM. The medical staff and the PS was there, I smiled. Then, the worst sensation was the shaking. I was shaking badly and the PS reassured me. I woke up without pain. Before we left, my husband and I, he told me to get up and walk in the evening and drink a lot, He also said the drainage will be for a few hours.
When I reached home, I felt achy pain in my abdominal area which was normal. So, I took my pain medication pill (one was enough). The difficult and annoying part was the drainage and to use the bathroom. I was not comfortable to pee with the garment on, so I pee a little on me. The first and second time, I asked for help to use the bathroom. Then, I have learned to use my legs, I took a second pill 4 hours after, change position in bed, move my legs, etc. I did not get a lot of sleep last night. I don't know why. I don't feel nauseated.
Today, I wake with body sore. Its difficult to get in/out of bed and moving from a standing to sitting position. I will get my first massage on Monday and my post op appointment is scheduled on Tuesday. Ok, later and thanks for everyone support.

Yesterday was better, i took a shower and i felt...

Yesterday was better, i took a shower and i felt good. I don't have pain but the body is really sores. I have noted some bruises in my back and legs areas but they are not too bad. I walked a little bit in the house and drank a lot of fluids. My appetite is not too good. So, crackers, ginger, and gatorade are my best friends.

I got my first post op massage today. The pain was excruciating. I screamed a lot. I always see the difference in my body shape. I love it. However, i will be patient with my abd part. Its swollen and I have noted some lumps. I will talk to my PS tomorrow about it. What you do guys for body sore?
oh my gosh girl i cant wait to see your pics!!! Congrats!!!
Thanks for all the updates. I've been following your blog and hope your recovery keeps going well. Can't wait to see pics of your results!

May 1st, day 4 post op appointment, My PS took a...

May 1st, day 4 post op appointment, My PS took a look at my body and said everything look good. I shared my concerns about saggy skin in lower part of my abd. He said they will go away and put some pressure on that part. It was very painful. He deeply encouraged the massage during the first 2 weeks. My next appointment is next week tuesday to remove the stiches.
I don't have pain. It is just the discomfort from the swelling. My abdomen is hard, is is normal? My PS advised me not to drive now and to take it slowly. I have salad daily, drink a lot of fluids. Yesterday, I had my second massage, I screamed, cried of pain. The pain is excruciating but I will do anything for my body. I will take one more week off from work.
Any advices about how to post pictures? I have a hard time doing it!
WOW, this is pretty friggin awesome! Thnx Johanne8559 / Yesss, we all agree, just cant wait until U post the post op pics. So awesome, Congrats once again, BTW.
Can somebody tell me how to post pictures. I've been trying without success.
Thanks guys for support. I am doing well but the body is still swollen particularly the abdomen area and some bruises noted in my thighs, back,etc.

Day 7 post op. I feel much better with less...

Day 7 post op. I feel much better with less discomfort. Still still present in my abd area but no swelling in other parts of the body, such as arms, thighs, legs, etc. Lot of bruises present in those areas and back.
johanne8559 the sagging skin will tighten up you have to push the skin in and then up i had the same problem my PS told me what to do and my skin is now tightening up in my lower ab im almost 3 wks post i dont no how to post pictures either cause i will show you mines and how it look then to now

The stitches were removed on Tuesday, May 8 but...

The stitches were removed on Tuesday, May 8 but the body is still swelling. The bruises are not bad at all. The PS told me everything look good. Today, I am going to start walking on the treadmill. I hope the swelling will decrease. Despite that, I can see the difference in my body. I will recommend DR. Perry 100% to anyone. I will post pictures soon.

22 days post op. I am doing well except the...

22 days post op. I am doing well except the swelling still present in lower abdominal area and thighs. Bruises are getting better. I had muscle cramps yesterday due to my menstrual cycle and my stomach appeared bloated. I am waiting to post pictures in approximately 2 weeks. I will be 1 month post op. I am happy with my result. Last week, my garment was changed from medium to small. I am still drinking a lot of water, eat healthy, and continuing with my lymphatic massage. The last massage i went, I did not feel pain for the first time. That's mean a lot of progress is being made. I will continue to take massage until the fluid goes away. I also feel more comfortable driving now and the skin is less sensitive than it was the first 2 weeks post op. I don't feel that electric shock feeling anymore. Now, I learn to sleep back on my stomach since i have been sleeping on my back and sides for the last 3 weeks.
Thanks Diva. Despite the swelling, i am happy with the new me. I know its going to take time before i see the final result but i am patient. I will post pictures next week.
Wowwwww!!! I KNOW you've got to be happy with your results! Your stomach looks so flat. Congratulations on the new you :-)

One month post op. I am doing well and happy...

One month post op. I am doing well and happy with, my result. I lost 10 pounds and I expect to loose 5 more pounds. I am 5'4'' and I believe 135 pounds will be ok. Some swelling still present and the lower abdomen area that was hard is getting better with the daily massage. I am still wearing my compression garment, size small, 24 hours a day. I know i will look good in a few more weeks. So, I am patient. Will post pictures soon!

I went for a follow up appointment. Everything...

I went for a follow up appointment. Everything looks great according to the PS. I took pictures and the PS said that I look great! However, my sides are still swollen and lower and hard. He said that it may takes weeks or months before it goes away completely. I am happy with the result and I feel confident about myself.
Can i see updated pcs

Hey guys, I just post two pictures taken 4 weeks...

Hey guys, I just post two pictures taken 4 weeks post op. My sides are swollen and painful to touch but my abd is less swollen. I am still taking massage at least twice a week. I cannot wait to go back to the gym. I will ask myPS next week at my follow up appointment. Now, I am 138 pounds. I am trying to drop 8 more.

I have a hard time posting those pictures.

I have a hard time posting those pictures.
thanks keep in touch
Thanks for updated pics. Keep us posted
thanks for updated pics. wow kudos for being 138lb

Today, I am wearing a sexy dress and I look good....

Today, I am wearing a sexy dress and I look good. Dress size small. Now my pants size are 4,5. I am showing my new body by weariing what I could wear years ago.
Was their some kind of special going on when you booked with Dr. P? B/c I'm not very big & will be recieving abdomen, back, flanks, and inner thighs & quote was 5600!! I'm not trying to be a hater or anything. I'm just curious. Was their a special I missed?
how is the skin retracting? is it lumpy or loose? i want to get lipo but am worried i need a tummy tuck so am asking.

3 months 1 day! My waist is perfectbut my...

3 months 1 day! My waist is perfectbut my abdomen is not completely flat. I am ambivalent about my feelings. Apparently, my upper abdomen is a little big like it was before. So, I have an appointment on Tuesday with my surgeon. So, I will update.
Wow! You look great. Congrats! Keep us posted.
Sorry, I had only my abd and flanks done. There was no special.
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