Liposuction with Fat Transfer to my Calf. (Calf Augmentation)....Today is the Day - Miami, FL

Most of my life I was skinny, really skinny, so...

Most of my life I was skinny, really skinny, so the fact that my legs were too didn't bother me so much. But as I began to gain some weight I went from welcoming the curves to combating them. At this point I am pretty happy with my overall size but would like to tweek some areas. I have inherited really think calves, when i would of preferred I have seach the internet far and wide looking for someone that specializes in calf augmentation. this has proven to be a great task. I came accross three Doctors, the one I decided on is Dr Mendieta, because his liposuction work on how he contours your body is beautiful. I think its a plus that I can be rid of the fat in my abdomen area at the same time. Today is my surgery day, I am really excited and a bit anxious, I will post before Pictures and keep everyone posted on how the recovery process treats me.

I had my surgery today, so its Day 1, so far so...

I had my surgery today, so its Day 1, so far so good. The staff a the office are amazing, I didn't feel nervous after got there. There were so accommodating and funny to, just love everyone. Dr Mendieta is so personable, I just love him. I woke up a little drowsy, which is expected, then they brought my friend who is my caretaker in to see me. I was able to get up on my own with really no pain just a little stiffness in my calves, but the nurse was right there in case I needed her. I had a few naps today in and out of sleep and when I got up I realized my calves felt a bit more stiffer than earlier. The Liposuction on my abdomen is a bit sore, more so tender to the touch. I know I must be swollen in my abdomen waist and back, but they look the same size before the surgery this morning, which makes me believe that he took alot out and my waist should be super tiny .........Yippie I'm so excited about that. My Calves have this type of sock that applies a little pressure, They look great now, hope the swelling doesnt go down to much there. I can't wait to wear a mini The first recovery day seems to be quite easy, but that was also the case with my breast augmentation. I am looking forward to the three week mark would should give me an idea of what I would look like with most of the swelling down.

Ok day two: wasnts all that bad, I think I made it...

Ok day two: wasnts all that bad, I think I made it bad. I had my first post of today, got up, put on my make up and a flared dress to hide my garment. Everyone in the office complimented me, I felt and looked great (of course still swollen and a little bruised). Today they changed my garment, even though they are expensive ($200) I was advised to buy two which was a good idea. The first one was soiled from all the drainage the night before. After i had help taking it off, which it wasnt hard, I was asked to sit because the nurse told mr patients tend to feel a little light headed when it comes off. I within 10 minute got a quick bout of nasea but only last for like 5 minutes and as a safety precaution my Doc gave me a anti-nausea shot. I love my Doctor. My Calves look great, just what I hoped for. The only issue is after being stationary, when its time to get up and walk around they get really stiff. They loosed up a bit but I still had that "frankinstien" I felt really good today just a little sore. so i decided to go in the mall, BAD IDEA. At first i was okay but then i think I stayed too long and pushed myself too hard, I felt so tired I didnt think I could make it to the car. I had a friend with me, she kept telling me to sit, but then I kept thinking how I get stiff so quickly so i rather pushed myself and headed for the car. Needless to say, i will be staying in tomorrow, resting. I was able to get up on my own today, I didnt spring up like i usually do, but felt great to have my independence so soon. Overall a good day.

Day Three: I stayed in and rested today. This was...

Day Three: I stayed in and rested today. This was a good idea, i felt less sore and was able to change my dressings and was quite mobile around the hotel. I am staying at the Residence Inn by Marriott Coconut Grove which is a very nice and clean hotel. I previously booked to stay in Extended Stay America in Coral Gables but the hotel was awful and had an odor, I couldnt imagine recovering there, I was not comfortable. My only drawback so far is that I havent had a bowel movement yet. I was warned that this may be an issue and on the list of items the doctor told me to buy was Citrate Magnesium and Colace. This is suppose to help me have a pass. I just drank the Citrate Magnisium today so I await the result. I had less drainage today as well and look even slimmer even though i am still really swollen. So far I am happy with my results and the recovery has been easier than I expected. I will post updated it pictures and body pics soon.

Day four: Today I got up, got dressed to do...

Day four: Today I got up, got dressed to do errands and a little shopping. I felt good and I didn't get stiff as easily as yesterday, overall great improvement. I posted a few new pics today of my calves, "I love them". I still have alot of swelling in my abdomen area, and my drains are still in. I only have one drain in my lower back, I have read that Dr Mendieta's patients usually have three drains when they do fat transfer to the butt. My next post op appointment is in two days, I hope they take out the drain then. I doesnt drain as much as the first three days. I am still optomistic about my overall outcome. I traveleled a long way to get here (from the West Coast) to Dr. Mendieta because from all my research he is the best. I will continue to write about my progress.

Day six: I stayed in today, got some rest. I...

Day six: I stayed in today, got some rest. I think because I wasnt really mobile or active today I was still a little stiff. There wasn't any inprovement from the day before. My waist does look smaller so I think more of the swelling went down, but there is still alot of swelling. Today is also the first day I didnt take any pain meds. I decided to discontinue seeing that I only experienced a little soreness that I thought was bearable. I probably didnt need the pain meds past day two, because I felt fine without them. I must say my doctors office gave me alot of great tips, like eating every three hours to keep my energy up. Colace every day to help with the constipation that the meds may cause, and the list of supplies that I may need at home. Believe it or not funny movies were on that list, and that has been the best, it keeps me in a great mood. Tomorrow is my second post op check up and I hope they take the drain out of my back, but it still leaks so they may not take it out. Also today was the first day I kind of felt some pain in my legs, bearable but the first time I felt that type of discomfort, they are usually just stiff. Overall still very happy and very excited.

Day eight: Yesterday was my second post op visit,...

Day eight: Yesterday was my second post op visit, they took out my sutras and the drain out my back. As usual because I felt good I wanted to stay out. Once again BAD IDEA, I did a lil shopping and got tired after two hours. This time I listened to my body and went back to my hotel. Later that day the discomfort from the swelling in my back became untolerable at this point I took a percecet. I decided to lay on my side which helped. Earlier that morning I also took off my Anti -embolism knee-hi stockings which I must wear for four weeks. I needed to wash them, I only had them off for about 2 hours, I bought a second pair from my doctors office. Because of them being off I also felt discomfort in my calves and pain at times. So needless to say day 7 wasnt a treat. Today which is day 8, I stayed in most of the day, I was more stiff than normal, which was a disappoinment, I had hoped for improvement. I know everything takes time, but I am due back to work within a week and my fear is not to have the energy to get through the day. I am still positive though, think I will go to the salon tomorrow, between the full body girdle and the grandma stockings, not felling to sexy right now.....I need a pep me up treat.

Day Eleven: I had stiffness for a few day now, not...

Day Eleven: I had stiffness for a few day now, not bad kinda mild at times. My only concern is my ankles and feet have been swollen for two days now. A couple days ago I was on my feet pretty much the entire day and then I had a long flight back home. In which the nurse informed me that I may become a bit more swollen due to traveling. Other than that everything is great. Today is my first day back home in my own the recovery continues.

Today is one month since I had my surgery and I...

Today is one month since I had my surgery and I must say I am happy with my decision and outcome so far. I must apologise for not updating this sooner but I will fill everyone oin on my progress. Unfortunately the swelling in my feet and ankles continues, I was told to drink lots of fluids and stay off my feet. Thiat has been hard seeing that my job requires me to be on them. So my ankles are usually swollen by the end of the day, I sleep with them elevated and the swelling is usually gone by the morning. The days when I stay in they don't swell at all. Today and yesterday I have pretty busy days and there was no swelling. The doctor told me this sometimes happens with lipo and may continue over the next week, I am not that concern with it because there is no pain. I post pictures of my swollen "fat ankles". As for my waistline it has gotten smaller, I hope that it will continue to shrink because my goal is a 27" waist and right now its 29". The fat in my calfes have remained the same, I am really happy about that, I hope that doesnt change. Most of the stiffness is gone, I usually feel a bit in the morning and thats it. But I must say that the real challenge is finding clothing to hide this oversized garment urgh. I am so tired of being creative its really not cute anymore, I have 3 more weeks in this thing and they cant come soon enough. I did cheat one evening and wore a thong compression garment that was another brand and did not come as high in the back....."BAD IDEA"......It left so many lines and they took days to disappear. The nurse worned me about this and I didnt listen. I cant visually see the lines anymore but I can still feel them under my skin. Can someone give me a remedy to fix this? I was thinking I may have to do endermologie massage, has anyone had this issue before or tried this? Other than that recovery has been great. Countdown is now on to burn this feel the need to wear a slutty dress, I deserve

I had my 2 month post op visit with Dr Mendieta...

I had my 2 month post op visit with Dr Mendieta and he is pleased with the results, so was I. He still feels that I am quite swollen around the abdomen, which I was glad to hear, it means my waist should get even smaller. He also told me I dont need to wear my compression garment anymore, so I now need to cremate I have and also some friends and co-workers have noticed my butt looks bigger and rounder (I pretend as if I didnt notice and its all due to my hard work at the gym....lmao). Which is due to the lipo of my upper and lower back (it is really sexy in tight fitted clothing). Even though my abdomen is swollen it is still very flat, there are no lumpy areas from lipo either. About 2 weeks ago I started to experience a light burning like sensation, I was told that was my nerves repairing themselves after lipo. Its random and very bearable. As for my calves, they still look great, I love them, I do believe i lost a lil volume due to the swelling going down, but I can live with that because they still are very proportionate to my body. I must say I enjoy clothing even more much less conscious about what I wear, I feel great in everything, the only sad part is beach season is surgery is worth every single penny spent.......and the discomfort in the beginning is so worth the results you get in the end.......If I won the lotto right now, I would do this for all my fellow "skinny leg sistas".......loving every moment

I just wanted to post some updated pics, I took...

I just wanted to post some updated pics, I took these about 2 weeks ago, i thought I was retaining water or swollen so I took the pic for my doc to view as well. He said that I need to lightly message it help with the swelling. He was right, every day my body has subtle changes that I love even more. It may sound crazy but i feel like I want everyone to do this My mom is dieting and eating healthy, she will be having lipo and tummy tuck with Dr M in the summer of next year, we are both excited. It really is a pleasure getting dressed in the morning. Before this surgery, I felt uncomfortable in my skin, plus my skin suffered with bouts of acne, shortly before my surgery my dermatologist started me on Obagi skin care system. I must say for a while it didnt look like it was working, but now my skin is near flawless, and younger looking. I also tried Latisse for my lashes ( I know what you thinking "she is a real guinea pig" Latisse is amazing, I feel over the past few months that I really went through a transformation (a butterfly). I was regarded in high school as pretty much a glamour girl and have alway been into fashion. I have a male high school friend that I see pretty often, whom last week stared at me and said "I cant believe it, are you Benjamin Button or something? it looks like you are getting younger." I'm still Overall great experience, I know these new photos arent that clear but I will post better ones later. And I promise to keep updating until the six month mark. Which I was told is the final results. Starting the gym tomorrow, wish me luck.

I felt the need to post an update, even though not...

I felt the need to post an update, even though not much has changed. My waistline got an inch smaller and my legs are the same in size. For the past few evenings in bed they felt a little tenderness in my calves, not painful. So I decided to take the iron tablets that my Dr had me taking for a couple months after surgery. I got more from the local pharmacy, they are suppose to promote healing. Other than that everything is great, I have been hitting the gym and my body has toned and firmed up really nicely. I think I need to modify my exercises because I don't want to build too much muscle, I like a feminine look. All and all I am still very pleased and happy with my decision.

It's only natural as the new year approaches to...

It's only natural as the new year approaches to reflect on the previous year. I can truly say that my surgery would make 2012 very memorable for me, but in an unexpected twist it comes second on my list of defining moments this year. I felt the need to make a post today to pay homage to the community of . When I initially started this journey it was simply to inform others whom had this same interest of the process, but what I got in return was an overwhelming group of support. As one starts this journey, it begins with excitement and a look to the future, you always imagine and focus on the end result (which is good). You are aware that there is a recovery and healing process but of course that's not your focus while your daydreaming of your new body. The support of family and friends when you have those doubtful moments during your recovery are stronger than any percecet that can be prescribed. For the massive unexpected support, I thank all of you. At this point my body looks better than i imagined it would be, for that thanks goes to my surgeon Dr Mendieta for sculpting it, and to my friends, family and the realself community for supporting me which guaranteed my happy healing. I have attached a few new photos of my body up to date. Happy Holidays to everyone and my the New Year grant you all your hopes, wishes and dreams......

I haven't updated my profile recently, simply...

I haven't updated my profile recently, simply because I haven't had any new updates to report. I consider that a good thing. My weight is pretty much the same, and the fat in my calves remain and there is no pain or side effects to date from the surgery. I am now at five and a half months, which is just two weeks shy of the date I was told I will see my final results and still I am ecstatic about what I see in the mirror every day. I will make my final update and post pictures in two week.......Thank you girls for the love.....smoooches
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Hi Seree. How are your legs now? Did you lose much of the fat? I've just had FT to calves and ankles and hope not to lose any of my precious fat so would like to know how yours retained. How many CCs did you have transferred? was it just the calves? Thanks and hope all is well. x
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Very nice results. Thank you for your detailed post :)
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Hi. Just seen your results, they are outstanding! Could you let me know how much fat you had transferred to each leg and did it go in down to the ankle area as well? I would love to have this done myself and looking for a PS in the UK. What percentage of your fat was retained would you say? Thanks for posting such an informative blog.
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I have ridiculously skinny calves compared to big thighs & saddlebags so I've thought about implanting. Seeing your results with fat transfer I think that's probably the best option. Thank you SO much for sharing your experience!
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SOOO happy for you!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience!
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Ola, sweetie:) I am so glad you had the best results! Such a great motivation for all of us! Thanks for updating. Waiting anxiously (and sadly)for your last update. Please promise me that if something changes in the long-term run, you will let us know? Take care for now. Lots of Love xxx (from the UK)
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Hi. Just seen your post and was just wondering if you had gone ahead with fat transfer to the calves? I'm in the UK also and want it done and was wondering where to go. What fantastic results for Seree007.
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Hi, Eva. No, haven't done it, still saving money. I've never considered using a UK surgeon as its not a common procedure in the UK, therefore they are not very experienced. When I get the money, I will choose Dr Mendietta. At least, I know he is a reliable and very experienced surgeon when it comes to this very particular op, and Seree is a great proof of it. Whatever ur decision is, just remember that when it comes to your health, money and distance should not be prioritised over safety. Good luck:)
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Thanks for your reply. I'm looking into surgeons at the moment, but was told I don't have enough spare fat to transfer on its own and would probably need an implant as well. Have been referred to see another surgeon about this now. I'll keep you posted when I've seen him. When do you think you will be going ahead with the procedure - this year?
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Maybe next year:) I would never consider implants as the rate of complications are really high. They shift, you might get infections, and apparently it is really painful. I don't know what your experience is on the cosmetic surgery world, but let me tell you, most plastic surgeons will tell you whatever they have to tell you to sell their product, its entirely up to you to do your own research and see whats safe, whats not! I am skinny as well so my plan is to eat a fatty diet (especially at night) for 6 months, and I am sure there will be spare fat to do it. Your body, your decision . Good luck! Xx
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Hi! You look amazing!! Thank you for sharing pics and the very helpful information. I am considering scheduling with Dr. Mendieta in May and was wondering if you'd be willing to chat with me over the phone to answer some of my questions? I would really appreciate it!! If you do not feel comfortable with that I totally understand. Thanks in advance!
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I would be glad to help, I inbox you a msg.
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Oh man!!! If I was a man!! look damn hot!!! Smoking hot!!! This dr. Mendieta is verrry good, hein? Your legs retained the fat!!!! :D You enjoy your super hyper perfect curves!!! Don't let anyhing bring you down in the New Year!!! Hugs
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Thank you.....I think he is the best, but of course I am partial......Happy New Year hun.
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do you by any chance know if this is also done in the uk? .i am so conscious of how i look ,i never wore a short dress in my entire life if i could do this procedure ,it would be Christmas for me everyday look so sexy
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looking! love you in that purple dress. you are all curves, just lovely! so happy for your success, and for the encouragement to all us women who dare to dream. have a wonderful new year....and go knock them dead!
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Thank i'll try
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Seree, huny. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a FANTASTIC 2013!!! A New Year full of joy, happiness and beauty haha!!! Tk u so much 4 thinking about us (the undecided lot) and update ur status. It means so much for me, and because of you I no longer search for surgeons or reviews for Calf Fat Transfer!! I will definitely do it with Dr. Mendietta as soon as I have got my finances sorted! From the bottom of my heart, a big THANK YOU! :******
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Oh thank you so much babes, your support has been unbelievable. I do understand what a tough decision it can be to choose the right surgeon and even to make up your mind to do it. I am so glad that my story helped you, My friend also had the same surgery done with Dr Mendieta, she is only a month out but she is very happy with her results thus far (she's also a trooper, for some reason her recovery seem to be even more easier than mine). As you come closer to your decision feel free to inbox me any questions you may have, I would be so glad to help......Best wishes to you and your family throughout this holiday season.....Merry Christmas and a Fabulous New Year hun........:)
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i am sure that your friend had an easier tiime and recovery because she must have gained crucial knowledge and benefited by using that info. are doing a great service to anyone considering this procedure. you sure are a pioneer. wishing you a very wonderful holiday season and new year. post some pics of yourself all decked up in your new outfits!
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Thank you so much..........I will post some pics soon........Seasons Greetings to you and your family.
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Whoa! i can't believe anyone can be this dense and insensitive. You may be entitled to your opinion, but it is uncivilized and inhumane to be so cruel in expressing it. Also, you need to go back to elementary school and learn how to spell and write. Gosh! a mean person you are.....what makes you so vicious?
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Unlike them its not in my nature to be so cruel, but I don't mind rolling in the mud for a minute to get my point accross. I think this is the same person that made the first stupid spineless comment a few weeks ago. Both accounts were open the same day just to comment on my page. I would hate to think this is someone I know who is just spineless.
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it's ok if you give it back to such people, they deserve it and asked for it; some people have nothing better to do with their time....but to go around spreading ugly thoughts; really pitiful!
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