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Liposuction Journey Starts Here

TT procedure is completed. Now my goal is to have...

TT procedure is completed. Now my goal is to have liposuction of my full back, flanks, inner-outer thighs. This procedure will complete my Tummy Tuck. My TT looks Awesome, but because my flanks, lower back, hips, inner and outer thighs haven't been lipo I'm unhappy. So liposuction is now underway. Excited to be going.

The countdown is on.

OK OK I have just 3 months to go 90 days and counting. I'm okay with the length of time because I still need to fully recover from my Tummy Tuck. Plus I want to lose 16 lbs. I teach 2nd Grade so, we start August 4,2014 which will keep me busy and time will go by fast. I'm excited to finally get this lower back fat off of me. Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami Florida is my go to facility. Dr Mel Orrega a.k.a Over da top Ortega will complete this transformation. He's called Over da Top Ortega because he goes over and beyond his call of duties to satisfy his customers. Big booties, he can do it. I'm glad and blessed my booty was big from birth. Thanks to my mom side of the family.

But his liposuction will be excellent. I have trust he'll suck this ugly lower back fat right on out. I'm getting full lipo of my back, flanks, inner and outer thigh lipo. When I'm not bloated my waistline is 31 inch waist. Once he's done with my full back lipo and that swelling goes down I should be about a 29 inch waist. Yes I'm totally feeling that number. Uhmm now my hips are another story. Yikes my hips are 51 inches. I'm looking to be 45 afterwards. My breast hang low,lol so for now those sagging twins will do just fine in a good Macy's sport bra, or support bra.

Well may this countdown start. 90 days till my liposuction. Yayyyy

Stil counting down

So we're going into August now. Yayyy October be here soon. School start August 4,2014 here in Atlanta Georgia, so I'll be busy with my class which will help time go by fast. So I'm excited. My breast reduction will wait. I found a good bra to hold those babies up. Ladiesif you look into Spectrum Aesthetics asked about their liposuction special. I'm getting flanks, full back, inner-outer thighs for $3700 minus my $500 deposit, so I have $3200 to pay off. That's a lot of areas for the price. Don't forget Miami doctors have their surgical room in their office which eliminate that hospital cost.

MzPhatBooty, come join me

Mzphatbooty come join me at Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami. Let Dr Mel T Ortega hands critique that big bootae you want.

Hold up ladies don't read this thinking I had a BBL no I'm getting multiple areas of liposuction.

I'm trying to get the beautiful one and only MzPhatBooty to let Dr Ortega put his hands on her and give her that pooowww woooow she want.

Ladies before wanting to travel to Dominican republic first check out Dr Mel Ortega.

squats squats squats

Okay so I'm still having liposuction, yayyyy!!!! Can't wait. But till then I been doing at least 50-100 squats a day. How do I do that? When I got to bathroom - To potty, I do 15 squats. At night I do 25 while watching the news, then I do 25 when I'm watching my evening shows. Through out day I do squats. My legs are firming up, deletion of cellulite is diminishing. By time I have my liposuction my legs should be muscled out. ..

No No BBL for me

Ladies I haven't/don't need a BBL. I'm blessed with a natural booty - but to get big booty results, take a few minutes and look at Dr Mel Ortega at www:spectrum aesthetics. Com

Dr Mel Ortega Bring my body back to life!

Ladies I wasn't going to post any photos until Mzphatbooty text me wanting too see my stomach. Again I'm happy with my stomach but my dam flanks,hips,full back , has to be liposuction in order too see great results from my tummy tuck. But here's a photo I took tonight.

Here's two photos

liposuction is slowly approaching

My liposuction procedure is not to fat away Yayyyy I'm excited. Dr Ortega here I come. His hands are like Magic.

liposuction is quickly approaching

I'm so excited to be visiting **over da top Ortega** full body liposuction. Yayyyy!!! He got his **over da top Ortega*** name because he goes over and beyond his means to make you perfect. His hands are magic...so I can't wait till he put the magic spell on my body. Check him out ladies at Dr. Mel Ortega in Miami.

Still coounting down

hey ladies I am still on the countdown to head to Miami for my Liposuction. I haven't been on Realself for some days, I am back at work (teaching) and my class has me so busy. I do want to take this moment to let everyone know I am still having my liposuction in October. Countdown is fast approaching

Change of Physique !!!

Well I am not only weeks away from an intriguing physique that will be performed by Dr. Ortega. Ladies if you read his website, also know that he works out of several different offices in Miami. Dr. Ortega is like the doctors in Dominican but he critique a more sculpture body. Look at his photos. He is excellent. I can't wait to go get my full back lipo, flanks, and inner-outer thigh lipo. This should end my journey once I have this done-unless I decide to do a breast lift. Not sure. Right now Macy's Bra's will lift and keep them lifted for now. So breast lift can wait. I am looking forward to this journey of Liposuction.

Ladies take a moment before spending $10,000 on the same thing and see what Dr. Ortega can do for you for %60 percent less of this price.


Ladies it's the holidays and $$$$ can be an issue and also --be a pain in paying thousands of dollars. Listen I went to Miami which was a plane ticket away, went to Premiere Plastic Surgery there are 2 offices Tampa-Miami location. I went to Miami location. Dr Howard Robinson old school very experienced 25+ years experience performed my Tummy Tuck. Reason being is because this office offers in house financing. Everyone is approved for their financing. You just can't have a bankruptcy on your credit report. Bad credit does not matter. But you pay a small fee and after your choosen procedure(s) then you will pay a monthly fee till the remaining balance is paid off.

Ladies this is an excellent deal if you having trouble saving money. Care credit is 4 to 5 years financing, there's is not.
Listen if you need extra assistance and having trouble or doubts with paying so much money out at one time. Give them a small fee which Melanie in the Tampa location will discuss your fee with you. My tummy tuck was $3900 because they will match or beat any competitors quote you fax them- so I got a quote from Spectrum in Miami which was $3900 for a tummy tuck sent it to Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery to Melanie at Tampa location and they accepted that price and that is what I paid. So once I told her I would like to do their in house financing all I had to pay down was $1800 got my tummy tuck done and I make monthly payment for the remaining balance.

I can go back and do more-and do in house financing but I don't want any more bills till I pay this one procedure off.

SO I just decided to save my money and go to Dr. Ortega and that way I want have to worry about any more surgery bills. Plus Dr. Ortega is whom I was going to before I found out about Premeire. I went on to Premiere because I seen I could save $2,000 up front.

But Dr. Ortega and Dr. Howard Robinson are excellent doctors. Also the Tampa location (Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery)--they have excellent doctors also.

Do your research and look at these offices before paying so much money up front.

Mistake in Plastic Surgery Name

Sorry the center that do in house financing is called "Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery" In Tampa or Miami. Dr Welsh is in Tampa Location and Dr Howard Robinson is Miami location

Days are approaching (Final Results)

So my liposuction is only a few weeks away. I am overly excited and can't wait to finally have these ugly flanks removed and my lower back finally liposuctioned. I will post as soon as Dr.Mel Ortega is done. He has so many reviews and so many great compliments that I can't wait till he put those hands on me and make me look fantastic. My lower back is really irritating me so I am overly excited to get this done. You might ask me what am I having done by Dr. Mel Ortega. Full back liposuction, flanks and inner and outer thigh liposuction. So yes I am so excited.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I haven't made it into this office yet. So no comment. But I will say Ms Vivian patient coordinator is Awesome.

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Hi, just found you thru leti_I ! I'm in Atlanta too. You are looking like one hot lady! Can't wait to follow leti_I's transformation too. We'll have to have to meet for girl's time to show each other off to each other. lol! I did my facelift before my tt, so I may get my eyes done by my ps, who I think is the best in town. I'm now 5 months post TT, and might need some lipo too, and I'll find out what my ps thinks about that when I go to him for my 6 month checkout. Thanks for sharing your journey's... wish I'd found you sooner!!
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Hey Lady, I posted in your blog.
  • Reply
I can't wait to see you! I know you are going to look fabulous ^_~... I can't wait for my day to arrive!
  • Reply
aww fingers crossed! ur day is soon!!
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Looking forward to following your post-op :)
  • Reply
Thank you I am excited. I posted on your blog.
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Yeah got it thanks :)
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Blessings on your journey to MIA!
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Oh I really need to follow your blog! You're so upfront and honest!!
  • Reply
I notice you didn't start a blog will you be opening up a blog so I can read your story.
  • Reply
Thank you so much. I was looking to see if you started a blog but didn't notice you did. Will you be starting one soon.
  • Reply
I would like to start a blog but I can't find out how too. Lol
  • Reply
Ah ah, found out how and it's up if you want to take a look!
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Good luck Dr Ortega Is a great Doctor
  • Reply
Thank you so much. You look great I read over your blog. How are you feeling. Ortega is an AWESOME doctor. He's like those doctors in the Dominican republic, but a little more professional. Dr Ortega nickname is "Over da top Ortega" because he goes over and beyond to give you the results you are looking for.
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hey boosky....cannot wait for your next transformation... YOU looking stunning now and you're going to look even more stunning... Coke Bottle Shape is what you have!!! Love you friend!
  • Reply
Honey I can't wait to see your results. Thank you for the comment. I am excited. Are you ready for your big day.
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I followed your tummy tuck journey, and really considering your doctor, so I'm praying good results this time around.
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Hey lady do you have a blog that I can respond to you on.
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Hey Babe!! Can't wait to ur ultimate reveal!! Counting down with u! I no real life has set back in but ur in my thoughts lovey!!!
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I checked out Ortega, I like his work and prices. As I was checking his site I was able to IM with someone from his staff. Like you, I'm not really needing a BBL, I need maximum lipo sculpting to some areas. Victoria(?) told me that the maximum amount they cold do is approximately 4000cc's which is about 4 liters. Dr. Hughes does 5 liters, but Ortega's pricing and sculpting is closer to the look that everyone is going to the DR for. I now have a dilemma. LOL. My plan is too have it done in October as well. Gawd help me if I end up in Miami with you, spewing lipo juice everywhere bcoz you make me laugh so hard.
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Hey lady I haven't been on Realself for a few days. But I noticed you already had liposuction how are you feeling?
  • Reply
Missed you girlie. I bet your students and the parents love you to pieces. I'm feeling great most of the time, of course I get tired if I push too much. The lipo areas are less tender and the swelling is going down. I did an update today. I hope those kids are giving you hugs and apples.
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Good to hear from you. I'm seeing my PS in two days, gonna talk lipo and possible TT revision, planning to sked for 29 Sept or 6 Oct. So we'll be recovery buddies. So exciting :-DSuzy
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Happy Suzy who are you going to for your procedure
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