30 Year Old,2 Kids, Lipo Only - Miami, FL

After a long grueling experience of trying to get...

After a long grueling experience of trying to get through to Dra Duran in the Dominican Republic I decided to switch to Jonathan Fisher at Vanity in MIA. The prices are the same without all of the hassle. He has good reviews as well. I'm just over DR at this point !
I called vanity and spoke with Diana she helped me through the while process. I was required to put down half of the surgery cost to secure my date and was able to get Aug 5 th!! Anyone else going the same time?? Diana ( receptionist ) also lead me through the process of financing the whole thing through care credit. I was approved within a minute . Almost like night and day between my Duran experience ....I booked surgery and recovery house with them...but I still have not received a confirmation email or instructions for surgery :-/ should I be worried???

I am currently 225 lbs and 5' 9 and have to lose 15lbs before surgery. I guess I'll be running every morning. ..

I have two beautiful daughters, and really anxious about leaving them. So u have opted to take my 6 month and my mom with me . My mom will take care of her but to see her will brighten my recovery days :-) I hope I can find done ladies who will be there the same time !!

Planning on getting Lipo in abs flanks waist and full back and maybe a little inner thigh action ;-)
Hi! I was considering on just getting aggressive lipo only since my main concern is having a small waist and fat free back, but I'm also thinking why not put that fat to use! What made u not want to get a bbl?
Hi! Sorry for the late response...I have a pretty natural large bottom as it is. But since everything else is big you can't really see it that well. Once my midsection is hone I'll be fine. Less areas to have to deal with hurting after as well ;)
Hello, doll how much are they charging u with fisher and how many areas you are getting lipoed? They told me that the abdomen will cost 1500 that seems Iike a lot!


I'm not sure how to change my Doctorvon here but I'm no longer going with Fisher . I asked to speak with him and the receptionist said he refuses to talk with his patients prior...what!? That makes NO sense! I switched to Ghurani. I'm sure someone swooped in on my date QUICK! I also don't feel comfortable knowing that he does multiple surgeries a day. I'm not getting the BBL which Fisher is known for. I have a large bottom already. I mean it's not HUGE like some of you but it's good enough with some heavy back squat I'll be fine :) I am any receiving Lipo in the full midsection including front and back. I spoke with Ghurani and sim scheduled to see him when I get there. I'm very nervous for the recovery! I have a 20 month old and a 5 month old at home :-/ going to be a journey Prayers needed ! Oh here's a photo of my dinner last night! 10lbs to go in a week and a half ! No carbs 45 minutes of cardio a day!
I feel the same way , I was going to DR but it seems hard to get in touch with DR Duran, I had a quote from Vanity , For TT is 4000 And BBL is 5000 , they don't do both procedures at the same time though, I feel that is less risky doing it in Miami , also if you have to pay flight , RH and other expenses its almost the same price.
Don't forget to ask your doc about fat banking. I did that and ended up needing the fat for a minor reconstruction to my face after an accident. Can also be used for facial fullness, crows feet, lips, etc. I did mine through AdiCyte.
I've never heard of that that is actually pretty cool!

Arrived to MIA this afternoon!!!

Arrived at the extended stay America...ladies beware these kitchens are not equipped with any type of utensils! They also forgot to include a oven! So some of the things I bought I cannot cook :( the rooms are nice but I did not receive my handicap assessible room that I requested which I checked on about five times ! So they have me a night free...I hope my first shower post op isn't as bad as the ladies describe because that railing could come in handy :-/ I will see Dr . Ghurani in the morning and get back to all!!

Finally made it here!

My hotel is literally up the street from the clinic. It's clean and has a very sleek design. Waiting to see the doctor. Tomorrow IM UP dolls!
So when r u getting ur procedure done and what r u getting done? How did u find out about this dr.?
Going in tomorrow! I was going to go with Fisher . He has great reviews ! But I'm not getting a BBL so I looked a little deeper for a dr who will give me a little more pre and post operative attention in the same office.. It's my first whoo raa I need that. It seems this place has great drs but unorganized staff. They are all not on the same page at times and that can be annoying
Yup. So what exactly r u getting done? And what's the name of the office ur going too? & I assume ur dr. Is ghurani if I'm spelling it right? & how much areas r u getting done & how much? Do u have someone to take care of you after surgery or r u staying at a RH

2 days POST OP!

So let me update you all on my whole experience...
So after doing my consult with Ghurani I was instructed by him to come in at 11am for surgery . I later got a voicemail to come in at 3:30 pm instead ! Dolls brace yourself! They staff there does not speak English and are not on the same page as Ghurani!!! Not sure if it's because he is only there part time. He would say something and then they would look baffled and I of course would be the most worried( like y'all need to get it together) smh! I ended up not getting prepped for surgery until 8pm!! The anesthesiologist was a 27 year old African guy names Peter such a sweet young man. He was really re assuring. I was so mad because I could eat or drink and hadn't since the night before so I had a massive headache! If it wasn't for him I probably would have walked out. He gave me an IV which got rid of my migraine. He then took me in and asked me a few questions as he strapped my arms down and I was out! The room was really cold! I just remember the doctor and Peter waking me up. As they saw that I was coherent they left me in the care of the nurse. I don't blame them I overheard that they had been up for over 30 hours!! The nurse out in my garmet and out me under a blanket with heat which was nice. I asked what time it was and she said 12:15am!!! I was so ready to go at this point . I kept asking where is my mom!?? It took me about an hour after the procedure to wake up and walk. My mom pulled to the back and picked me up. I was in extreme pain. They didn't give me any oral meds . Just through the IV so have some norco ready for after! Luckily I brought some from home or I would have had to wait until the next day because everything was closed. I drained a lot the first night. Expect for everything to get drenched! It's gross but it happens to all...my mom woke me up every few hours to walk and empty my drains. I suggest you start with soup first as your getting back to eating after procedure. My greedy but ate a sandwich and I felt so nauseous!! Today my mom bought me some chicken soup from the restaurant next to the clinic BEST SOUP EVER. Made me feel so much better!! I went in for my follow up. None of the workers speak proper English! How is that!? This is America! Smh I ended up forking out another $120 for another garmet the first one was drenched. Order one online! That's super expensive. They showed me how to put in Lipo foam and I was instructed to shower. I felt like a brand new person after:) so much better! I was able to wash the garmet clean and out on my new one. I used maxi pads on drain sites and I have been clean and dry ever since. I am very sore . Getting up and out of bed has been a challenge. I go see Dr Ghurani tomorrow. Oh I forgot to add ! I saw myself for the first time! he shaped me like a sculpture! I am so surprised m. He took 4 liters of fat out (the max) . And really left me with a good shape. There are 8 incision sites two under my boobs two at my hips two mid back two upper buttock all with sutures . I have two drains. One on the right hip in front and one in the back (butt crack) everyone thinks I got the fat transfer..but NOPE That's all me! Dr Gharabu uses drains I noticed Fishers patients did not. I can't be having blood just draining on me. As I watch all this fluid go into these drains I couldn't imagine it just draining out on me. Here are a couple if photos

Day 3 post op

Today I feel much better! Coming off of the norco and taking Tylenol extra strength. Got my second massage this morning...OH the flow!! I definitely will be connecting with my masseuse when I get back! I could hear the fluid moving and watched the drains fill up as she massaged it toward the drains. I'm finally done with vanity until next time ! I may come back and get my boobs fixed after I'm done breastfeeding. I will only go to Ghurani though. I can't deal with unorganized Staff AND doctor! Gharani said he hopes he won't be there for long so I'll have to track him down ;-) tomorrow I fly out of here! Back home:) can't wait
Congrats! You look fantastic!

Forgot to add...(cons)

I gave you the pros of Ghurani...here are the cons
I didn't get fine with surgery until 12:15am ! Vanity staff blamed him he blamed the staff (who's telling the truth? Who knows) I wasn't able to pick up meds afterwards! Smh

Once I woke up I heard NOT saw but heard the dr and the anesthesiologist jet out! I kind of wanted him to tell me what went on , how much fat he has taken out , if I was dying, ect! I was left in the care of a nurse who was awesome but still...she didn't tell me anything about the surgery. Just made sure I was comfortable and nursed me up enough to be able to walk out to the car.

I received no follow up call from him. I had to track him down . I just knew that I needed to see him the next day. I kind of had to find out from others what time he would be in and that shouldn't be.

In the end he came in and did the follow up while I was getting my massage so I wouldn't have to take off my garmet again...we hugged ...I thanked him and off I went...he's a really good surgeon with poor support staff. No one is on the same page. The ladies are beautiful (nice bodies and all) but insufficient . I wish they worked as good as they look!
I have 3 months left to make my final decision on which Dr I'm going to go with& I need help guys please assist.
So have anyone heard or seen any work from Dr Mel ortega? What do you guys think? I need some opinions

Made it back home!

Finally back home! 6 hour flight! My two year old walked in on me emptying my drains...I've never seen her eyes so big! I hope she doesn't come for them later :-/ I'm feeling good but one of my drains has stopped draining...and when I massage my back the fluid just comes out of the incision not the drain! Any suggestions ??? Going to call the dr tomorrow.
You just have to go with your gut feeling. Ghurani is excellent but he no longer does BBLs. Fisher is the man! The booty man that is...every girl that came out of there turned my head and I'm a woman! I saw some good results from Azurin as well in FL but you will pay for him! He's a bit pricey. I haven't heard of Ortega.
Thanks girlie !

1 down 1 to go! Got drain removed woohoo!

So I went to see my dr today and they remove the front drain from my hip. I am still on avatar status with the tail drain though ugh! That one still has been draining about 30cc a day. Dr G instructed that I keep them in until it is below 25cc for 48 hrs. So I am waiting...I was surprised how long it was!! The removal did not hurt at all. Can't wait to be drain free!! Soreness is getting better. Incision sites are all healed up :) driving daily...and back at work:) already getting compliments!
How many areas of lipo did you have?
I had waist, upper and lower abs, flanks, full back bra rolls done. I could choose up to 14 areas(at least that's what they had me down for) I just showed him exactly what I wanted.

Need to order Lipo board

Hey Dolls any suggestions where to order a abdominal board? I need to order one
Congrats!!! Happy Healing!

3 weeks post op

Wow it's been a journey! Lipo areas still feeling stiff and the feeling definitely isn't there like usual. It's feels almost like those areas went to sleep and are waking up. I went camping this weekend and hiked, playing volleyball,football, and climbed this crazy thing called Jacobs ladder...I was beat! But I did it!!! My whole body was sore. I went straight to the massage therapist when I got back! I'm off all meds completely. I just simply keep forgetting to take them. I only take it if I know I'm going to do something strenuous. I am usually pretty flexible but the Lipo areas are tight and I am still working on loosening them up
Glad you enjoyed,that's awesome doing all those activities after only 22 days!! :) Good for you! Happy Hump Day!
Thanks Hun :)
U look great! Can u post more back pics i'm considering the bbl but everyone say i dont need it just lipo.

Wore only waist cincher and Lipo foam today

Kinda missed my garmet though in a weird way. I still sleep with it.
You look good!!! Have the massages helped with swelling?
Yes! They help a bunch. I feel brand new when I get done. I wish I could afford to get them more often
you look good i am having a bbl i am excited to get lipo done . so how is your skin after the lipo i got a pouch myself in i am worried that i will have saggy skin after i get lipo done i know my doctor said i might need a tummy tuck afterward but i been seeing alot of ladies talk about using a compression board idk tho.

Loving my back!

Loving my back! Makes my butt look huge!
Have you noticed skin tighteneing on your abs?
I have a little. Not a drastic change though. My husband noticed it has tightened. Biggest change has been my shape. I've never really had a waist (always straight up and down)so it feels good.
Curves are always nice :)

Waiting on a response!

Hey Dolls!
Just after a few days of my surgery I noticed some hard spots on my tummy. I thought that they were the drains. After the drains were removed I they remained. Being an optimist I thought after the massages it would go away. They still remain. I contacted Vanity and they said they would contact Dr.Ghurani but I still haven't heard back from him. I'm traveling out there and need this to be fixed. I'm kind of upset! Vanity and their shenanigans!!!!!
hope everything worked out! lipo can leave hard lumps I think that's why they massage those areas. happy healing
Ur hard spots may just be ur healing process, especially if u had aggressive lipo. At about 4-6 weeks I noticed hard l uhh mps and unevenness of abdomen. I had the lymphatic massages with no results so I bought a hand held electric massager and used it 2-3 Times a day for 10-15 minutes each time. At three months they were starting to diminish and at six months almost entirely gone. It just takes more time to heal than we expect. Good luck.
I hope they can handle this professionally in a timely manner for you. Fingers crossed.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Switched to Dr. Rami Ghurani!!!

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