I was overweight as a child. For the past 14 years...

I was overweight as a child. For the past 14 years of my life I've been dedicated to maintaining my weight, now 134. Even at 127 pounds, eating super super clean, I can never get rid of my belly. I wear a size 6, 28 in jeans. My legs and butt are my best feature, but want to get my inner thighs done so they don't look worse in comparison to my new stomach. My arms feel almost elastic, i's just going to get worse as I get older and that why I've decided to get lipo.


Thanks for posting. I look forward to seeing ur results.
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Good luck! I'm one week post op and loving the results even with the bruising and swelling. You looked great before, I'm sure after you will look amazing!!
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So funny you posted, I've been loving all of your updates. Your story makes me less afraid! Thanks! Your bod looks amaze

Surgery Day

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Additions and revisions after my 1st in person consult

At my consult with the doc yesterday- we added my flanks bc I would look boxy if I only did the abdomen. We also added the front of my thighs / knees because if I only did my inner thigh, the front would look larger in comparison.

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Day of surgery- day 1

They marked me up. Put in the IV and that's all I remember. Woke up shivering for 30 mins : ( that was the worst part
No nausea and I suffer from motion sickness so that was a relief.
They wheeled to the the car. I had a nurse drive me back to the hotel and I laid down in the back of her truck. She's the best to have around and I recommend a nurse to change your bandages and give you your meds. I feel super safe. Even if you have a friend or spouse with you.
Pain level is a 2 out of 10, taking pain meds every 4 hours.

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Day 2

Slept very shitty last night. My back was hurting a lot. I didn't know if it was sore from being in bed a lot or from swelling. I think it's both. My back is swollen, I have a dimple in it. Throat hurts a lot from the breathing tube for anesthesia. Got Cepacol throat lozenges. Showered this morning with my nurse and it went well. Was able to go #2 and it was difficult sitting / pushing with the swelling. Garment takes forever to get on and off and a little painful. The draining ended last night so just stitches now. My stomach feels super bloated. Will post more photos when the swelling goes down. I fly back to NYC in 2 days. Fingers crossed.

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Day 6

I flew home yesterday and my legs swelled up 30% larger. Pain is a 3, sorest in my legs. Can't see any improvement in my shape yet as I am still swollen.


Hi, just wondered if you got told how much was taken out ? I'm getting similar areas done next week.! Do you have any tips or advice? I don't feel very prepared for some reason!
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1300 cc's / 1.2 pounds Funnel for peeing or freshette Lots of absorbent pads A nurse Stool softener An extra garment Black clothes (bc they will bet bloody) Tylenol Food shopping prep or ordering in Hope this helps you!
Thanks so much. I have ordered a spare garment and a shewee (female urinal) today. Will stock up on pain killers and ready meals won't be cooking for a few days! Is your pain bearable? I had breast aug done in 2008 and coped very well with it, surgeon has said that lipo won't be as painful or shouldn't be?x

1 week update

Still hurts to walk, walking very slow. Refilled the pain meds they help a lot. Still not working, stitches coming out tonight. Forgot to mention they removed 1300 cc's / 1.5 pounds of fat. I feel swollen like a water balloon. Pain is a 4 out of 10. Better on the Vicodin. Stitches come out tonight by my hubby.


I'm getting flank, tummy, inner and outer thighs. I have got my hubby taking a few days off work and my mum helping out with the kids! I'm just hoping my husband can cope with helping me whilst sorting out the boys at bed/bath time etc! Did you get prescribed any paid meds from your surgeon or have you found over the counter ones sufficient? Your new pics look great, are you happy?
Ah bless you! Do work know you had lipo?x
U can't tell in my pics- I actually weigh more and are larger because of the swelling. If your hubby and mom are there you will be so fine! U just spend most of your day in bed, it was kind of nice : ) everyone will be super kind to you too. You are getting your outer thighs so you will be in some more pain then me. I am taking Vicodin and hydrocone mixed with Tylenol. I still am and had to get a refill. I think I will need another refill too. I cleaned the house a little today but my legs feel like I have a very bad/blistering sunburn, but my surgeon warned me about that. Now I have some tingling, nurse said it's the nerves waking up. I reccomened getting a funnel to pee thru bc it's so convenient! What we r going thru will be worth it. How old are ur kids? Are you a full time mom?

Day 8

I think I won't be able to go to work Monday. Swelling gets worse in the evening, last night I felt like I was on fire! Hubby took my stitches out this morning- a little intense. Been going stir crazy at home in bed. I did some household stuff yesterday but swelling starts after- it's not a good idea! Ready to use my scar cream and silicone gel sheets. Back of the knees are black and blue- didn't get lipo back there, so it traveled!!


I'm dealing with a ton of swelling too! My feet and forearms BALLOONED yesterday (1 day post-op). I hope you feel better!
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Take it easy- I know it's hard- but the going out to dinner etc makes it worse I think. The more u sit in bed with legs elevated the faster u will heal! My doc told me if it gets really bad to remove the garment and elevate the feet until it goes down a little. How long are u not going to work for? Live in manhattan too- shocked u took the train the next day!- the anesthesia must have been in your system still. I will have to be taking cabs!

My inspiration

My sister in law is 42 and 6 months before our wedding she had lipo done. She went from size 8 to a 2. She was why I got my procedure. The before and after is 6 months apart. She could not see results for 2 months!!! Full results after 6 months. She did not work for one month. She flew to Vegas 3 weeks after the surgery and was miserable!!! Swollen and stuff. She did her full body under her breast- full stomach back flanks- all
Of her thighs- and under her eyes. $13,000 in Chicago


You look amazing! Do you feel like you are getting more tired? I feel so sleepy yesterday and today. I just can not figure out for the life of me how women go back to work within a week. Would walking around the block or a light massage help the swelling? My tummy is so soar and my animals keep trying to lay on and my SO goes to hug me and Im just so tender! I don't have to much left in the way of pain medications and I am starting to get nervous. I already asked for Ambien and if I have to ask for more pain medication he will probably think I am an addict!
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I may have to do that for my CG for my arms - my hands,wrists, forearms are ridiculously swollen, I look like a piggy. I may take off the garments and see if that helps. I think for the net few days i'll be taking cabs...
I think so too. Its so hard though you just want to get out of the house.

Day 14

Swelling has gone down a lot but it's still there. I weigh 1 pound heavier than surgery and they removed 3 pounds, so there is still swelling weight. Im limping, my left leg is more swollen than the right, but I'm getting around. Im back at work with my limp. I've been eating clean and healthy, and I think that is helping too with my shape. My hubs massaged my leg yesterday and it hurt but it reduced the swelling. I feel the lumps/scar tissue under my skin when massaging. Commuting on the subway is a small challenge and I don't look forward to it, but i'm managing. I take the elevators when I can. Love handles and back are still sore and swollen, when I bend to the sides I feel pinching in my sides. The back of my legs are black and blue and green but not painful at all, I did not have lipo on the backs of my legs, assuming the blood fell and settled there.


How are you feeling today?
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Im feeling good but still need my rest and am not active like I was before the surgery. I'm much slower.. im 2 weeks out today. I still am swollen and it hurts to walk but I still go shopping et.., still taking my vicodin or tylenol. There is a party tonight but I'm not going bc its just too much to be out socializing like everything is normal because its not. I'm still wearing my compression and foam and wearing 3/4 sleeve silky shirts (got my arms done, no bruising but need the compression) and flowy silky pants. Not my usual attire! How are you doing walking? Looks like you have open sutures, you will heal faster than me, mine were closed. What type of garment are you in? I just ordered this one bc I need something knew and open crotch is key. and another piece of foam.
I love that that garment has zippers. I ordered one last night that zips in the front. I figured it would be easier for the RNS to get me back into after my Breast Aug on Friday. I am bleeding like crazy today and its difficult because most of the fluid is coming from the back of my legs ( I can't flipping see). I feel like I am walking like I am 90 years old. I just want to get out of the house and get my hair done or something. I am going crazy! This is what I have as far as garments I like the suspenders and mine has the open crotch. They gave me this after I completed my inner thighs yesterday. Heres the one I ordered yesterday


I've been eating clean and healthy since the surgery. I weighed 132.5 this morning. I'm sick of my compression garments, especially on my arms. Today its 90 out and I have to dress chic and profesh for work. I'm still swollen, lumpy and bumpy. I purchased an entire new wardrobe of flowy pants and 3/4 sleeve tops, about $1000 in clothing. Kill me. I see results already and am being patient for the final results. I wont make any judgments until 6 weeks from the date of my surgery. Getting there! I want the dimple in my belly pooch to go away first and foremost.


You look great! Have your results improved since June? Unthinking about smart lipo for my entire lower half like your sister in-law. Just waiting to save up some money to pay for it and finding the right doctor. Happy healing!
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looking good, how r u feeling ?!?
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good im shrinking!
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

TIna my coordinator received my emailed photo's. She discussed my desires with the doctor and came back to me with different options and pricing. She scheduled my stay at The Essex house since I am flying in from NYC. Belkis the nurse called in all my prescriptions and lab work. Answered all my questions. Got me an overnight nurse until my friend arrives to fly back home with me. My anesthesiologist called me the night before and was super professional and calmed my nerves. Dr. Tachmes did my best friends boob job. Her mother lives in Miami and see's Dr. Tachmes too. Through these recommendations, I did not attend any other consultations.

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