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So since this has become a BIG expense..and my...

so since this has become a BIG expense..and my husband doesnt wanna finance over $10,000 IVE decided to just go on and get liposuction/sculpture with dr. mendieta =)
he does a fabulous job and since i AM more concerned of my shape than a bigger butt..i guess thats ok =) bec once i get this done hopefully..praying to God!* if i do gain weight itll go right into my butt n legs n thats cool with me bec i do alot of weight lifting anyways so ill have thick legs n a butt lol

- so the last 2 photos i just posted up is me...i...

- so the last 2 photos i just posted up is me...i "think" my butt is ok?? lol but im MORE concerned from shape...dr. salama seems cool about giving his patients asses but dr. mendieta just really knows how to give that curve and hes amazing at aggressive lipo.. but best of wishes to all you ladies with who you decide and your outcome and recovery

- BTW HAHA these photos werent even me posing...

- BTW HAHA these photos werent even me posing purposly my son actually had my phone and was just snapping shot and i just saved them lol the first photo ..someone rang the door bell LOL the second photo im talking to my neighbor below the balcony at our last location we lived at hahaha
The pictures look great but is that really you?
Hello I had Lipo with fat transfer to my calves in Aug with Dr Mendieta. My abdomen, waist, upper and lower back was liposuctioned. Dr M is an artist I am almost at my 3 month mark and everyday I see more improvement in my figure and I love my new body even more everyday. After my lipo it looks as if I had a BBL, because of the fat removed from my back (who would of My butt has a nice projection now and a have a nice sink in my lower back, very sexy. This was an added surprise for me because my calves were my concern. I am so happy with my legs as well. Dr M is a bit more costly than other doctors but well worth it. It pays and saves to do it right the first time, and he knows how to get every inch of fat out and sculpt a killer body. Good luck on your decision, I just wanted you to know even though you are considering only lipo, you will end up with a surprise "fabulous ass" in the process.
howd you go about financing it? i mean do you do it through loans or....? (im new to all this lol and curious. im new in college and dnt have a huge budget.)
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hes the best*

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