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Lip Lift with Dr. Epstein Miami - Miami, FL

Hi, I just received a lip lift yesterday. I have...

I just received a lip lift yesterday. I have researched this procedure for months and interviewed 4 doctors. I choose Dr Epstein because of his reviews and his before and after photo's. Though he wasn't the cheapest, I'm so happy I went with him.
When I arrived at his office, I felt like everyone was expecting me. His staff was very kind and made me comfortable. Dr. Epstein was professional and knowledgeable. I knew I was in good hands and was going to receive the best results.


Wow, you look great just one day post!! Very symmetrical, without any distortion. Great tooth show.
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Thank you. I will post more pic's on Monday when I get my stitches removed.
Congrats! You have a lovely result. Can I ask how long your lip was in the "before" pic, and how many mm you had removed?
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Day three

Today is day three and I have no pain. But, If I laugh or smile it hurts. My incision looks better. I clean it three times a day with distilled water and vinegar. Then apply bacitracin.


Just out of curiosity does cleaning with distilled H2O & vinegar offer any special benefits? Thanks
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Not really sure. I read it on a plastic surgeons website and figured it's probably better than tap water.
Very nice, congrats. Look forward to seeing your results as you heal. Thanks for sharing. Blessings1
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today is day 8.

My incision is red and irritated and the inside of my nose is sore.


your lip shape is really pretty and youthful. I keep checking back to see your progress. Thanks for sharing with us. Looking forward to seeing the final result down the road but it already looks beautiful.
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Yes I agree. Your lip shape looks very sexy!
Thank you:) I'm glad you see a difference. I didn't tell anyone I was getting a lip lift and not one of my clients or neighbors has noticed I got it done.

Today is day 14

My incision is not as red but the inside of my nose is still swollen and hard. It's still hard to smile. I've been massaging coconut oil three times a day on my incision line.
I would still like more volume on my top lip.


Hi your lips look great. I am trying to find the best place and surgeon to do mine, can you tell me where you had yours done and the price/
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amazing amazing ur scar is really invisible .can u post more photos ..ur doc really good
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wowwww, your lips look so gorgeous!!
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