It's Been 4 Years Post Op, and I Am NOW Realizing How Bad my Breast Augmentation REALLY Is! - Miami, FL

I thought my breasts looked fine. I got the...

I thought my breasts looked fine. I got the bandages removed and I was not thrilled on how they looked. I got back together with my ex husband and he told me he did NOT want me to get them fixed bc he liked them the way they were. Me thinking we would be together forever, decided that I would not get go back into surgery

Well the year went by; the time I could have gone in to get them fixed, and I didn't. I have lived with them for this long, but I am realizing NOW how terrible they really look.

I was an A before getting a breast augmentation through the areola with a lift. I am now 26 and a mother of two, and in a new relationship. I am so embarrassed by my breasts that I have not allowed my significant other to see them. I am now a Full C, and I think I received a botched breast augmentation by a very well known surgeon in Miami

Please tell me.. Is this a terrible breast aug??

What can I do? Will doctors be able to revise this?


I see nothing wrong with your breasts. They are beautiful. They are definitely not botched, at least from what you can see in photos. What do you not like?
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Thank you for sharing! I think you look good. Show them off!

If you're still interested in a revision after all this feedback, though, check out RealSelf's Breast Implant Revision community.

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i think the best thing my ps said to me was, there are no such thing as perfect breasts. other then the areola size being a little larger the boobs themselves look great dear. does your significant other know how you feel about them? if not, show them and let them form their own opinion. i agree men just like them to be big lol. it's your body dear if you feel unhappy do something about it! personally i think they look great.
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I heard this doctor was awesome

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