Hyaluronidase Injection Provoked Large Indented Area - Miami, FL

The general opinion is that Hyaluronidase dissolve...

The general opinion is that Hyaluronidase dissolve only HA filler injected. I had a fat filling under my eyes, than, after 3 months I had HA filling (the fat was partially absorbed). I repeated the procedure few months later and because HA injected was an excess, causing a small lump, was corrected with a small drop of Hyaluronidase (or so I asked the doctor to inject). Few hours later, I had a shock when I saw a huge indent not only in the area where was injected but at a distance of 2 inches, a long horizontal crater with a depth of 7 mm or so and the same height.

Practically I am now disfigured. Hope to make a fat filling into that area again... I was injected few months ago with the same Hyaluronidase product, and I had no problem than, it dissolved HA only in the area where it was injected and I don't know what to believe now... Especially that the doctors usually don't fill the depressions perfectly with HA. I am beginning to think that this is kind a lottery, one cannot be sure of Hyaluronidase effects. I could also take into consideration the fact that the doctor may injected to much substance or too concentrated, I can't tell, either way I think injection with Hyaluronidase is risky.


I had a ps put juvaderm in my nasal bifolds in the middle of Sept. One side bled so much and was black and swollen for over a month until yesterday when I finally went back. He said I had a hemotoma and injected a little vitrase hoping to have the juvaderm "move" around that was left in. Hope that makes sense :) Anyway, I woke up this morning and the black/blue swelling has improved quite a bit but now I have a large deep crease in the middle of my cheek - it goes from high up on my nose to the middle of my cheek. It looks like someone clashed me with a knife. This has been one of the most stressful months of my life. It's embarassing, depressing and I can't stand looking in the mirror because I miss the "old me". I should add the right side of my face looks fine - the juvaderm did it's job there. I'm not sure what's next?
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I experienced indents as well, and the tiny bit of hyaluronidase that was injected spread and dissolved nearly all of the filler in my tear trough & directly under my eyes. They told me it was possible for it to spread and dissolve "some" of my other filler. What an understatement... Prices vary greatly, too...I was overcharged @ $350 for two tiny areas. Then when I had my tear troughs and under eye area re-injected, the doctor (a different one) injected too much on the right side, along with injecting my upper cheek area which was NOT discussed. I was looking at pictures of myself from several months ago earlier today...I looked so much better before all this mess. :/
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Hi Maria, I had the exact same experience. I had Hyalase injected twice in my forehead to remove the lumpy fillers. I now have a completely disfigured forehead with huge deep and very wide crevices in places that didn't even exist before! I have been so depressed and crying all the time and now my hair has started falling out with the stress of it all. I agree that the removal of any fillers is extremely risky and can make things a whole heap worse!
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