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Hair Transplants are a bad idea. I am a hair...

Hair Transplants are a bad idea. I am a hair transplant veteran/victim (4 procedures) and I am writing this post to help anyone who is considering this procedure to think twice before doing it. In particular, I am addressing the young men around 30, who don't know what they are getting themselves into. My goal is to get a newbie to NOT rush into this as I did and consider the long-term implications of what they are doing.

These following points should all be considered:

1. There isn't enough hair. If you pour about $40,000 into it, you can get back maximum 25% of your original density. That's it. About 7,500 grafts. It's nothing. Trust me. All you'll be able to do is have a real nice combover. That's about it.

2. The hairs are going to thin and age. This will render the cosmetically insignificant. If you transplant them at 30 years of age, they will not have the same cosmetic impact when you are older. They will look like unmanageable weeds.

3. The donor area will thin over time. This is the horrible truth hair transplant doctors don't tell you. The hairs in the back of your head will start thinning, too. Eventually, you will have the head of any regular old man - except for the giant strip scar or pock-mark dots of the hair transplants.

4. Propecia and other medicines don't work. Don't let the doctors lie to you. Propecia eventually stops working (Merck only ran their studies for five years - the point when they knew it stopped working) and your hair loss will continue. Minoxidil is absolutely worthless. Those are the only "proven" weapons in the arsenal and neither works.

5. New procedures like FUE have lower yields than strip and a host of other risks associated with them. You will never get your old hair back, so don't be fooled by the so-called advances in hair restoration surgery.

Take these five points, add them together and you'll get the simple fact. There is nothing you can really do about your hair loss. Better to shave your head and accept it.

The only qualifier? Hair transplants are excellent for very insecure individuals that want weeds on their head and a giant scar in the back when they become old men. If that fits your profile, then by all means have a hair transplant. If, on the other hand, you want to age like Bruce Willis or Andre Agassi, bald and handsome, let Mother Nature take her course and work on other parts of your life.

The truth is coming out about hair transplants. The number of transplants has come down since the heyday of 2000. (Real Self conveniently provides these stats so check them out) Please don't become another victim like me. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't regret what I did and wish I could just shave my head down.

Thank you very much for that! I had no idea that I would have to keep getting graphs after the first 2 sessions. My hair line is a little like Wayne rooney's. My hairline is obviously different to his but you get what I mean. Does this give me more of a chance? Less of a chance ? Or does it not Matter? Please forgive my silly questions! I just want to cover all bases! Thanks!
Hey guys, I'm 24 and I'm starting to loose my hair just at the front. I can't lie it has knocked my confidence! I've been told I have a good shaped head ( which I'm thankful for) and I keep myself very good shap. I'm very tempted to get a hair transplant done! But I need advice from people who have had it done. How much it will cost? How long it will last? Your advice is very much appreciated! However just point blank negativity will be ignored. Thanks guys.
The cost varies I've spent about $30k+ on eight procedures starting in my late 30s. I started with small sessions 500 to 700 graphs because my hair loss was overall thinning I just wanted some volume. I would go big on count if you can afford it but at 24 I'd be careful this is a life long commitment because hair loss will continue. You may not have enough donor hair to give you acceptable results. If done properly you have good results for at least three years(my case) but hair loss continues and some transplanted thins over time and falls out again in my case. Don't fall for the hype it's good for the right candidate but not everyone. A highly respected plastic surgeon said 2 procedures max at 3000 per. Yeah right 10,000 grafts later I still need more. good luck
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