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Any Tips Any1? A Petite Girl I Weight 115 And My...

Any Tips Any1? A Petite Girl I Weight 115 And My Height Is 5ft2 1/2 I Joined This Site Because I Was Going To Get A Brazil But Lift Which I Have Been Eyeing And Researching For Years Now But I Have Seem To Notice That The Price Have Gone Up So Im Just Going To Do the Fat Transfer Once I Gaiin Some Weight Any Tips Any1?
Omg I couldn't agree more with everyone. You look incredible. Your butt is the perfect size on your frame. I would pay to have your bod! Oh wait...I am. Lol :).
Are u kidding me, you have an awesome bod. A lot of these girls with booty fat transfer just look plain fat and sloppy in regular clothes. I can't imagine these girls, in say, a blazer and pants in a professional job. Their azzz is so big they look like they are getting ready to twerk in front of a client. But just don't get implants, you have a small frame, so if u add implants, your butt might look too small relative to them.
if I had a booty like you - i wouldn't be considering BBL - be thankful for what you have girl! it's already what others are having surgery for!
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I Have Yet To Find A Good Doctor for This Procedure Because It Is Not Allot Of People On This Website That Have Got A Fat Transfer

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