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I`m looking for plastic surgery. Today was the...

I`m looking for plastic surgery. Today was the first time seeing a surgeon surgeon was nice,he respond all my questions. To be almost perfect i will need. Tummy T. BBL & lipo He is not board cetified . Thad make me undecided. I asked about get massage after surgery and he say not. he not recomed massage. I ask to assistant about examen before my surgery and she said I need only blood test. Not an EKG He said I have to do first my BBL and two month later the Tummy T. I went to kendall (baptist hospital building) I`m new doing this reserch..opinions are welcome. If I made surgery I will do only lipo 7 areas and BBL. ( I dont have too much fa he said.) (my problem is more the extra skin and muscles. since my prengnancy (my baby is 6 months now.) I`m 30 5'8 and 146 punds. and also... I m considering a surgery on guayaquilEcuador. the price is not cheap but..i fell comfy with spanish since as u can see i dont have a good english. Thanks for your time


Check of Dr. Thomas Tzikas in Delray Beach.
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Thank you, I will go check out his site cause I am looking for a touch up
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Today I went to Pierini Esthetic Surgery...

Today I went to Pierini Esthetic Surgery.

http://pieriniesthetic.com/doctors/ Stephanie A. Stover

And I will take with them my Fat trasnfer. If I got my lab beafore may 18. taht's will be the big day.

I got lipo + fat trasnfer + 1 massage $4500.00 they are located a few block from my house. and that will be good for my so I can leave mi children at grandamas house. in 5 minutos.


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Thanks mayra3848 les cuento el jueves como me fue
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Buena suerte! Yo hablo espanol pero no se esquribir lo bien pero te deseo buena suerte y buenos resultados!
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My DR will be Stephanie A. Stover, Located in...

My DR will be Stephanie A. Stover, Located in Doral, Florida, Pierini Esthetic Surgery


Today I when to do my lab, I will pick up on thurday morning.
My insurance paid. I only pay my co paymento of $10 blood d. and on thurday I have to do a co pay of $20.00 with Dr.

I found arnica montana pills. on amazon for $4.00

I will drink pinaple juice (boiled with pineapple rind).
If everthing is ok I will do all my paper work on thurday afteroon. to get ready or tuesday morning.

I`m looking for massage. I call to a place and offer a 10 massage for $400.00

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Tomorrow morning is my date.! Yesterday I got my...

Tomorrow morning is my date.!
Yesterday I got my lab and paid all . may faja and surgery.
I will be alone at the clinic. so they will be driving me to my house.


La Dra stephanie Stover es board certified.
y el presidente de la clinica el dr alberto pierini a sido el cirujano de muchas miss venezuela.
Yo se que D Salama es bueno. hace grandes traseros. pero no busco algo ta boluptuso, tambien en esta clinica trabaja el Dr wendell perry. que es muy bueno .

ya les dejare fotos (como ven lo mio no es tanta grasa. y en un tiempo espero poder seguir con el tummy .t (aun no me hago a la idea del tt.)
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ups me salio otro nik name. wamucheck =lauraO
Te deseo much suerte! Yo esperaria al Dr. Salama. At least it will be done right the first time. Wish you all the best! Do not go with a doctor that's not board certified.
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I came from my surger a few housr ago. the...

I came from my surger a few housr ago.
the srugery was at 10 :30 and I wake up like 12:20
the staff ALL are supe nice people.
I got a himnoterapia by 8:30 and I think that help a lot.

I came to my house and clean some stuff. I can`t see my house "desoradenada"
I didnt eat from last nigth. grandma went to pick up a soup. and my babies are sleeping
For the moment I fell super well. BUT when the garment touch my "holes" ouch!!!!
they tell to take a shower on saturday. to fo that I have to take the "faja" slow and in seat or bed. beacuse I can get dizzy.
I didnt took any pills . maybe at nigth pain killer. but not for now.
I hace to change my antibiotic beacuse I have kidney infection.

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I have not drains. and my fat was 750cc and...

I have not drains. and my fat was 750cc
and they put me 300cc on each side.

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My first 24 hours after surgery. I`m OK. I wake...

my first 24 hours after surgery.
I`m OK.
I wake every hour to change my position. side to side. i was rember when I was pregnant the same disconfort. since i like sleep side down. but side down now is no he best. so side to side is good.

I took only Tylenol. over the counter and antibiotic.

I`m drinking pineapple (boiled). a lot.
I wake up (my son wake me )at 6 am . so he is 7 month. I prepare him with a bath and did the same he is 21 pounds.

Hope I will continue better and better. I will take a shower tomorror saturday. and clean my faja with peroxido. since yesterday I had a little bleeding. but not more. since yesterday. .

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I can not believe how good I feel every time I...

I can not believe how good I feel every time I sleep.
my surgery wasn on may 17.
and to day I feel al most nothing of disconfort. I hope feel same when I tokk off my garment.

I think every day that hypnotherapy works!!!!

Yesterday I was drinking detilaed water . and chamomille. te.

to help me with bowl mov. and work great.

i feel my faja loose now.since I much less swollen.

I never had drain. anyway I was suposed to drain. but only the first day.

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Day 4 I feel very good. I got my first massage...

day 4
I feel very good. I got my first massage and see Dr.
Massage was good. no pain.The think is I don`t fell nothing beacuse my body is like in a sleeping mode.
I`m very swollen. yeap!
all people fell sory for me . beacuse they think I`m can be in pain. but I never feel a real pain. and I never got pain killer.

maybe when the swollen go down I will feel pain. If a touch my body I can`t feel the tocuh.


Congrats on your surgery, wishing you a easy recovery. When you feel better please post pics so we can see the new body... ;) How are you feeling btw? I read that there are a lot of emotions tied to after the surgery.
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Hello hoy: day 8!!! yesterday i got my second...

hoy: day 8!!!
yesterday i got my second massage. since I have to kids I can`t go when i want or need. but helps a lot.

I`m sleep like always. no problems to go bed or up.(sorry i know my english is horrible!)
since i have my menstrual p. im in pain and I always get extra bloating.
this is my second menstrual period since my pregnancy. (baby is 7 months) and i took pills (antic..)
ladies you have to konw the antibiotic can affect de pills . that why some get pregnant after a lipo or something. get extra protection.
I will let some new pictures.

but let me tell u if u expect another changes on my body.
I`m 5'8 and seven days ago I was 148 punds. I`m not a faty lady. Only theey took 750 cc.'
my real problem are extra skin and muscles since pregnancy. more than one surgeron tell me " your problem is not fat"
but I choose fat trasnfer beacuse I can get a tummy t now. im no ready mentaly for a tuummy scar. LOL!!
garment size 38L


@Jadedd tengo ddeemmasiadas estrias mi ultimo hijo acabo con mi barriga esto es el mapa de america dibujado en mi. LOL! Thanks

@ Supreme 6
yes I willl , I think pinapples was the best.
my hyponotheraphy was at 8:30 am and my surgery 2 hours later. at the Dr Pierini office.
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Thank you for sharing your journey. you are brave with a 7 month baby. take arnica for swelling and continue pinapples.

when did you get hyponotheraphy?
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no creo que vas a necesitar un tt. you look great ;)
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Hoy es mi dia numero 13. Im using a size 36...

Hoy es mi dia numero 13. Im using a size 36 garment. Fit good. but I think I will not eat like days ago with this garment.
fits very well but not easy put my butt inside.. Yesterday I went to museum with my children s and I discover I have not jeans to fit on my new butty.
I m still swollen. I feel like I did extra exercise on my butt.
I will find somebody to adjust my old garment.
I put ice and arnica cream on some areas. then I took a hot shower.
Im still drinking pinaple (boilled) taking arnika pils. thanks good never pain pills.
I continue sleeping with my pillow on my stomach. I lose my natural fat pillow. lol
and I always need to put a pad on my entrepiernas, because is the only area with the garment kill me.


Congratulations on your sx, hope you feel better soon. Enjoy ur new body.
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Be careful of Dr. Tzikas. The after care isn't that good if the results are not what you expected.
Did Dr. Tzikas perform fat grafting on you? What problems did you experience?

Todays is my week 4 and sometimes I want to go...

Todays is my week 4 and sometimes I want to go back . beacuse I have a lot pain un my stomach .(abs)

my butt is ok but im hating the rest of lipo areas. since i feel pain and like burning areas.

I`m going to PS today.

and he oder i`m not losing those 10 punds that I want to lose. only 4 punds of water that I get back on same day


I meant she the person posting. It was a typo
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how many cc per cheek did you get?
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I got only 300 cc
like the minimum to do this process.




Dont be depressed. Just pray about it. Good luck!!
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I went to PS appointment's today. He recommend to...

I went to PS appointment's today.
He recommend to option.1)more lipo because I have a lot fat. (and I lost 5 pounds in a month)
2) tummy t.

I spoke with my family and decide to get option 1. and wait a year or more to do a tummy t.Since My baby is only nine months old.
and I have only my husband and his mom to help me. and...... they can`t help for some reasons.

Doctor was nice. He was honest with the result. I had not to discuss nothing about it.

I don`t know when I will get my second lipo. and I don`t know If will be a Brazilian butt lift again.

I have to pay nothing to do this again.

The only good is my belly still big. but my butt is getting in shape and growing.

I was doing a lot of question to dr on community sometimes depressed. I hope this is normal and will be pass in a few more
I`m swollen (still)


You do not need a tummy tuck. Just lift weights that will help tighten your stomach muscles. The extra scar is not needed. Some doctors will say anything for more cash. I notice that on this site. Goodluck
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About getting a TT yes i will need but . we think is better wait 2 years.

I think Dr is no selling me something extra. he will not charge the job , If I want to do a TT I will paying only a low fee.

He will do again the lipo. At no charge.
My husband is mad because I will be again in a surgery.

sometimes I get depressed because I put much expectation on this surgery. but well. I have to be realist.
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