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I am 5'8" and 110 lbs. In my late teens...

I am 5'8" and 110 lbs. In my late teens and through my twenties, I was a swimsuit model. Last year, I was asked to do a "Women in their 40's," calendar. Despite what you have just read, I have also have had cellulite throughout my adult life, worsening over time. I have never dieted, eat right, workout regularly, tried every lotion/potion, and every spa remedy from Endermologie to Velashape. Although the last two noted definitely provide a temporary benefit, NOTHING has truly helped. I have literally worn a cover up on the beach as long as I can remember. I live in Florida and NEVER wear shorts. And then came Cellulaze.
One cannot help but be negative after all of the other "solutions," but when the initial reviews were good, I could not wait to give it a try.
I was a part of the trials prior to FDA approval, I will not note the office that I used because I had a less than positive experience both in general and in terms of how they handle business. That was three months ago,
Deespite my feelings regarding the first doctor's office, the transformation of my lateral thigh area is literally astounding. Not only has the rippling effect of the cellulite essentially disappeared, the skin on that area of my body looks as if it is lifted. The thickening that was promised in the write ups gets better and better each day, even in the offensive lights of changing rooms.
All this being said, I was so elated by my results, I decided to do my anterior thighs as well as part of my tush. My first go around, I was wide awake under local anesthetic. I was told it would not be "that bad," which I believe to gravely underplay the actuality of the process. I would highly recommend sedation if you consider this procedure, particularly if doing anything beyond a small area.
This go around, I did considerable research. After reading solid, positive feedback, I contacted the office of Darryl Blinski in Miami. Prior to my visit, I spoke with the charming and knowledgable Dr. Blinski himself. He took the time to hear my history, my concerns, and afforded me the time I needed to speak in advance of my appointment. After several contacts presurgical interactions, I arrived yesterday for my scheduled appointment. Being at Dr. Blinski's office is like arriving at a family members house. Many staff members have been there for years, including his surgical coordinator, Vivian, who has worked for Dr. Blinski for 31 years. This group is a combination of professional and warm...not something you find very often. The entire staff is there to support you through the process. It is all I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful Dr. Blinski is.
Because I had sedation, I stayed in the Miami area overnight. One of Dr. B's nurses accompanied me to my hotel room, staying with me to make sure all was as it should be. I was grateful that she was there, but more important to emphasize is that I felt no after effects from the sedation or the procedure. I felt basically normal and ready to go.
Today, I returned to my part of Florida. Although I am following doctor's orders and taking it easy, I feel great. I am not at all sore. If I am to bruise, it has not surfaced as of yet.
Early next week, I will upload my before photos and keep updating my progress. Ladies, I do not work for Cynosure and I am not in any way to benefit from my positive affirmations of Cellulaze. I say that if you are as bothered by Cellulite and skin that is not as tight as it once was, run don't walk to have this done. Please contact me if I can help you in any way.

I am one week and two days post surgery. Again,...

I am one week and two days post surgery. Again, despite the fact that Cyno says results are not truly seen until the third month, I can already see the rippling that shows particularly when one is outdoors diminishing. This is such a reassuring factor.

One side effect of the procedure that I have noticed both my first go round and this one is that the treated area goes through an extended period of numbness. That is not say that I have pain. Rather, the treated area almost feels anesthetized to the touch. My first time having the procedure, this literally took about two months to pass. I really was not bothered by it, because I could actually tell exactly what areas were worked on and that something was happening.

I am still awaiting my photos from my doctors office, and cannot wait to post them.
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Will you be willing to take a recent picture of your present results? Thankyou! Really appreciate your feedback.
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Yes, I will be happy to. I am away on vacation until the middle of next week. Upon my return, I will upload photos. Sorry for the delay.
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Yes...RF is radio frequency. The non invasive treatment is called, Venus Freeze. If you research it on this site, it gets fabulous reviews. The more intense type is offered by Dr. B. I unfortunately have no before or after photos. Sorry as far as that.
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Thanks for responding! RF is that radio frequency? And can we see recent pictures of your results?
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Im considering going with Dr Blinski or Dr Jack in Boca. Not sure yet. this is scary, so many different views on this. How are your results? and any advice?
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Sorry to say that I am not familiar with Dr. Jack. I can only speak about Dr. B. As you read, he and his staff are great. I will not tell you that EVERY lump and bump is gone, like the advertisements make it seem. However, the overall texture of your skin improves so tremendously that it is wonderful. Dr. B now also does an RF procedure on the body similar to Cellulaze. Some proponents say that it is even more effective. I cannot comment on that since I myself have not had it. I think one of the benefits is that it can be performed under local anesthesia. One of the great things Dr. B will do is email with you directly in regards to your questions and concerns. Just make sure you are very specific when posing the questions. He is very, very busy and he will answer whatever you throw at him. If I can answer anything specific for you, I would be happy to help. Please feel free to let me know.
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Negative comments about Dr. Blinski? Cellulaze?? I am uncertain from your post. My legs are great. Do not misunderstand as I do not believe Cellulaze eradicates cellulite all together. However, my areas of work are night and day from where they were before. I intend to have one more area done, with Dr. Blinski of course, in the future. I would not even consider going to another doctor at this point. Please feel free to email me if I have not adequately answered your question.

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Soleyne, I just cancelled an appointment I had scheduled this Thursday with Dr. Blinski. I got cold feet after reading a number of negative posts from people who had the procedure. But, after reading your post, I'm thinking maybe I should meet with him anyway. How do your legs look now? Three months have past since your last post. I would love to hear from you!
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I have to write my doctor again for the pictures. They are so very busy. I am glad to hear that you are feeling good. You will be tender for at least a week. It's all uphill after that!
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Hi soleyne, glad you are doing well and with great progress. Do you have your pictures yet? I would love to see them!

I am two days out and just posted my review: http://bit.ly/LO1dVN

I am feeling good today; yesterday I was nausea on and off. The pain has diminished and now tender and sore.
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How are you doing Fazhionista?
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Hi Soleyne!

Recovery has been great and better than I was anticipating! I am 11 days out and soreness is gone and now just numb and slightly tender. Bruising is almost gone. Under my bum on my right thigh there is a bulge. Thinking/hoping it is temporarily swelling? I see the doctor next week. I already want to get the rest of my things and bum done! Thanks for checking in on me!
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Soleyne, I am getting Cellulaze on Tuesday! Thank you for review and answering my questions. I am getting the back of thighs and sides. Hopefully my bum and front of thighs in the near future. How are you doing?
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I am doing great and thank you for asking. Great progress. It is amazing how each and every day, things get better and better.

So happy for you that you have decided to go forward. I am confident that you will be satisfied. Please let me know how you do.
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My take on your situation, in layman's terms, is that your doctor treated your areas aggressively. This may what was required so to address the level of your issue. Or perhaps, this was simply the way your specific body reacted. I do not know that there is enough statistical data out there at this point to show the percentage of people who bruise and swell.
Yes...I was numb to the touch for two FULL months at least. And then one day, it simply went away.
I hope that you too feel optimistic that the bruises will fade...the swelling will slowly but surely go done, and that you too will experience a drastic improvement in the look (and feel) of the areas you had treated.
Keep me posted on your progress if you can!
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I'm grabbing some hope from your post. I'm severely bruised, swollen and numb a week out from my procedure(s). If I understand you correctly, the numbness took a full two months to fade/go away, soleyne?

Hope you continue to feel well and see such great results!
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I am one month out and still have numbness in spots on the front and back of my thighs and my skin still hurts to the touch.
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The way that it worked was that you expressed to the initial doctor what areas on your body you were troubled by as far as cellulite. I said that my outer thighs and my tush were mine, to which the doctor agreed. All kidding aside, relatively speaking, I barely noticed that I had issues on the face and inside of my thighs as well. Having the outer thighs "repaired", made the face and the inner more pronounced (on a relative basis). That is why I suggested to you that you CLEARLY VOICE to the doctor ALL the areas where you see cellulite.
Obviously, at that point, you need to determine if you can proceed on a monetary basis. This process is anything but inexpensive. For me, it was a situation of weighing out just how much this issue bothered me and had an effect on my life. When you won't walk the beach in a bathing suit amongst total strangers because of how you feel about your lower body, there is an issue that should be remedied to restore that self esteem.
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Thank you for your reply! Curious why the doctor did not also the front of your thighs during the trial?
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Good luck at doctor today!
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I wore the compression garment 10 days first time around and one week this time. I think it does help with swelling. I did not wear Spanx.

I would say get as much done as your budget allows. One of the negatives of the procedure is that if you only have a part of your thighs done, you will absolutely notice the parts that were not done (even if they are not that bad). This is as much do to the diminishing of the cellulite as it is to do with the thickening (and literal renewal) of the overall skin tone. This is precisely what occurred in my case. I had the sides of my thighs done and then the front which had not bothered me all that much looked terrible. I am the furthest thing from well off. However, I have been bothered by this sense my mid teens so for me, it was worth what I could afford. Keep me posted on how you make out.
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Yes, I feel very optimistic about Cellulaze. This board is wonderful in hearing the journey and feedback from actual patients. It sounds like a dream come true. I am wanting to get it all done - full thigh and bum. My first consult is this Thursday!

How long did you wear your compression garment and Spanx after Round 1?
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I started exercising one week post procedure. I did not do anything over the top or strenuous. I started biking at a modest pace. As I did the first go round, I began exercising this past Saturday. I am feeling good and strong. Are you feeling more optimistic? Hope so. You will be pleased when the results start to show for you.
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Do you have a high tolerance for pain and heal quickly? Do you think any supplements have contributed for your quick recovery? Did your friend who also had the procedure get the same results as you? Thank you for your feedback!
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No...I do not by any means have a high tolerance for pain, and if anything, it takes me forever to heal. I think it is important to be certain you are in the hands of a qualified doctor who is not overly aggressive.
Yes, my friend is ecstatic as well!!
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