1 Year PostOp: Healed and Happy

On 1/15/13 I had facial surgery for my upper/lower...

On 1/15/13 I had facial surgery for my upper/lower eyelids in addition to rhinoplasty. I am very happy with the results and will say that facial surgery is not that painful and heals quickly. The first few days I looked like I lost a fight, but my face really looked way worse than it actually felt. My PS also did a chemical peel under my eyes and this is slowly healing. The chemical peel aftermath was more uncomfortable than the eye or nose surgeries. My eyes are so much brighter and younger looking; no more looking tires or concerned all the time.

My eyes have healed really well and the numbness...

My eyes have healed really well and the numbness along my upper eyelids has subsided. This week was the first week I felt comfortable wearing eye makeup. and looked awesome with it on. I am using BioCorneum silicone scar treatment along my upper eyelid incision and that seems to have helped the scar heal flatter and smoother. My chemical peel has also healed nicely and is still a little red under my eyelids but I am able to cover it with makeup and no one can tell. I am very happy with my results and amazed at how easy this surgery was and how well the results are. No more looking tired, sad, or concerned.
Catmobile, Congrats on your surgery. You look great, and I am sure will continue to get better. Thanks for sharing.

Posted new pics of my eyelids at 10 weeks PostOp. ...

Posted new pics of my eyelids at 10 weeks PostOp. The redness of the chemical peel has subdued, but I am still cover up a little bit of redness under my eyes. It feels great to wear makeup. I am still treating the upper eyelid incision with the silicone scar treatment but all in all my eyes look amazing. It was an easy surgery; I would do it all over again if I needed to.
You look great!! Best wishes!!

Still healing on my upper eyelids and have a faint...

Still healing on my upper eyelids and have a faint redness under my eyes from the peel. My PS said it would take 3 months for the peel to die down. Can't wait to not have to hide these unsightly red areas. Other than that, my skin looks beautiful and my eyes are mesmerizing.
Hey, I am a TT girl and looking at eye reviews. I am considering upper lid surgery and don't like the skin under my eyes (no dark circles, but thin skin that looks dry and not smooth). Do you know what type of peel you had? How long lasting are the results? Could you have had this without anesthesia?? Thanks in advance for any input.
I think it was a phenol peel. I am at 12 weeks and still have a slight redness under my eyes. It looked really bad the first few weeks, with scabbing and peeling. The redness is the worst of all of it. I was under anesthesia and could not have done it without it; it is a deep peel. The deeper the peel, the better and longer are the results, so I have been told. Not sure how long the results will last but will say that people who have seen me since the eye surgery and peel comment on how great I look and how bright and younger my eyes look. If you need to be in public right away after this peel, I would not suggest it. It takes a lot of makeup to cover up the redness. If you have the time to heal then the deep peel is a good choice. I did not wear makeup until about 9 weeks or so.

THREE MONTHS: Things have healed up beautifully. ...

THREE MONTHS: Things have healed up beautifully. There is only a slight redness, mostly visible to me, from the peel. My scars have flattened out and lightened up a bit. I did notice, however, after riding on the Harley this past weekend and taking a little boat ride, I forgot to wear sunscreen on my eyelids, and that the scar appeared a little redder on one of my eyes. I did have sunglasses on but will be more vigilant about wearing sunscreen daily on my eyelids. Still very happy I went through with this surgery and would recommend it to anyone who is considering doing it.
Wow you look absolutely stunning, I love your results! Thanks for posting

8 months: The Eyes Have It

It has been awhile since I posted about my eye surgery. People no longer perceive me as tired or sad. I am pleased with the results and how the surgery has added a softness to my look. Painless procedure and so worth the results!
Very happy and thank you!

Updated pic posted.

Other than some puffiness, your lower lids look okay to me prior to surgery. What was the reason for the peel on the lower lids?
When I smiled you could see a lot of fine lines under the eyes. The peel made a huge difference once it was fully healed. I am almost a year out of surgery and will be posting pics next month at my year anniversary PostOp. I am very happy with my eye surgery and peel.
Hi, you look great. I just want to make sure that the total cost for the eye surgery plus the rhynoplasty and the peel was $4,100 dollars? Thank you. I am so scare about choosing the right Doctor and he seems to be a great one, but I thought he will be very expensive.

1 Year PostOp: Happy & Healed

I had my year PostOp check up yesterday and things are great. I look great with or without makeup. I love the way I look and so happy I did this. If you have been considering upper and or lower eyelid surgery I can say it is a painless and worthwhile procedure to endure. And what a difference it makes!
wow u look amazing
Wohoo- you look amazing!
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