Expression Fillers Has Disfigured Me. - Miami, FL

Extremely painful, swelling began immediately and...

Extremely painful, swelling began immediately and continued for 2 weeks. Bruising, fever, hot throbbing at the temples and brow area.
$2200 down the drain. The face is deformed and after injecting another substance to melt the former my face is no longer recognizable. I will never do this again. Not worth the pain and money.

It's growing bigger.

Since last Friday and the session of squeezing the lumps to rid them of fluid, my lumps over the eyes are now purple and growing. The doctor keeps saying gravity will take its course and the swelling will go away in a few weeks. Can anyone reassure me this stuff isn't permanent ?
Thank you for any advice.
Oh my, I'm sorry you are going through all of this.  You might want to consider posting your pics and asking about this in our Doctor Q&A section.  Keep us posted on how things are going for you, I hope things start to get better!
Thank you Jill I thought I had already posted them. There were 4 pics that I put up! Any advice?
They are there- I either was having a ditz moment or my browser didn't load them.  Sorry for any confusion!

Going into surgery today

Things have gotten worse 4 the week and the infection from the temple area and eyes are still hot and swollen with pus. They will cut and drain the areas today to avoid blood poisoning. What a nightmare.
I'm sorry you are experiencing what you are but what were you trying to improve? You face looks lumpy and as if the material wasn't distributed evenly. I hope your surgery helped resolve your problems. I no longer use Expressions as it doesn't seem to compare favorably with the other products.

On the mend

Last week I had to go in for a local and have my surgeon cut again the temple area and scrape the material away because blood poisoning was eminent.
On the mend now I went out for valentines weekend so things are looking better. Thanks everyone for your support.
How frightening for you. So glad things are finally working out for you. I have an appt to have a Consult regarding Botox injections, but will cancel that. The risks are not worth it. I am still recovering from a face lift and laser treatment. The latter being a difficult ordeal and one I would not recommend.
Botox isn't a bad thing it's when the fillers and other injectables begin to build up that strange things start happening. I feel the same way you do. Good luck with your total recovery.
You look beautiful and Indint think you need anything. I'm 45 and just starting to notice expression lines. I'm afraid to get any type of injections after all the horror stories I've heard. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting something very subtle done? I don't need to look 25, just don't want the barely visible lines to get worse too soon.

4 months later

Here's what 4 months after the nightmare looks like. The scars are still there inside and out. Big lesson learned.
Always do a test patch before any procedure, trust me it's worth the effort.
"Doctors and other healthcare providers should stop subcutaneous injection use of Expression by Enhancement Medical LLC, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced this week. It is not approved as a dermal filler. Adverse events associated with the product's use as a treatment for wrinkles have included swelling, tenderness, firmness, lumps, bumps, bruising, pain, redness, discoloration, itching, and the development of hard nodules, the FDA stated." ----
It's really an awful situation between myself and the doctors office. They have treated me as though I have the plague, they won't return my calls and when I get to speak with someone they are cold as ice and they have no time to talk to me. I just want to forget the whole thing but it's cost me a fortune over this period to get back to "normal" mentally and physically.
ha I just saw them Jill81. In my house we call it a nadia moment! What is expressions filler? I have never heard of this one; is it similar to artefill or sculpta? What is the exact ingredient(s)? Curious to know so I can avoid it. I would say botox is safer than any filler, overall -- and all fillers, ALL of them, can have severely bad reactions. Well, botox can too....but it seems fillers are far worse.
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

Very disappointing I left there with very few instructions. He was not really sympathetic to my bad swelling and left me feeling like he didn't know what he was going to do about the problem. Some of the staff se caring but others made me feel like I was making problems.

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