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So I'm turning 26 next week and I have decided to...

So I'm turning 26 next week and I have decided to give myself a brazillian butt lift for my birthday/Christmas/grad school graduation gift to myself. I figure all of my friends are getting married and having kids and I want a young and fabulous gift to myself. I am excited but a little worried about not having enough fat. I am 5'8 155 and Dr. Azurin said he can get around 350 cc's for each cheek. I would like more but it's just not there. I am also thinking about doing a little lipo to either under arms or chin. I will post before and after pics as I am very appreciative to the BBL sisters who have! It was very helpful!


did you have lipo to your full abs??? do you have any pics to share? i wanted my full abs done but he doesn't like to do full abs, im wondering if he changed that at all. if so ima go ahead and just book for spring.
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I have the same issue with Dr Azurin he only wants to lipo my lower abs, he says the stomach doesn't retract well, but I am thin with good skin elasticity. I have seen girls with larger bellies get lipo and there after results turn out just fine. there are other girls that complain that he doesn't like to do lipo. I'm starting to believe it is true.
Well I like dr azurin a whole lot and I respect his opinion u know. But I get what ur saying tho, I've come across girls who's bellies were out there and they lipo'd fine but I guess he just doesn't like to take the risk of lumpy uneven distorted bellies that can turn out wrinkly. Someone I know of had lipo and results were nice in beginning but now her skin is loose and wrinkly and she can't stand it. I guess he just airs on the side of caution. But it's like why can't you just do it man? Lol haha but he is a great surgeon hands down nonetheless
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