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I am 5'3 125 lbs 35 years old. I do work out...

I am 5'3 125 lbs 35 years old. I do work out moderately. I jog 3 times a week in the morning for about 30 minutes, do yoga or pilates twice a week and lift free weights in the evenings. I eat well but do enjoy a glass of wine or two in the evening. I have had plastic surgery previously Lipo in the stomach area twice (last time was about 4 years ago) and did not like the uneven texture that developed after the surgery.

I had the coolsculpting done on both my lower and upper abs. Total of 2 hours in front of the TV they have Netflixs and I watched movies to try not think about the pain. Like all the other posts it is a very weird sensation, painful the first 10 minutes and then it just goes numb. Now the reason I am writing is to tell you about the after. The manufacturers and doctors say "no down time, you can proceed with normal life". Not so much. It has been 8 days and I still get spasms in both my lower and upper abs, they are sore, feeling of pins and needles poking me and I feel it when I sit or move.

The pain after the first day when the initial numbing is wearing off is terrible. I took 8 advils that day. The first few nights I would wake up in the middle of the night from the pain even with two advil pms and a 200mg advil. I am a side sleeper and still have to sleep on my back otherwise the pressure against the side of stomach doesn't let me sleep. I couldn't jog for 5 days or do any kind of workout it felt like my skin was tearing with every step. I was scheduled to do my love handles but cancelled it. I hope it is worth it. I will update again in a week. Did I mention the PAIN?


If it works for you, I would have the flanks done. I had both done 5 days ago and the flanks are nothing. I almost passed out with the lower belly but barely felt flanks.
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Hi CinC, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Sound slike it's been pretty rough for you since your treatment. Hopefully things will settle down over the next couple of weeks. I haven't had the treatment myself but I'm quite sensitive to pain so I'm sure I'd be one of the people who experience the more painful side of CoolSculpting.

Please keep us updated on your progress!

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OK so its almost been two weeks and I feel almost...

OK so its almost been two weeks and I feel almost back to normal.The sharp pains have subsided and the numbing is starting to wear off. I am still a bit swollen but from what I read its normal. I started running normally and can finally sleep on my side again. Ill take a pic on Thursday to mark the exact 15 day.


I can see the difference especially right below your bellybutton.
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Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me if I decided to get this done how long do you think I would have to wait to put my belly button ring back in? Thank you!
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I think it depends on the swelling but in my case I would wait 3 weeks, the dr didn't mention anything and but tomorrow makes 3 weeks and i am feeling alot better.

Three Full weeks today. Still some numbing, no...

Three Full weeks today. Still some numbing, no pain still some swelling.


Again, I can't thank u enough for ur detailted description + progression. Not sure if other post went thru but nobody told me how painful this wud be + for so long! I want to know if u think worth it +wud stil do sidesl? Ur pain time line was exact + got me thru spring break, I'm 43 , exercise 4xs a week+ mother of 2 but this was more intense than any of that!
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Your comments + progress is very helpful, thanks, wish I read it 2 weeks ago! Just had my lower abs done last week & in so much pain, finally got perscrip but doesnt help much. Do you think pain will go away soon + do i dare get my sides done?
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For the pain to subside it took a full 12 days. Regarding having the sides done, I am still contemplating that myself. I won't know until at least 8 weeks if this whole procedure was worth it. I feel your pain believe me, I think days 3 - 8 were the worst for me. It does get better.

Four weeks today, still unsure. There is a change...

Four weeks today, still unsure. There is a change but still not enough.


I can see a difference as well.....I am hoping for results similar to yours. Thanks for the pics. The flanks are nothing. If you read my review, I had no issues whatsoever with them, except for the 10 min after the machine was removed and that was minor burning. I was bruised, but never an ounce of pain. Not like the lower abs at all!!! Best of luck!
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You can def see a difference in the three week pic.
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I agree, you can see the difference! I got my stomach and flanks done yesterday, Im hoping it will turn out as good as yours :)

Firstly I want to thank you all for your comments...

Firstly I want to thank you all for your comments and support. This really was alot more than I expected it to be. I promise to keep up with the pics through week 12. I have maintained my weight and am still consistent with my work out schedule and diet except am limiting the alcohol to weekends. Even if it is slow I am seeing progress and I am looking forward to week 12 when I can change my status to Worth it.


Yes the there is a fat reduction, slow but even from pic 3 and pic 6 left side (facing) the indention in smoother to me. Just FYI those areas are still numb to the touch, I hope that means there is more reduction ahead :)
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fat reduction
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CinC - have you noticed anymore of a difference? You are pretty tiny so its hard for me to tell in the pictures.
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Week 7 is here. The numbing is pretty much gone. I...

Week 7 is here. The numbing is pretty much gone. I took a picture outside today so the lighting is better and will hopefully better reflect the difference. Still looking for more progress but that may be in week 12.


I can see a really noticeable difference from your 1st pic to your most recent :-) you look GREAT!
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thank you so much for your post!! I am actually a little bit afraid now... but still curious to see how it turns out, please keep us posted!! Girl, 12 advils? damn.. thats a lot of pain :-s
Anyways, I wanted to ask you about inches too! how many inches have you lost?? Thank you so much!!! :D
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Yes there was alot of pain but you start to forget. Also knowing that the pain will end does help, you just have to get through the first 9 days, then it gets better. As far as inches, I am wearing jeans that havent fit in years. I was a "29" now a "27" without any bulges.

Its week 8, but unfortunately the weather was not...

Its week 8, but unfortunately the weather was not cooperating in Miami last week and with my work schedule it was impossible to run. Nevertheless I attached the pick of week 8.


To alleviate the pain, get Badger Muscle Rub. It has cayenne in it and the cayenne reduces the amount of a substance (called Substance P) which is involved nerve transmission. Nerve cells communicate with one another through neurotransmitters. Substance P is one such neurotransmitter. Creams comprised of cayenne or capsaicin (made from chili peppers) deplete substance P from local nerve endings and relieve pain. I was in terrible pain from Shingles (which is nerve damage) and this reduced the pain in half the first time I used it. Rub it on every 4 hours. It is cummulative so over time the pain will be reduced even more. (Put a cloth over the area you use the rub on to make sure you do not get it on your clothes.) Wishing you a speedy recovery! Also, you may want to cut out the wine as alcohol decreases your metabolic rate. Try taking a bath to relax instead.
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can someone post a utube review video on this ad post a link it would be helpful to those who re thinking of having it done
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Thank you for posting your progression. I had my abdomen area done 1 week ago and I'm still in pain. When I left the office it wasn't bad probably because my stomach was frozen. I normally sleep on my stomach but haven't been able to since the procedure. It wakes me up every night. One night I had to take hydrocodone because of the pain.

I still get these knife stabbing pains throughout the day. Today has been a little better. I thought maybe something had gone wrong with my procedure since I've been in so much pain but it sounds like everyone is experiencing the same pain. I hope this was worth it. I don't think I'd do this again.
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It has been approx 6 months since the procedure...

It has been approx 6 months since the procedure and I have concluded it was worth it. Keep in mind that you must work out, continue eatting right and the results will show,


I'm so thankful for this forum. Thank you for sharing the pain factor that the ads just don't seem to mention. Glad you got results but sad you had so much pain. I'll keep researching the Smartlipo section. It costs more but the pain is very minimal and I'm a baby.
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heyy there just a quick question for ya. I got coolsculpting done in tampa almost 3 weeks today i got 7 areas treated. My lower abbs(big applicator) yes that one hurt the most and i'm still quite numb from it, i also got both my innr thighs done and bother sides of my banana roll (under my bum) and both my flanks done. I'm really hoping i will have good results(originally i was gunna get lipo, however the whole blood clot thing wasn't worth risking my life for because i was flying back home to canada 5 days after the schedules procedure. I'm happy i save $8000 and didn't get it. Anyways i'm wondering what week did you started to see majority of your results?
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After week 6 when the swelling was completely gone and I was back to my regular work outs I started to really see the difference.
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