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Hi everyone. I had my procedure done three days...

Hi everyone. I had my procedure done three days ago. I'm inspired by a lot of the posts on here so I've decided to document my experience. I hope that my results are as great as some of the ones I've already seen on this website.

I first had a consultation with a certified Coolsculting technician associated with the dermatologists practice. After our consulation, we decided that I would have two of the large applicators placed on my lower abdomen. The day of the procedure I was walked through the process by a friendly office staff member who provided me with a robe, flip flops, socks and tea. It felt like being at a spa.

After having my pictures taken, an RN came in to mark the area to be treated. She then applied a cool jelly-like cloth pad to protect the area and then placed the large appplicator. How did it feel? To me, the suction felt like my lower abdomen was getting a mammogram. The first 2 minutes or so were uncomfortable, but not unbearable. The process with the first applicator lasted an hour, which went by fast because I was on the phone with friends. After the applicator was removed my skin was bright pink and the frozen area looked like what's been described as a large stick of butter. The area was massaged and the stick of butter flattened. I didn't feel any pain. The area was just numb. The same process was followed for the other side of my lower abdomen. This time I fell asleep because I had noone else to call and the Netflix in the room wasn't working.

The entire process from check-in to check-out lasted 3 1/2 hours.

Here's a snapshot of what I've felt:

Day 1 - No pain. The area is a bright pink. No bruising. The treated area is numb.

Day 2 - The treated area feels like it's suffering from a throbbing headache with fluid swishing around from side-to-side. Still numb. Skin color is back to normal. Some minor bruising.

Day 3 - The throbbing sensation from yesterday has decreased about 80%. The bruising has minimized and the area is still numb.

I'll keep updating as I progress and I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

Hating Life Right Now

Post-CoolSculpting Day 4 - Up until last night I was doing OK. Today I'm pretty much hating life. I didn't sleep well at all last night. At all.

At first, the treated area felt like it was covered in itchy sweater material. Now, it's a burning sensation (like the one that is left behind on the skin when a bandage is removed from a hairy arm or leg) with some cramping. Really, all I want to do is yank out my skin.

I took two acetaminophen and there is slight improvement. I called the Center and was told a nurse would call me back to provide me with a prescription. I hope the pain does not increase, otherwise I'll take a day off from work.

Oh, the things I do for beauty...

Thank God for Medicines

Post-CoolSculpting Day 9 - I have no pain whatsoever. I've been wearing my Spanx at night and massaging the treated area for about 5 minutes. I have no medical basis for doing this but it gives me comfort knowing that I’m treating my belly with some TLC. The numbness and swelling in the treated area is subsiding.

Some final thoughts on the pain I experienced: Days 4-5 were atrocious for me and were made bearable by the medicines the RN provided me. I found a post on RealSelf by a doctor (Dr. Elaine Cook) who experienced the post procedure pain first hand. I liked her informative explanation so I’m sharing it with you:

“We perform CoolSculpting and I have had multiple treatments myself... I experienced it myself on my lower abdomen, one week after treatment. It is from small sensory nerve fibers firing abnormally...We have seen it in about 3-4/100 patients, it usually comes on 3-7 days after treatment, all have been on the abdomen and all have been treated with the large tip. It is a squirmy, tearing, stabbing, discomfort/pain that makes it impossible to sit still. I do think it is more common than is reported as I am sure some patients have been blown off. The good news is that all have resolved in 3-10 days…And so far, neither myself nor my patients have had a recurrence with subsequent treatments. That doesn't mean that you won't but it hasn't happened to us.”

All I can say is, "Thank God for medicines." I'm back to loving life again. Now, it’s just a waiting game to see how my body will respond to the procedure…

Back for more

I'm pleased with the results I'm seeing that I decided to go back and get a second area treated.

I'm not looking forward to the pain but this time I'm prepared.

My follow-up visit for both procedures will be in November so I'll be posting before and after pics.

Small Applicator = No pain = Happy

My first go round with Coolsculpting, about five weeks ago, was with two large applicators. Within days I was in so much pain I needed meds.

My second go round, about five days ago, was with two small applicators. I've felt numb and sore but nothing like I felt like with the large applicators.

Based on my experience I'm inclined to say that large applicators suction more skin and fat, but may also cause the most severe post-Coolsculpting pain.



Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

I had my procedure performed at the CoolSculpting Center of Excellence by Bowes Dermatology. I found out through the web, and through my consultation, that this location is the largest in the U.S and second largest in the world for CoolSculpting procedures. Interestingly, Dr. Leyda E. Bowes is a dermatologist who also is the wife of one of the doctor's who pioneered the CoolSculpting technology, Dr. Manstein. My consultation was with a CoolSculpting associate, Carla. On the day of my first procedure, I was weighed and no measurements were taken. I was treated by a CoolSculpting technician and a RN, Maylen, who is associated with Dr. Manstein. After my procedure, I was given an appointment 3 months from the day of my procedure. I did not receive a courtesy check-in call, but rather I ended up calling the Center when I started experiencing pain for which a prescription was sent to my pharmacy. I did, however, receive a follow-up call three days after I went in again to have a second area on my body CoolSculpted.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks CarpeDiemMiami for sharing all you have, it has been so helpful!
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Well today is day 10 pain mostly gone. Now looking forward to seeing some results!!
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You will. I'm happy that your pain is almost gone.
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Well it has been 2weeks today. No more pain but I still have some places that are numb. No results just yet but I am hopeful!
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Great pics, wow, so now coolsculpting is on my bucketlist! Is the 3k per session? Has anyone had thighs done? lol.
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I had the inside of my thighs done 4 days ago. Will post results in a few weeks.
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I haven't but am curious to know from others if they've had good results.
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Well it is day 4 so far just sore and numb. I have had a few zings. Fingers crossed!!!!
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Crossing my fingers for you Garnerms4!
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Wow I can definitely see the difference in the pre and post pictures.  Congrats!

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Thanks so much Jill81!
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I got lower and upper abs done on Monday and just got back fat done tonight. I'm pretty sore but nothing unbearable. I just hope I do not get the nerve pain I have been reading about.
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I hope you don't get the nerve pain either, but I do hope you get great results.
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Thanks! Did you count day 1 as the day you got it done? Your results look great. When did you first start to see any results?
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I counted day 1 as the day after my procedure. I started seeing results after about 10 days. I saw the most results a little after the third week. Every body is different. Personally, I wore my Spanx, massafed the area every night for about 5 minutes and drank a lot of water. No medical basis for this other than helping me feel like I was helping my body flush out the dead fat cells.
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Ok thank you so much! I'm freaking out hearing all these horror stories about pain. I'm bruised. But, I bruise easy. So far I am just sore. A little tingle every now and then. Fingers crossed!!!!
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I had lower & upper abs treated one week ago. Uppers way more painful than lower for me. Have had swelling, bruising, itching etc, but nothing unbearable. Yesterday had bra area & love handles treated. I have huge marks on my areas & the treatments hurt but hope it'll all be worth it. I am going back in 5 wks for 2nd treatment on lower abs & love handles. Better work! Spent alot of $ on this.
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Going tomorrow for 2nd treatment on lower abs and love handles. I do see some results from first treatment but still have noticeable bulges when wearing a close fit top so I hope the 2nd treatment can help with that. I am exercising most days and using Fitness Pal on my phone which helps me control calories. Love handles hurt like crazy last time so I'm going to take some Aleve before I go. Hope that helps. Anyone seeing results yet?
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Check out ittybitty123's profile pics. She got fabulous results. Hope you are seeing good results.
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There are many other users on this site that have had positive experiences and their posts helped me (EAmommyNC and pufferpunk to name a couple). Try searching this site for more stories. You'll find a supportive and informative community. One more thing, is Aleve an anti-inflammatory? I remember being instructed to take only acetamenophen (I.e. Tylenol) for pain. Takinf anti-inflammatories will reduce the inflammatory process that needs to take place post-procedure. Consult with your doctor or technician.
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Dang, I didn't think about it being an anti-inflammatory drug, just thinking of help with the pain. I came through yesterday, but hurt like hell! Love handles especially. Why am I the only one that thinks it hurts. I'm not a baby and have always felt that I had a high pain tolerance. But, I put my big girl panties on and took it like a trooper. No complaining. Feel good today other than some soreness, bruising and numbness but I'm used to it now since I've had 2 other days of treatments. Going back in 12 wks for post procedure appointment and final pictures.
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I think it hurts! Lol not unbearable. But, feels like someone beat the crap out of me. I had upper and lower abs and back fat all within 3days. I took ibuprofen. Did not know you weren't supposed to take it. Hope it doesn't mess up anything.
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I don't know if Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory. I just remember being given prescription strength acetamenophen for the pain and having them explain to me how important it was for the body to be swollen and for it to take care of its own inflammation. I'll see if I can find my post procedure instructions.
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Oh wellI have taken it only 3times the whole week I can't go back and undo it. I'll get acetaminophen for the rest of my recovery. Thanks Miami!.
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I am still swollen some and the itching has started. This time I'm having some sharp pains on and off, must be the nerve pain talked about? Not terrible, just surprised me since I didn't have it the last 2 times. I wore a fitted t-shirt last evening and for the first time didn't feel like I had tummy bulges. It felt great! I have been working so hard. I hope I continue to see more results. Love handles haven't changed much yet and have had them treated twice. I haven't been taking any pain relievers or massaging the areas. Tried a compression garment, but didn't like it. Good luck to everyone and thanks for all the support, it's been helpful.
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