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I had CS done because I have always had a belly...

I had CS done because I have always had a belly despite never having children. I also have the muffin top. I am currently 5'3 and 137lbs. I could lose about 5 lbs to look better over all. I did go down to 114 two years ago but lost all my curves and looked like a skeleton. Even in the 120's range I had no curves. It goes to my belly, face, arms, and love handles. I previously did breast augment (BA) Jan 20 to balance out my body because of my abdomen protruding more. I am comfortable with my weight now +-5lbs. I did CS even though my sister did it on her belly (2 children) and her experience was passing out from pain after device removed and Physician Assistant (PA) began massaging the area. Afterwards her recovery went fine. She told the MD she would rather give birth again than CS! My experience having it done is worse. I had large applicator on abdomen and 4 small applicators on sides and flanks. The procedure on the abdomen was okay . It's just a little "whoa! Breath" and then nothing. It's the afterwards part when the applicator comes off. I calling it "thawing out" with a burning sensation. Immediately next the PA "massages" it for 1 minute to distribute the "crystallization" aka frozen tissue. Right! It's her kneading with knuckles and fingertips into frozen tissue part! It's the last and most important step. The pain was as if rubbing on a black and blue! I then walked off the pain for about 10 minutes till it was gone completely. Next came my right side which actually, knowing what to expect, it went fine. I even fell asleep. But same thing once it came off. Had to endure the massage then walk for about ten minutes. I wanted to quit but PA said I couldn't because I'll look lop-sided and I knew she was right. I endured the same with my left side. The next couple of days I was numb; sore, felt liked I worked out. Day 3 till now day 8 I have been so uncomfortable in only my abdomen. It feels like needles and fire. Anything touching or rubbing it like clothes intensifies it. It was worst yesterday during work. I am an RN and work on a busy med-surg unit. I couldn't take it. I kept lifting my pant scrubs off my stomach. I came home after and had a light beer to take edge off but it didn't help. So I gave in a took two left over Vicodin from my BA and it didn't help with the burning sensation nor help me sleep even after a 14 hr shift! I got up feeling the same. I took 600mg of Ibuprofen then Tylenol ES and nothing. Then I heard about wearing a compression garment (Spanx) but I don't need support and it made it worse with touching it. Don't want to do Gabapentin (PA suggested) because it's a anticonvulsant that also helps with neuralgia (Nerve Pain I have described) because there are too many serious side effects. I wish I was not told I would be fine afterwards (I know no one has a crystal ball). I accepted doing the procedure because I could handle the "bloating and soreness". But never did PA say a few have reported neuralgia. I hope I see results (20-30%) as I will be happy with that. But... I will not do it again and neither will my sister. I am just tired of feeling this way. In 3 mos I'll say no pain ,no gain, and glad it's done. I know most others say everything went fine. I guess I'm one of the unfortunate ones. I am not telling anyone "Don't do it". Everyone is different. This is just my honest experience I wanted to share because of how I'm feeling right now. I'm tired of feeling tired and this burning feeling.
BTW, my surgeon did a beautiful job on my BA and I'm so happy. I am still a patient for skin care as well (Ana) and pleased with results!
I had the procedure done 8 days ago and I still have abdominal pain, especially right above my belly button. the RN told me that she felt a hernia there and I said "oh really" but didn't think anything of it. About 5 days after the procedure i started reading up on the side effects because I was in so much pain and I read that you are not supposed to have the procedure if you have a hernia. I asked the nurse about this yesterday and she said that she thought I had one but once she reexamined me she didn't think it was acutally a hernia and if it was, it was too small to even worry about. Is this true? Did anyone have swelling around the belly button? If so, for how long? Please help!
Well I am a little taken back by the fact that the RN did not ask the MD to validate his/her findings ! CS is definitely contraindicated against anyone who has a hernia. Prescreening a patient includes a physical exam; meaning palpating the areas. If nothing was found and after a bulge was palpated then it is possibly the suction from the applicator pulled on it further. There is no way to know for sure now without a surgeon examining you, or the least your personal MD. I believe it's called a Ventral Hernia. Having said that, it is all together possible to have had a small hernia unknown till after this procedure. Many people do have this especially women who have had children or people who work out, or job requires lifting. If you do have one then it may be possible for the swelling to have gone down and therefore can't be palpated anymore but if it is a hernia then it will remain in its new position most likely. Some of these reviews I have read people mention having lumps afterwards but a hernia would be felt much deeper. It could just be residual swelling as well and with time subside. If you are in severe pain then I would advise seeking medical advise to be on the safe side. I say this to you as I am an RN but I can't substitute as an MD. Call the facility and make an appt with the MD not RN. I am still having quite a bit of tenderness as well around my navel area but more as if I did a hundred sit ups. I hope this helps and let me know what happens.
I am sorry you had the pain, I did not experience it, and am so grateful! But, have to admit, I was anxious about it prior to having it done on my abdomen as I had read about others. I did not experience anything buy sensitivity/swelling/slight bruising, but compression cami did help with flanks and abdomen. Once it was on, I just felt like it held me in and didn't rub against. I felt the same about Neurontin, didn't take. Hope you heal quickly!

Update from March 7

Ok it's exactly 49 days post CS. I experienced a lot of pain afterwards for about 3 1/2 weeks. I did finally take neurontin which kicked in on day 4 n took for 4 more days afterwards till the electrical zapping was gone. So here I am doing the same. I have lost about 4 lbs. My results so far is I'm not sure if I notice a difference from loss weight or the CS. I know I still have to wait for 3 mos or longer but just wanted to update for now. Hoping the $3000 price was worth it for at least 20% reduction.
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